Thursday, October 30, 2003

Pray With Me
lyrics and music written by Noelle Pico

In the dimness of tonight
When the clouds carpet the sky
No moon shines, no clouds to bathe me in their light
Pray with me to heaven
Your palms enveloped in mine
Pray with me for heaven tonight

I can see you in the shadows
Sitting, half asleep
And I stand behind these shadows
My silence I will keep
There's fatigue in your eyes
Though you never cease to write
And the candle flames will flicker'
'Til dawn brings her light

Footsteps will linger
Sometimes at 1 a.m.
Padding lightly on floorboards straining
I listen where I am
And when you fall to Sandman's call
I'll kiss you goodnight
And again I'll whisper in your ear
That dragonfly dreams take flight

In the dimness of tonight
When the clouds carpet the sky
No moon shines, no clouds to bathe me in their light
Pray with me to heaven
Your palms enveloped in mine
Pray with me for heaven tonight

Pray with me to heaven
I want the sky to fall for me
Praying for heaven
Oh God I wish he could see me
Pray with me for heaven... tonight.....

~*~ )O( ~*~

When she stands behind, she smiles a sad smile, caught between uncertainty and bliss. There are no roadsigns available to her - no map to show her the way. And she stands there, watching, in the trickling rain, the sun's rays casting rainbows in the cemented floor.

If I could say one thing, it would be this: I can't see beyond tomorrow... but with you, it's okay.


melina @ 7:09:00 PM )O(

Heaven forbid...

I've been reduced (only slightly) into the form of an Orli fangirl.

*cringes and sneaks away to avoid Maia's wrath*

It's NOT my fault! You can blame it (wisely) on the fact that PoTC fever caught in my house when my Dad bought the DVD. You can all also attribute this sudden change of heart to the fact that the man DOES look so much better as a brunette than a blonde. *snickers*

And then there is the wonderful involvement of a certain Mssr. Liam, who my girls know, and who my boys have yet to meet. *wince* I'm in the market for comments, ma cheres... a line or two (be v. discreet with the names, loves) would be much appreciated.

~*~ )O( ~*~

In other news, I would like to say a Blessed Samhain to all the Children of the Craft who at times stumble onto this blog. Bright Blessings be with you all and I lift my glass of Novelino (or I will, rather, tonight) to each and every one of you.

As I have mentioned, in an earlier entry, Harle and Mai will be bunking over at my place tonight. [pauses while she searches for a certain picture] This, naturally means - mayhem and chaos over at the Dauphin household, taking into mind that there is my darling brother, Flip to consider. *coughcough* For those who have no idea as to what I mean - to mix the elements of Flip, Maia and Harle together is like mixing a... *pauses as she tries to recall her chemistry notes* a... a... v. bad combination of chemicals that will indefinitely lead to an explosion of some sorts.

For short - I think there is a slight possibility that I will go crazy tonight.

*snorts* And it won't do to have my mother telling me that my singing sounds like I'm a wolf howling at the moon. *GLARES* FYI, cheres, first, my singing does not sound like howling, and second of all - that's MAIA's image animal.^^


~*~ )O( ~*~

I'm not quite sure if it's wise to put this up... but then again, I'm just sharing my views anwyay. *sticks tongue out*

I saw Liam today. And damn me to blistering hell if my heart didn't cease for but a moment. GR........ not. good. Definitely not a good thing.

melina @ 7:02:00 PM )O(

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Waiting (for my rocket to come?) for Harle.

Harle's currently in class and I was looking for a way to amuse myself wherein I would be able to sit in the comforts of an air-conditioned room... ergo: the computer lab.

It's been awhile considering that I've been absent from online for the past month or so. My kids were sufficiently complaining and I thought it might be nice to make a re-appearance, new template and all. (So sorry if it hurts your eyes Leander...^^;; The whiteness take a little getting used to...)

Anyway, things are... as they should be, I guess, concerning various aspects of my life... and now to something I would like to share off the FaeryOracle mailing list:

Sent in by Jesa MacBeth:

I didn't choose Himself as my Power card (that was the Green Woman), but he
has always been very, very special to me. Everything that Maxine said and
more: mentor, friend, advisor, disciplinarian, best beloved - someone I
could always lean on and trust. Years ago, when I was very ill, he'd come
in and sit on the side of my bed every morning at that "darkest before the
dawn" hour and we'd watch the day begin together. That was the hardest time
of day for me at that time, and each day he got me through it. Not talking,
not doing, just being there.

Once, long ago, in a meditation, I asked him what he needed from me for us
to be better able to co-operate with each other. His answer was very
simple. He looked in my eyes, and gently said, "I need you to love me."

I went through a lot of complicated thoughts about that later, but really
it was so simple. Himself and the Lady - God/dess in any and every form -
need us to love them. Just as we need them to love us, and they always do.

~*~ )O( ~*~

Love. One of the most wonderful and yet at the same time, the most painful things for one to ever learn in a lifetime. Strange enough, when I look around to the people I care for the most in the world (my precious girls, my darling kids, my brothers and my numberous friends), it seems to me that everyone's going through one rut or the other for the past few months.

Yes, I have to agree with Harle that the barkada is, I believe, one year old already - but then again... Harle... that's only online. The Pantheon didn't get together for real until the third term of last schoolyear... which is still yet to come.^^ Don't worry, I'll be looking through all my archives just to see when the exact date wherein the original Wednesday Gang got together in McDo for the first time.

In the meantime - yes, it was around this time last year where I bounded down the side of LS Building calling out "SAAAAAAAAAM!!!" which, to my fortune, ended up having Kai introduced to me for the first time ever. And then, let's not forget that it was also around this blessed time that Maia and Doggie bounded into McDo on that fateful Wednesday afternoon - Urd-nee spouting curses of the sort in the direction of UP Diliman.

Goddess, I have been blessed. *smiles* Which, is the blunt truth with regards to all of you.

~*~ )O( ~*~

There is a song that goes:

No mountain, no valley
No time, no space

- incomplete verse from Thank You
(whoever can provide me lyrics is welcome to leave a message at the bottom comment box)

Harle, I guess you could say that this entry is especially for you considering that your latest LJ entry is the newest thing to hit the online community by storm.

I don't want you to go.

And I believe that everyone else in the barkada would agree just the same.

You're right, cher, things would be different - completely. They say that in the tapestry of life, when one thread is removed, the whole picture unravels... and though the group won't unravel, the fact that we might end up getting together on Wednesdays minus one Harle would have a huge enough impact.

But things are as things should be and all we can do is hope - I may be one of the stubbornest people in the world who would rather have you stay - period, but there are others out there who would miss out on the opportunity to meet you as Fate should deem. And at this point in time, I would rather not get on the bad side of that particular entity.

Things will be fine, ma chere (yes Leander, I know the spelling's wrong), and I still stand by the fact that it is still two years from now. If so much can happen in the span of two months (you admitted to Mac, Sis and her own little escapades, Kai is back, my own little tragedies and victories, Maia's birthday and Leander's letter arriving, Liam walking into our lives) - there is so much yet to happen... and as I have come to believe now, maybe it's better to take things as they come and just smile when the rain falls or when the sun shines.

Life is... Harle. And we will always be.

I expect you and Maia to report to my house tomorrow evening - we have Samhain to celebrate. Kai and Sis, don't worry.^^ There's always next year and the ton of other festivals coming our way.

Within the circle
No beginning nor end
This is our Pledge
within all shall mend.

Six months and nine days ago we made a pact in the suite of Manila Pavilion.
That holds true, even when the roughest of storms come our way.

I love you all.

melina @ 6:25:00 PM )O(

Musings on an October afternoon.

Well, not exactly the most original of titles, but it helps to put things as they are.

The days are now shorter, the mornings colder than before. And despite the fact that I would normally enjoy it, I find that the chill cuts straight to my bones.

There is a comfort in them, yes, I'll admit that... but how much comfort can the chilly mornings give to someone caught up, yet again, in senti-mode.

Samhain is close approaching, and as a consensus made by the Patheon, we have agreed, yes, the month is definitely contributing to the moods that befall everyone lately (and my language has gone completely formal now...).

They say that fall is the time of harvest - I believe it is the time to let go. Afterall, all that we've worked hard to help grow has finally come to it's time. Let the sickle of the farmer come down swift and painless for those that once stood tall in the wheat fields.

~*~ )O( ~*~

Change has come, and there is now way to stop it.

melina @ 5:53:00 AM )O(

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