Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I can take losing... but losing without even a fight?

I'm sorry - Ielle in the house - yes, guys... that's one of my more official nicknames now - one called by Flip and D.

Final day of the MiniCup today... and well... let's just say that my mood matches my outfit and my team color. Black.

Shit. I didn't want to go down like this. Three frickin' losses for the whole round-robin tournament. No wonder I must look like an idiot. And I wish I didn't have to rant my head off considering that my captain happened to be one of my good friends - one of Isis' and several of my highschool kada's friend's too - but shit! I swear! I've never felt more irritated, angry and annoyed at anyone in my entire life. You're captain for cryin' bleedin' out loud! And you don't even play as good as you did before???


I'm sorry. I wish I could swear as hard as I would - but I'm cutting down on profanity because I should know better than to... swear casually. But dang it! I wanted to at least have one frickin' win in our favor.

The line-up was wrong.
Several players were placed in the wrong positions.
I missed a shot.
And though I had a decent recieve and decent positioning - I couldn't get it.

Damn it Aids. What's with you lately?

I used to admire you because you were a good player - because you seemed to love the thrill of the win. The scoring.

Winning's not everything but winning does matter. This might be just a MiniCup in your book, but it was a arena of hockey nonetheless.

I feel like shit. D tells me I should cool down a bit. But I can't.

melina @ 5:16:00 PM )O(

It's not everyday someone like me can say that I just walked all over Orli Bloom's face.

I think that first sentence just shocked the heck out of a lot of you guys. ^^ So in a simple explanation I'll just state that i personally find it odd to find a rubberized plaster add the movie Pirates of the Carribean printed on the floor of the LRT station at EDSA-Taft. ^^ Heheheheh... it's a nice piccie, I might add - Orli looking rather dashing despite that idiot brush (beard) on his face. ^^ Psycho Mel...^^


I'm at Mom's office because I have roughly thirty minutes to spare before I go down to the house and watch X-Men: Evolution and I wanted to make the most of internet time.

The last few days have left me thinking... I guess it's the fact that the rain's pouring more than usual and feeding my more contemplative mood... I've finally gotten my midterm grades from both ANTHROP and my ARTAPRE classes -> 3.0 for the former and 4.0 for the latter. Pretty good... now if only my other profs gave out the midterm grades as well... but my INSTUDI prof doesn't give out midterm grades, neither does my HISTCIV and RELSTWO profs... my standing's good with both subjects though, and Sir Camua from ARTCOMP will probably email it soon.

My position on the ARTCOMP thing is this -> if i don't get a 2.5 or higher (requirement for exemption in the FINALS) I'll be one of the first three who'll ask for an individual project in Powerpoint (Finals). ^^ Plus ten in my favor -> and I INTEND to do the whole thing on Hockey. DLSU Hockey to be exact.

-_-;; Oih... which means... I'll have to 'rush' (well not really, but I had planned to toss it in the back for awhile) the article on the history of the club taken from that little interview with Roach last Saturday. Gyeh... ^^ I love my life. Heheheheh...

melina @ 1:59:00 AM )O(

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Things are getting crazy, but I guess part of me doesn't really mind.

First things first, a little something I want to share from my e-mail:

Does your name begin with: N
You are emotional and intense. When involved in a relationship, you throw your entire being into it. Nothing stops you; there are no holds barred. You are all-consuming and crave someone who is equally passionate and intense. You believe in total freedom. You are willing to try anything and everything. Your supply of energy is inexhaustible. You want to be pampered and know how to pamper your mate. You also enjoy mothering your mate. You often have the greatest love affairs all by yourself, in your head. You are very imaginative.

Hmmm... I wonder, ne? According to most, there are people who can attest to that, but then again, the only thing I have to say in my defense is - Why hold back when it comes only once?

I guess it's the application of one of my more stored philosophies that you can never love different people in the same way -> BUT, that doesn't mean you love them any more or less than the last. Right?

For those who're curious of what theirs could be, just leave a comment and I'll copy/paste what's in the email on your comment box as well.^^ Heheheheh...


Things have gotten - wow - in the past few days. My weekend schedule in incredibly booked - what with the tournament on Saturdays with the Blades, and then Sunday training for the proposed Hong Kong draft. In fact, I was there last Sunday to experience the first of the sessions and all I can say is this:

My legs hurt, but I loved the rush.

Comprende? ^^ Heheheh...

I'm totally, completely inlove with hockey and the thrill (natural high!) it ives me each time I push to skate. I mean, I know I'm not that fast a skater, and that I have a long way to go before I can personally think of myself as worthy of several people *winkwink* *nudgenudge* (Ei, D! Uuuuuuy...!!! Kinikilig siya!!! Eheheheheh...). And I want to push harder and try more to earn whatever... scraps of respect I might manage to gather.^^

Now if only the dark cloud of my temper on something didn't loom on the nearby horizon. Harle, D (S'lette) - you know what I'm talking about, thanks for yesterday (Tuesday) @ DonDon. Mai, Sis - I will tell you when we meet up, though my Wednesday (tomorrow) is totally shot since I'll be holed up in a room with my teammates watching this instructional video and last Saturday and Sunday's video captures.

Am actually taking a small quiz online - caught it off her blog and wanted to check out what results came out of mine.^^ Heheheh...



Empaths posess the ability to feel the emotions of others. They are gentle people, who encourage and nurture others. They percieve the world with their hearts and not with their minds. Empaths make great friends because they understand people.



Farseekers posses the ability to communicate over great distances via telepathy. They are great friends who know when they're needed, and seem to be able to detect others thoughts.
is your Misfit Talent?

All I can is this: Wow.

This site is pretty cool. I wonder what exactly this is - anyone have an idea? *smiles*

Anyway... I think I'll wrap it up here first... I need to browse.

melina @ 12:52:00 AM )O(

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