Friday, August 01, 2003

Hockey, school, talks in ANTHROP class and Hilary Duff (among other things...)

It's Saturday again!!! Gyah! I now consider myself officially nervous because we're playing Sta. Fe White today and well, since Sta. Fe is partially comprised of the Philippine team, nervousness is warranted.

I sat down at the tambayan yesterday - Botak finally brought in the swatches and the computer print out of their design and I had to sit down with the team and the club to talk the design over. It was going well until someone commented that our uniform's design resembled the school's Pep Squad *pauses as she remembers that everyone went into an uproar over a new design*. I have the sketch with me, and I plan to put it into MS Word before I email it to the people who need to see it.

And then there was that incident in ANTHROP yesterday where I was allowed to say my little piece. Xavier (classmate) was reporting on voluntary and involuntary groups - with regards to society and all that... and how these affect the way we live our lives. Dr. Natulla then proceeded to ask (after the report) if there was anyone in the class who knew or who started a 'voluntary group' much like the ones we were speaking of.

I spoke up.

Why? ->REFUGE. That's a voluntary group. And then I proceeded to enlighten them with the floor being given to me...

I had to relate and debunk all the misconceptions with regards to Wicca, I did my best to get them to ask questions (which several did) and I came off... diplomatic. Which, I hope, did good for my little cause.

Daniel (that's his Wiccan name) applauded me and sent me this SMS last night:

Hi Mel! Juz
wantd 2 say HI
and i wanna
applaud u tlga ;)
grbe bilib na
bilib ako, u ddnt
even hesitate
earlier and u
werent afraid 2
tel da whole
class ;) bravo

Honestly - that felt good. I don't want to shrink about this. It's my personal choice and we're not doing anything wrong. In fact, Dr. Natulla smiled and asked several questions of her own. Fulfilling. To know that I was given a chance to speak up.



And now to Ube's sudden hirit on Miz Hilary Duff (now methinks that I should go watch the Lizzie Maguire Movie, any takers???).

Yoish! Brother Ube! What does 'monochromatic life' mean to you, exactly? I dunno whether I should be insulted or flattered... -_-;; oih... clarify please - I wanna think that it's something to make me smile.^^ (Really Ube? My smile? Mrf... sorry, Mel D. is fishing for compliments to help her think positive about her non-existent lovelife.)

Heheh, btw, your coment boxes are missing... :( how can I comment?

Anyway, miss you na rin. Feel free to call me sometime - Sunday evenings preferably --

*pauses and remembers her Sunday training*

Better make that... Saturdays. Heheheh...^^;;



Athens - missed you too girl! Email me sometime! We gotta talk!

melina @ 2:53:00 PM )O(

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Why can't I ever take the step???

Things are crazy... again. Not that I'd expect them to be any different. Today was good - I got to see Sis and Mai, and Harle, Mac and Cy... S'lette was with me most of the day too...

*sighs* I guess with everything that's going on now in my life (the important things moreso...) I guess I am feeling drained.

So many things are 'off'... that's the only thing I can say about that. Considering the conflicts (I won't mention - if you know what I'm talking about - this is within LaSalle grounds, btw, please don't say anything revealing nalang muna...) and everything else - the Akustika thing I want to join in... the thing with one of 'my kids'... the bad dream I had about Ty... I... *sighs* I don't know.

I'm trying my best not to let it affect me - and I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far... but when things that mean a lot are suddenly threatened and it comes off scaring me inside... well... that's a totally different thing altogether.

I dreamt Ty let it go. Sorry for the vagueness - but I'm screening whatever I say because some things have to be kept under wraps. For those who know what I'm talking about, just bear with me.

I dreamt he went up to all of us... and he just said his piece and let it go.

And in that dream... for the first time in a long time, I cried. As in really cried... to the point that I woke up crying. I wish I could just brush this off, and leave it be - but Ty's come to mean a lot to me - and I'm not talking romantic-type meaning... but I've come to realize that I look up to this guy and I've coem to really value what he has to say, and what he thinks... a lot. And maybe that's not the way to go - especially with the crush thing going on... but for once it doesn't matter that something won't happen. Honestly - caring about him from the sidelines is enough. Having him as a friend is enough - even if we're not that close. Heck, I don't know if he considers me a friend... but I do.

That's how it works.

And I'd hate for it to come to a point that he just gives up on somethig that in it's own twisted, wierd little way makes him happy - he may grumble and rant and snort about it from time to time but I can see that it's what he loves doing - and he takes the good with the bad...

And I guess things are.. complicated. Well - duh. They are, and... I don't know.

Those who've seen me - but who don't know me well enough have no idea how much value I put in my friendships. And I put a lot of value. What matters to them - I might not know it, might not understand it - but it means a lot to them and that's what counts the most.

That's what counts.

So I guess I know what I have to do now... wish me luck. Goddess help me - I hope what I'm doing is right.

melina @ 2:26:00 AM )O(

Monday, July 28, 2003

Tried something for the heck of it...

Tarot Cards


She is the rain, the waterfall, the tear falling from your eyes - she is water. Child of the Moon, submitting to the Goddess like the Tides. She is Ielle - daughter of the everlasting sea.
Divinatory Meanings: This is a card of complexities. What is seen is not always what is. A call for FREEDOM.
Reversed: Turmoil and broken faith. To second-guess one's self. To be wary despite the knowledge that one is right. Water trapped under glass.
Elemental Avatar: Emotions. Dreams. Hopes and Wishes.

Make your own LiveJournal Tarot Card!

Brought to you by

Really cool, considering that this happens to be a point of interest in me... the real kind of Tarot Cards, anyway.^^ Heheheheh...

melina @ 12:07:00 AM )O(

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Zero Degrees.

Well, at least that's what it feels like up here at Mom's office.

I'm sitting here infront of her computer because 1) she's out with my grandmother shopping at who-knows-where ^^ and 2) because I'm supposed to be waiting for the people/person from Botak to arrive and discuss jerseys and prices with me and Dad.

Dad, on the other hand is presently at home with Flip and Neal playing Ragnarok (I think... heheheh).

I finally have load again for my SMS, which is a good thing, and I think Maia might actually drop by for a bit since she's got next to nothing to do at the dorm.

[After a short conversation with Isis]
Heheheh... what is this with my house becoming everyone's favorite place to be??? ^^ Heheheh... Sis just woke up and was wondering if she could drop on over considering that she's got no classes as well. But the only problem there lies in the fact that I don't know whether the Ayala area is still presently closed off after yesterday. I doubt that she'll be able to go here though, considering that it would take her an hour to get her cute little tush over to QC... and that's not counting her personal primping... *laughs* kidding Sis! LOVE YOU!!!

On my part, I don't mind that my friends have taken the sudden interest in coming over to my house for a day (or two, in Maia's case a week ago...^^) because that's exactly what I want to have when I eventually get a place of my own. Can I help it if I like having people over? Gyah. Moreso since these people know my habits and that it's perfectly normal for them to carry on even if I've gone completely quiet for some time.

I just appreciate the company. Moreso now since they happen to be very dear to me.


Dropped by this one's place earlier on... it seems that things aren't as okay as they were... *sighs* I only wish I could do something considering that... well, y'all know how I am - I'll fix it and all that... even if I have had my fair share of tears over soemthing that can't be fixed.

Funny... she actually sees me as a "really strong person"... more because she hasn't seen me cry in all the times I've gotten hurt. Funny because... it isn't that way. And I'm no more stronger than the next person. I cry - maybe I don't do it publicly anymore because it's either a) I don't trust you to respect me for the tears or b) I'm afraid of ridicule again (common at the time that I let my guard down before).

I'm not that strong - I try to be... but soemtimes I feel as if I just want to crawl back into bed and sleep. Considering the amount of pressure or whatever being pressed on my shoulders.

Some won't see it that way - heck, I even have the tendency to surprise myself.

I just hope things work out for her... I get the feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg... and I'm doing what I can to be patient because I hate prying...


What is this fascination I have with long entries???

Honestly, I have NO IDEA. ^^ Heheheh... it just is... I like reading lengthy entries because you actually get to pause and take the time and settle down to take note of little details.

I also happen to like sorting several places in several different areas. Blah.

Which is why I am back to square(pants?^^ gyah... sorry, Mela, I'm getting too corny for my own good.) oe with regards to what the heck I plan to do with my Blurty...

And I have come to the conclusion that it'll be mostly for my personal work... again. A sort-of extension of the Haven since the design for that place is so slow I'm getting sleepy over it.^^ Heheheh... call it me being blocked from any kind of creative ideas. Yeah riiiight. Syoooor -> as Jacs would say.

Blah. I'm gonna go look for pictures for the upgraded version of my Blurty.^^ Ciao, mes amis!

Hope - I only got load now so I wasn't able to reply... it's okay... I'll try to drop by on a Tuesday... though it looks more likely if I go there on a Wednesday...

Bernie!!! - Thanks for dropping by last Friday... I'm sorry I wasn't really able to talk with you much what with all the mayhem and such... hope you and Ginny get to join us again when we're not so... sabog.^^ Miss you!

Marc - Pre, sorry kung di me nakaka-respond. Ran out of load and I don't really know your home number and all... hope things are okay where you are. What happened nga pala at the Ateneo-Ue game yesterday? I was busy with typing up the newsletter and wasn't able to watch.^^ Heheheh...

Alessa - Hey angel! Mushta ka na??? I hope things are better now for you - I just dropped by your blog (you haven't updated) and I just want to say that it'll all be okay... no matter what happens - if they ridicule you, they laugh - it matters squat kasi alam mong magaling ka, and you know your worth... and no one can take that away.

Marty - My baby!!! Ei sweetie, you'll have to forgive 'Mommy' for being moody and... well, verbally violent about thigns lately - it's called stress. I hope things start to look up for you - we'll talk when we can, okay? And thank you for texting me nung Saturday - I was walking back to Gameworx with the team... came from Jollibee kasi.^^ Remember that I love you - we all do. Take care for me!

To everyone else -> I MISS THE PEOPLE ON BLOG! WHERE THE HECK ARE Y'ALL??? ^^ *wink*

melina @ 10:49:00 PM )O(

Awake at the unholy hour of five am.

Classes were canceled for both DLSU and CSB today due to the coup thing yesterday... and well, even if they finally surrendered, the chances of LaSalle taking back the declaration is evidently not gonna happen.

And so, here I am, awake because yaya Yvonne, meaning well since I've been like a log with regards to my alarm clock - woke me up with a warm glass of chocolate milk. *smiles* I'm not sour, at least I get to blog and bug the people online for a momentary stint.

Athens - thanks for the congratulations!^^ And though I have yet to reach the level of "cool" that my teammates have, I'm saying thanks anyway. >.< Girl, I was in there for barely five minutes of play! But the whole episode of playing them was incredible. Honestly, wish you'd been there to watch. Am trying to bug Flip to doin' something about his blog so that you guys could read it from the spectator p.o.v. and not just mine.

Ube! Now that is cool!^^ Pre, hopefully you get it - but knowing you, kaya yan! [improper trans: you can do it!] Hope we can meet up soon though... but if not, there's always sem-break. *grins*


Still no word from the higher authorities regarding the schedule for RinX - though I've got this Saturday's sched typed up into the July issue of SLAPSHOT. *sighs* I need those documents. Gyeh. The life of an editor - moreso frustrating since all you really have to do once you get that last tidbit of information is print and have the whole thing photocopied albeit a hundred times over and distribute by Wednesday. Gyah. If I got the information I could actually have it finished today and distributed tomorrow. Blah.


Talked with S'lette yesterday - yet another person without internet and lacking in the blog-update department. *hugs S'lette* She didn't place at the UNARMED fashion show (she was contestant #4 in the design department), but at least she was there, right? *hugs S'lette again* ->It's okay ma chérie... we'll fingure out another way to get the money you need for HK. And we'll make sure we both do our best so that we'll be teammates, right? Hayaan mo yang lecheng Peirce na yan. ^^

So far, that's all I have to say for now... oh, and I'm starting to edit my sidebar now - take care peeps! I'm gone.

melina @ 2:00:00 PM )O(

Victory can be sweet.

Which is precisely what I am trying to feel over yesterday's win against the Tigers... Unfortunately, the world is going crazy in it's own little way and I'm feeling very much numb inside.

Okay, drop the heavy mood first and get on with the news that I've been dying to announce:
Score was 6-3 vs. the Southmall Tigers.^^ Hopefully we can do just as well against Sta Fe... White? I think... since I'm still going to get the rest of the information from Jacs when I finally call her up... meaning when I get off this darned computer.

melina @ 12:45:00 AM )O(

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