Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Team Philippines 2003

Just a picture I stole off Dani's Friendster photos (copyrighted 'to) that I thought to share with all of you. *coughcough* *shifts into announcer mode*: And the Women of Team Philippines two-thousand and three!!!

Go GELS!^^

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Five Days.

Am back! Officially anyway, and as promised I will retell the events that have transpired in the past few days. Starting, of course, with a brief recap of my arrival last Sunday night.

I got in at 11:04 - well the plane landed at that time anyway, but I got out of the airport itself roughly past twelve. Why? You ask me, oh darlings o' mine? Because of the lines, the slow processing and such which made me sorely miss the processes in HK wherein tihngs went by pretty quick. Got home at roughly 12:30 thanks to the lack of traffic at that unGodly hour, and managed to drop off to sleep, finally at roughly around 2-2:30 am. And to think I hadn't really unpacked.

And now, onto the official recap of my five-day visit to Hong Kong which has left me now with memories, a roll-and-a-half of undeveloped film, a plate with my face on it, scratches, chapped lips, bruises both seen and unseen, experience, pasalubong for my darling friends and the knowledge that I will likely never take PowerBar and PowerGel unless absolutely necessary.

[DAY ONE: Wednesday, November 26, 2003]

3:00am - Waking up at three in the morning isn't so bad - especially when you're wracked with nerves and want to check EVERYTHING in your luggage and your now bulking hand-carry backpack, just to be sure that you don't leavce anything you vitally need behind. Afterall, you only have so much spending money (I will continue to comment on this later) and want to make sure that you won't have to spend for anything you should have had with you. This, therefore, includes several unmentionables.^^

5:20am - Stuck in the spacewagon with Mom and me talking to ourselves in the dark while Dad sits upfront with Brian, the driver. I have two bags, heavy as hell sitting in the back - my green Tommy Hilfiger duffel which is stuffed with all my hockey gear, and the black strollerbag that's holding all the clothes I'll ever need. Naturally, I had to pack a few extras, considering that you really just never know what disaster might strike. Dad comment that no drinking is allowed for little me, though, heh... I'll just have to see for myself in the next few days. No problem actually with the no drinking rule - I don't really drink, though special circumstances will warrant a shot or two [more later].

6:00am - Have officially arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and have discovered the wonders of push carts with regards to my v. heavy things (yes, the backpack was killing my back). Am dressed in a red three-fourths blouse (girls, you've seen this one), grey stretch jeans and my darling boots. My Old Navy jacket is resting on my arm as I keep a lookout for my teammates. Dustin arrives shortly after and I snag my ticket from him.^^ [Pictures will be available as soon as I can scan.^^ Heheheh...]

Sometime after this, the rest arrived with everyone semi-panicking because Krsna still had a problem with the DSWD papers, Katkat went to the wrong airport and Josh... the ever-late-grand-entrance. Picture-taking is somehow inserted here, pictures c/o everyone else's camera since I had yet to buy decent batteries. Again, will post pictures and links up ASAP as soon as they're shipped in my direction.

Goodies shoved my way were (at least I thought they were goodies until my opinion changed later on...) Five PowerBars each (I got 2 Choco-Peanutbutter and 3 Apple Cinnamon), three PowerGel packs (tangerine...?), and a PowerBar t-shirt. Freebies are always welcome in my direction.^^ Heheheh...

9:00am - Have switched my SIM to the one I plan on using for the trip. And am currently texting Mom and everyone else. Made a quick call in Sis' direction just to say bye-bye and have discovered that Harle's phone is STILL off which equates to her STILL being asleep. Gyeh.

Go off to FINALLY get batteries (but do not get to use camera until we set foot in HK), Pringles and a Clubhouse sandwich that shut my rumbling tummy up. Went to sit and bother Theresa who, I discovered, has a similar pechant for Neil Gaiman and is reading Coraline as I munch a little on Pringles (Sour Cream, if you must know, and a word of advice: NEVER show them to the boys as they will ambush everything!), drink chocolait and wait for the boarding call to come.

Plane Time - Am sitting at the window seat with Charm to my right and Winford to hers. The plane is small and nothing like what I expected, but the flight is nice and smooth (yes, even the landing in HK^^) and the food good for all I thought it to be. Listened to Hotel Paper and went around and around track #6, and then shifted to my Queen of the Damned soundtrack while snagging Theresa's book for a quick read.

Roughly 12:50nn - We landed, exited the plane and took this train transport located within the airport. Had a funny incident wherein me and Tanya were facing the wrong way when the train started and realized that the MRT is as slow as a snail. Then, we went through the ticket checking area (is that even the right term???) where the people were dressed in really 'snazzy' black uniforms. Then we went to get our baggage - pushcarts!!!!^^ Fuuuuuuunnnnn...

After that we went down this incline with all our stuff to the waiting area - Tsiarls practically used the pushcart as a skateboard on thew descent.^^ Heheheh... The bottom half of the airport makes you realize just how small NAIA is, considering that shops were aboud - Disney, McDonald's and Watsons to name a few... and to think the incoming area was huge as well.

After awhile we settled down until the transfer for the bags and the bus we were going to ride on arrived. Fell asleep somewhere along the way until the bus stopped at the sidewalk for us to leave and head to the hotel.

Now, the hotel: Rooms were quaint. We got room 505. Soft tones in yellow and golden-bronze with two beds, a bay-window, an open cabinet which Dani and I discovered, ours happened to, unfortunately be the smallest. A pristine white bathroom that had a shower (Damn! How come Tanya and Kats got the only tub???) and a long dresser that had a tv on the side. TV, yes, but how come we only had Malaysian Mtv, an Australian channel and some other channel?!

Other than that, I found the room really suited to my needs.^^ Heheheh... besides, room-hopping was the trend. All the girls were found on the 5th level.^^ That is, except our Captain, Christine who roomed with Roach and JR on the 4th, where all the boys were found.

3:45pm - Settled in and now down back to the lobby to meet up with all our gear (Small space as it was we occupied the whole sitting area...) and by 4:15 we all shipped out for the ten-minute walk to KPCC for our 5-7pm Team Practice, which, was helpful since we got acquainted with the new floor surface. A lots harder than the one at Gameworx, it's actually like the surface in La Salle, only this one is smoother, painted over and actually has sides and boards. The area (KPCC) is really great holding not just a hockey rink but a wall for wall-climbing, a skate park (yo Flip, wanna try next time?) and tennis courts.

8:00pm - After a well-deserved shower back at Dorsett, we (the girls and a couple of the guys) checked back to KPCC to watch the team practice for Hong Kong's Ladies' Team. Two really good players - the captain and assistant captain who turned out to be the daughter of an NHL player (according to what Roach told us). After this (we didn't finish watching the scrimmage), myself, Tere, Dani, Reiner,
Dust, Annie, Dek, Michelle and a few others (Sorry guys, I can't seem to recall the rest of you...^^) ate at this turoturo noodle resto a few streets away from the hotel. Food was good, and I opted for water instead of the soya milk considering that the taste didn't sit too well with moi.^^;;

Headed back to the hotel awhile after and after changing into my nightwear Charm came knocking on my door asking if we'd seen Porsha. Naturally, that sent everyone into a flurry until around 11:30 wherein we'd already informed Roach about the girl's absence to which he said something like: If she's not back by twelve, tell me again.

She came back around five minutes before that, and got an equal amount of relief and expressions of worry from everyone on her floor and several of the boys. She was, this would soon be a point of humor between everyone, with TJ, roaming the streets and had dropped by Temple St. for a little shopping. After that fiasco, I stayed awhile more in Tere and Katkat's. Dani dropped by and told me that she'd be out with Josh, Reiner and a few others.

To pass the time, quietly hoping as well that D would head back early (something that was not the case), I gave Tere a reading, getting interrupted by Jacs when she dropped in since her suitcase had FINALLY been opened (after destroying a number of things including scissors, nail-cutters and chipping an unfortunate tooth), and Christine, when she dropped in - partially drunk, I think from the 'private party' down at her room (one which Katkat had shipped over to, therefore leaving Tere with me ~oooh! That sounded bad.^^) and opted to used the bathroom far, far away from the boys, who were probably well in their cups.^^

After changing, Jacs returned, asked me for a reading - which, turned out to be frighteningly accurate. According to Jacs, she mentioned the Tarot readings in the said room to her mom - which led to Tita asking about stuff the following morning. Katkat returned sometime after, a little pinkish in the cheeks and halfway sleepy while I was doing a quick love-and-whatever reading for Tere and Jacs before I begged off and went to sleep at 1am.

>>That... therefore, concludes, Day One.
Day One palang. Mrf.

[DAY TWO: Thursday, November 27, 2003]

6:00am - Rise and shine and smell that bacon! Took a bath (roughly an hour) and suffered not being able to blow-dry my locks for this particular day but then enjoyed a nice helping of breakfast down at the coffeeshop.^^ Croissants and bacon galore, as well as cool milk and hot chocolate for morning.^^ I think the hotel kitchen regretted cooking nicely after this particular day considering that things weren't as wonderful as the first time. *laughs* Well, that's what they get for serving hockey players, right?

8:00am - Shipped onto the tour bus with some of the girls, Dust, TJ, Reiner, Jerry, Pakko and JR (I think I got everyone... right?). First stop was to Jewellery City where your eyes are bound to pop out of their sockets considering the lined glass cases holding these gorgeous rings, bracelets, necklaces and whatnot. Prices roamed sky-high too. Though there was this promotional bracelet that ended up being the best-seller. Went home empty-handed though... couldn't afford to squander my money away on a ring or whatever else was there. *grins* Told Tere that I'd go looking for someone who loved me enough to get me the bracelet that caught my attention. Ganda ng bwisit na presyo - $HK15,000... Oih...

Next, we ended up driving through the underwater tunnel (Dang it, it was shut tight and you could only see tunnel for the longest stretch), I nodded off a little here due to the humming of the bus before we ended up on the other end which was, the marina. took a couple of pictures here [will supply when I have them] and then got photographed (shot? *snicker*) by the tour guides for the plate thing-y. Yes, girls and boys, I got one, it's currently sitting on a shelf in my room.

Other areas we ended up visiting were Victoria Peak (gorgeous photo to be shown sometime soon c/o Annie and her digi-cam) where the souvenirs cost too much for my taste, and then Aberdeen where we all caught a glimpse of the Floating Restaurants, and then finally, dropped off at Shim Shat Shui (spell check please?) where we split up from Annie, Dust, TJ and Reiner and followed Jerry and JR in looking for a place to eat.

Word of advice for those who plan to visit HK for the first time: Share. As in F-O-O-D. Tere and I found that out firsthand after ordering one order each alongside Tita and Jacs. Mrf. But I have to say that the food at Sun Fat was great and I'm glad we went back a second time for it before we left.^^

3:00pm - Got back to the hotel and kicked my tush back to the room, falling asleep as soon as I got in and woke up to the sounds of Dani and Charm in my room at around 15 past five. got my stuff together, changed and room-hopped until we all hitched our way down to the lobby at 6:00 to head to YMCA/KPCC together.

6:30 or so pm - Dropped bags, slightly, idly viewing the game before ours and making our way to the locker rooms as a group.

Now. Some will have heard secondhand or otherwise about a koala incident that is a joke with the girls' team. This can be credited to the *coughcoughwheezehack* charming Aussies who - well, one of them anyway - whistled for our attention and oh-so-casually dropped this small grey koala bear (the kind you attach onto pens or whatever) at our feet. Charm darling picked it up (and okay, okay, oo na, I bent down as well - but she got it first... dang!) and raised it back to the charmer up on the bleachers who told her that she could keep it and that it was for her.

Gyeh. Kahit ikutin mo ang mundo, style ng lalake bulok parin. [trans: Turn the whole world around, men still have the worst pick-up styles...]

Damn. I wanted a koala. *bitterbittergrrrrrr*

9:00 - Game time! did our best and stuck to the original lines: (1st string) Christine/center ice, Tanya/forecheck, Jacs/defense&cutter, Krsna/defense; and (2nd string) Me/forecheck, Michelle/center ice, Annie/defense, Tere/defense.

We lost (you could check the site I mentioned before): 3-0 to Hong Kong. 2 Periods, 16 minutes each. And then watched the boys play after our game against the Hong Kong Dragons (Katkat and I met one of them earlier on named Wilson.) and I won't reiterate the score here. Go check the website.

10:30 past or so... - Headed back after the boys' game, dragging the weight of our gear through the cold night - and MAN! Ang lamig! Was with Tere when someone called from behind to ask if I wanted help with the stuff. It was Wilson, heading back to whoknowswhere from their game as well. Smiled, said thanks but we're fine and turned the corner to the hotel after a little chat with Wilson's (v. tall) friend.

Dumped our gear into the rooms before heading back to the lobby for the talk with Roach (Coach). This was particularly enlightening... and something of a comfort considering that some of us were a little afraid that he'd be mad that we didn't pull our weight.

I guess he's not so scary afterall (it's gotta be the size...^^;; *sweatdrop* And I hope no one reads this post...). Well, I'll take that back... a little. He's just the kind of person you'd hate to disappoint. Anyway, back to my trip-recap: He sat down with us and asked what we were feeling, our views on the game, an analysis - insert complaints about Tibo/She-man riiiiight about here. Mrf. And then we got input from Christine (la capitana) and Jacs and Tans (A). Overall, he kinda told us that it wasn't so bad... it wasn't great, but it wasn't so bad and that we could do better.

Honestly... it was really nice to hear that. To know that our efforts showed. Felt bad particularly because I lost my composure and my presence of mind. Krsna and Michelle told me they'd seen me move and skate faster and that they were wondering what had happened to me.

A hard elbow jab (completely unexpected and out of the blue) to the left side of my collarbone would be one. And cold hands and nervous feet for another. Again (though it's gone and done): Sorry girls... but I did my best in the succeeding games...

Roughly 1:00am - Shipped back to the rooms, thanks much to Dani who bought me something from 7/11 (YES! BESTFRIEND IN HONG KONG! 7-1-1!!!) which was really neat considering that the Pork Chop was great along with the rice and this was microwavable food! And for only $15HK!^^ Heheheh... Had Charm get over to eat awhile before settling down to sleep.

>>Fin... for Day Two.

[DAY THREE: Friday, November 28, 2003]

6:30am - Wake up call c/o Mom. Somewhat. My service provided conked out on me the day before right after we wandered into JC [please refer to tour entry]. Dani was in the bathroom taking a morning shower and so I was waiting around, laying my clothes out when Michelle and Porsha knocked on my door. From there we went down, padding the floors in slippers and nightwear. Noting that I was only dressed in a grey spagstrap and soft flannel pj's, I whipped on my blue hoodie and followed the girls to the lobby

--where everyone was waiting for the coffeeshop to open considering that the management had learned just how gluttonous we could be.

Ate at the side table this time with Michelle, Charm, Krsna and Porsche. Dek joining us for a moment before we slowly filled out to head back to the rooms and change.

9-something-am - Packed, dressed and ready, Porsha and I headed down to get to the stadium early considering that she was rushing to videotape the boys' game at Gino's request. Got there and watched the game, enjoyed every bit - scratched my throat a little with all the yelling and then got ourselves ready for our second game against Taiwan.

11:40am - Game on! Stuck by the lines and put up one helluva fight. Ended it 2-0 but dispite the lack of opportunity to score, quoting Annie: At least the defense held.

Downside: Somewhere near the end of period two Kats got squished (oih... -_-;; Sorry Kats! Wala na me maisip na ibang word for it!) by one of the smaller Taiwan players and got injured in the process. We lost one goalie - but great job Kats! Applause and congratulations on a job well done from us all.

After the game Nikki(? [Numero unong heartthrob ~ and that includes several of the girls agreeing] Is the spelling even right?) and Miao (it's a bleedin' nickname, ayt?) approached us slightly hesitant and asked us how we were doing. Yes, Reiner, introductions were made soon after and they expressed their own worry over having injured Kats. We hadn't known how bad it was at first though...

[Insert] - Hitched back to the hotel with Jacs, Tans and Tsiarls. Took a shower, changed and went back to YMCA where I settled down with the girls for awhile, joking around and laughing over this and that (at marami 'yon) with regards to Stars, Mansanas (trans: apples), Sergio and Austin Power carpets, a lost-and-found camera with huge letters that nobody could understand (actually, that was my camera), Tere's muscle action(!) and so many other things since Xtine was on a roll.

3:40pm - Boy's game. Again, we were the appointed cheering squad.

After that, Katkat, Tere, Tita (Jacs' Mom), Jacs, Tanya, Krsna, Michelle, Porsha and myself took the trainride to Mong Kok to check out Ladies' Market for shopping. Split up and bought nothing except Harle's pewter dragon and my maroon bonnet (worth the buy!) at the time, considering that I was scanning the area for the first time. Kat got boots, Krsna some things she wanted for herself, Michelle this and that and the others whatnots. Headed back to watch the Taiwan-HongKong Ladies' game to see what happened. Wished Nikki luck and it seems, that wishing worked, as they won over Hong Kong. Congrats, Taiwan.

Muchmuch after we headed back to Dorsett (Garden Hotel), Tere and I went down to grab some munch from 7/11 (yes, the microwavable foodies...), went up to Kats room for a visit and stayed much longer than intended until the room was filled with people - girls mostly with the exception of Christine, who was watching the game between Digi (Australia) and the HK Dragons, and the company of Reiner and Winford who were dubbed as camera men when the shots and cameras spilled out of bags. [Again, will post pictures when available.]

10:00pm - I think... I'm still trying to recall everything step-by-step. Headed back to rooms, have no idea what the others did, but I turned in pretty early that night, exhausted from the trip to Mong Kok, all the shouting and the game earlier that day.

>>..The end...? Not quite yet. Just Day three.

[DAY FOUR: Saturday, November 29, 2003]

6:30am - Up, ready and dressed before we headed down for breakfast. Sat at the same table as Day 2, but this time, back against the wall to avoid the chill of the AC and facing Christine through the whole interesting meal wherein Vitamin C's were passed around c/o Annie (Thanks much Annie!!! Lifesaver!) and where Christine was playing with the two capsules making them dance on the tabletop.

9:00am - Game set and go! Faced Taiwan for the second time and Coach Carl (Coach to the Singapore Women's Team and player for Team Kinetic FIRS) stepped onto the bench with Roach and JR to help coach us through the whole event. Strategy and a re-shuffling of the lines did us good ending the whole thing with a score of 3-3.

Memorable moments include:
a) Me throwing up after one long shift wherein I skated hard and skated fast. Jacs had mentioned the day before that the Singaporean Coach mentioned three people who stood out because of speed: #14 (Jacs ~ well duh.^^ She is the fastest girl on the team), #16 (Tere), and #67... "the little one".

*pauses and makes a face* Little One?!?!


b) Me getting bumped onto firstline with Tans, Jacs and Krsna. First line was then dubbed as the 'scoring line' while the 2nd was there to defend. I became the roamer on the Red Line (a.k.a. Blue Line), with the other three crescented around Katkat for defense. Tanya would rush up if I had the puck to serve as Center Ice. I was in there with them when Jacs scored her first goal.

c) Due to my... *cough* episode, I sat out about two shifts before I asked (willingly, hopefully... and quietly) if I could go in for another shift in exchange for Christine. and I'm really grateful that Roach did put me back in even if for the last few seconds in exchange so that I tried to make a breakaway. Score was already at 3-3 then and Taiwan wasn't about to let us score anymore. Got pinned to the wall - I have no idea which player that was, but it was one heck of a game while it lasted.

Right after, I shipped back to the hotel, dressed and such, and headed back to the hotel for a shower (badly needed though I didn't really get any gunk on my person) and then headed back to support the guys at 11:00am, watch a few other games and then get ready for our second round with Hong Kong.

3:40pm thereabouts... - Dressed and ready. Kats on the stands, feeling slightly better wearing her back cast (the backpack she never removes...^^) and cheeering us on. Back on second line to help out and score. Did our best, tried our best - hats off to Tans and Jacs again who scored for the team.

HK led 4-0, we caught up with 3 before they scored another two goals ending the game 6-3. Additional injuries, though I shrugged it off after awhile since no bruising occured: a kick to the chest after falling onto Donna who was HK's top scorer and the said Assistant Captain. One thing to be happy about though - I distinctly remember stealing the puck from her and somehow causing her to fall while I tried to bring it up to the other side.

That, therefore concluded Team Philippines' (Women) first ever international tournament. Pictures were taken - some, I am looking for the url to Coach Carl's webbie, and the others I will scan or take from Annie's camera.

I then headed back (again) to the hotel for another shower, came back to YMCA, walked around with TJ, asking for his assistance with something (and unavoidably put myself in the situation of being 'linked' to TJ among the ranks of Dani and Porsha), had an interesting conversation with Jackie from the HK Ladies with regards to my t-shirt dilemma and proceeded to return to the girls to watch the boys' game at roughly 8:00pm.

Excellent fight. The men winning their 2nd game and qualifying in the Semis. After which a couple of other pictures [yes, yes, I will post them asap already...^^], several other interesting jokes among the women, a set time for getting drunk (supposedly) and plans for a team dinner.

Highlights: Pakko's butt (Sino ba ang nagsabi na may thong daw??? Krsna???), camera incidents wherein Roach was photographed by Tans, Pakko attempted to photgraph JR changing (too bad he only got the wall because, supposedly, JR ran off up the staircase to hide...), and updating Jacs and Tans and Kats with all the jokes mentioned the day before.

7:00 or so - Split up into two groups, the latter (which I cannot document) hitched over to Mong Kok for some evening shopping, while ours: Roach, Kats, JR, Jerry, Pakko, Katkat, Tere, Porsha, Dani, Winford, Charm, Tsiarls, Tanya, Reiner, [insert name of forgotten (really sorry!) person] and (of course) me; headed over to Sun Fat for dinner.

And this time. We ordered as a group and then split the bill.^^ Heheheh...

Naturally, the trip to Sun Fat wouldn't be interesting without a little something to flavor it up.

We "lost" Roach and Kats somewhere along the way. And then found them eating at a table for two by the time we arrived. [insert memory audio of: Oh man! We were looking for you!, Ay! Nag-date! and so on and so forth] There was a little cajoling when Roach and Kats finally joined us for dinner. Food was great, milk tea was wonderful (Winford dropped a hunk of chicken in his), Roach wondered about my not using chopsticks and how I was going to eat the noodles (WHICH, I so graciously declined from as noodles are now officially off of my personal menu for the next few months), took a fork instead and had one glass of the beer JR and the boys ordered.

Somewhere around 11:30pm we reached the hotel - taking the short cut instead of the long way that we had obviously taken earlier, got informed by the manager that Coach Carl had come looking for us, hightailed it with Porsche to Temple St. with the need to shop for pasalubong and the like--

*Hong Kong tshirts for Neal and Flip.
*Jade chopsticks (2 sets; one for Sis)
*Wooden chopsticks in a dragon-phoenix engraved case
*silk chinese collared blouse (for me)
*wall hang thing for Blake
*cases (for make-up supposedly) for Mai and Kai

--before returning to Dorsett, getting onto the elevator, which opened on the first floor letting Roach in, and letting us off since Reiner and Riach told us to join the conversation with Coach Carl in the lobby. Had a sip of Heineken which I eventually shipped over to Winford, stayed, listened and then retired at around 1am with the boys, only to go back down at room 401 to catch up on the girls' card game and drinking party - What the heck was that red stuff??? Nasty! - wherein Pakko and JR (ah...hunh... white legs galore...^^) were... *uh-oh* drunk.

Headed back to the rooms around 2:30, nonethewiser...and... well, just read Day Five.

>>Fin. Day Four. Gyah! Nearly done!

[DAY FIVE: Sunday, November 30, 2003]

2:30-4:30 am - Packed. Yes, I packed. Clothes, things, equipment (Since I wasn't planning on joining the firnedly with HK the next...or rather, that day.) and everything else that I could pack in advance. I didn't want to waste precious hours in the actual morning light fixing my stuff when a 2nd trip to Mong Kok was forseeable and I still needed to shop for a few things.

6:45am - Woken up by Dani's moving around. She took a shower at an earlier time and left me to enjoy the shower (I FINALLY got the hang of the shower knob to set it at just the right temperature), blow-dry my hair and apply the needed powder and eyeliner to make me look human (and pretty) again.

Rushed downstairs for breakfast, for fear that I was the only one left since the boys' game was set for 8:45am, shivered in my navy three-fourths blouse and settled beside Katkat infront of Tita.

Croissants abound (Miraculous! I think the management must've realized that we were leaving that day...) and I ate just enough to fill my stomach.

Looked for a jacket I could borrow and noted that there was this nice black one hanging behind me. Asked around, someone or another told me it was Kats', and then I asked to borrow wherein she told me it was Roach's... I declined (May hiya naman ako noh! Kahit ang tindi ng lamig!), she gave me the one she was wearing and donned the jacket instead. After b'fast, I then skiddadled up to my room, grabbed my Old Navy and shipped down to meet them so that we'd go to YMCA all together to watch the game.

Reached the 2nd half and cheered them on at the score 2-2 until a goal got thru TJ (may hika na pala siya no'n???) and the whole thing ended 3-2. It wasn't so bad though, heard Roach say something like at least they played better than their first games and that they got into the semis... (nobody needs to know which division^^)

After a few pictures for the boys, and awhile later, I joined TJ, Gino, Noel, JR, Jerry and Roach (Only rose ba? *snicker*) in watching Team Digi vs. the Hong Kong Dragons as they vied for a slot in the Finals. Terrific game - one which I think I contacted Athens as soon as the scores were in.

"Hmmmmm-mmmm! Ang bango ng curry!" - Me commenting

-> Team Max (the team that eliminated Team Phils.) had been eating on the other end of the court and, for some unfathomable reason, after a checking incident wherein an Aussie player went head to head with a player from HK, the food ended up on the rink. there was, therefore, a delay of about 10-15 minutes in clearing up the sauce and rice and whatever else from the floor.^^

All I have to say about the Australian team is this: Congratulations! Great game! We enjoyed the fight and the action.

their goalie was amazing, leaving TJ and Gino (the two goalies standing beside me), gaping at the action. Quick reflexes, quick responses. Astig!!! And I will personally comment that #4 was fast - not that the rest of them weren't. Whew.

"One day... one day... ganyan ako kabilis (I'll be as fast as that). Sana talaga (I hope.)" - Me to TJ during the game.

11:00am or so - Viewed the Womens' Finals until a little before it ended (HK-5, Taiwan-2) because we were told to go back to the hotel to pack and bring down our stuff for checkout at 12:00nn. We did, and TJ and I split up at the hotel, me snagging my bag after a brief panic asking the Front Desk to open my room up for me because my roommate disappeared without leaving the key with the Reception, dragged everything I could downstairs and semi-yelling "Wait for me! Sama ako! (I'm going with you!)" to Katkat, JR, Kats, Jerry and Pakko, since they were heading over to Mong Kok.

I sacrificed watching the Mens' Finals (Plate: JTK-2, Team Max-0; Cup: Korea One-0, Team Digi-8 ~Athens! Something to be proud of!) to go shopping wherein I ended up bringin back with me:

*a striped blue and white blouse with a white collar
*4 chinese design tissue-box cases
*2 cellphone cases (for Ms. Annie and Ms. Joni)
*A Hong Kong shirt (for Dad)

I then rushed back with the girls to the front of Body Shop at 3:00pm since we'd told the boys after we split up that we'd meet there before heading back to the train. The girls bargained for another hour or so promising to be back at the hotel by 5pm, while I went back with the boys.

3:30pm - Stuffed my shopping in my backpack at the lobby before high-tailing it to YMCA to watch the friendly scrimmage. There, I saw Xtine sprain her ankle (I think) because of ankle strain, was the one to buy her big KPCC hockey backpack for her, bought myself a backpack as well, the smaller version (which, ironically enough, Tsiarls and Josh found two lying around in the empty court - lintik! Sana ako nalang! Gr....) and two shirts - one for me (S), and the shirt I am to give Sir Ballecer (M).

After buying all that, and heading back for the final stretch to the hotel - I helped fix the stickbag (goalie sticks together, lefties together, righties together, by length, and not by blade type), and in the nick of time too, considering that just as Reiner and Winford were zipping the whole thing up, Dust announced that the bus and the truck transfer had arrived.

From thereon (6:00pm), we went down, loaded the bags onto the truck, got onto the bus and took the last few pictures that time would allow me. JR, naturally, makulit. And Annie, with her ever-present digi-cam.

Arrived at the airport at 6:45pm, checked in the baggage - with only a glitch that the guys with huge bags had to load their bags in another ramp, and the irritating know-it-all Pinay who made-taray at Roach and Jerry when they were being polite explaining that the counter we were lined up at was reserved for us. Other than that, everything was fine from the quick early dinner at McDo (Pakko, Jerry, Win, Charm, me and Noel) to the checking personally into the gate and boarding of the plane.

9:00pm - Finally... in a plane that can be merited to an international flight. Sat in the middle section between Winford (to my left), Xtine (to my right), and Roach to Xtine's right. One word for that time: Kulit.^^ Heheheh... Xtine had actually wanted me to read for her - but with a certain someone pestering, and the fact that we fell asleep... I guess I'll have to reschedule then *laughs*.

The flight... well I was reading The Sky Over Dimas before I dropped off only to wake up when dinner was being passed around (Pork Chop, again with rice... haaaay sarap...) with the staple juice, and woke up again (the plate and table miraculously cleared from infront of me) when we were five minutes away.

. . .

Insert a couple of things that I will reserve for bits and pieces of storytelling with my girls, and you have the entire trip documented on this post - possibly my longest to date - as promised.
It took me an hour and a half yesterday and 2-3 hours today just to get this down and done, so I hope that you enjoyed reading this interesting, if not lengthy post. I do not do the trip justice, but I have tried my best.

I'm already missing Hong Kong, the chilled air, the clean surroundings (gleaming goreous cars), the sidestreets, the night markets and most of all, the people I had the wonderful opportunity to meet. Hopefully next year (praying...praying) Team Philippines will return and bring home what we want to bring home. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to return and see familiar faces as well as new ones.

There's no place like Manila, the Philippines - like home.

But I know now that Hong Kong remains etched in my heart, special and true because of the five days that have made up my first (EVER) trip outside of the box-of-a-world I can sweetly call my own.

Blessed Be,
Mel Dauphin
a.k.a. Noelle Pico #67 Team Philippines (Women)

melina @ 1:04:00 AM )O(

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