Monday, July 21, 2003

Bloggage after quite some time.

Things have gotten crazy in the past few days... but then, if my life weren't crazy I'd probably be bored stiff and complaining that I wasn't doing anything decent with my time.

And so, here I am, with a schedule that is technically to my liking and a lifestyle, that, though in essence would drive any sane woman (girl/female...whatever) absolutely mad - I am taking it as it is and enjoying every moment as I can.


The RINX Cup is starting this weekend - Saturday, to be precise and it's going to be us (DLSU Blades) vs. the Southmall Tigers... I'm a little... nervous, but then, I usually am when something like this means a lot. And this one does.

I was over at Gameworx yesterday - playing, as usual, and I enjoyed every minute of it (I think my rigth arm can attest to my... enthusiam. It looked a little swollen on the upper arm this morning...) considering that I had fun while taking a couple (alright - a LOT) of spills and falls and the such.

As Jacs would say - there were a lot less "superstars" that day, hence the lighter mood in the area. It was great playing with people from all levels and just having our fair share of fun. The tension cuts too much lately, and I guess it's only natural since the tournament usually inspires competition between the hockey fanatics.

Don't get me wrong - I want as much as possible to make use of whatever time I have with the Blades to contribute (hopefully) so that we can play hard, skate hard and at least put up a fight to win this thing... but it's nice to have a game similar to the one I encountered the first time I stepped onto Gameworx. Just for kicks. Just for fun. Not much at stake other than the thrill of playing and being in the game.

Gyah. Which is why I'm somewhat problemizing over the newsletter. I've hit a block... and I know I'll get over it...^^

Anyway, a little more kwento on Sunday, since, so far, it's the better of the past few days. So, sue me, I'm musing and getting all soft inside - heaven forbid.^^ Heheheh...

As I said, it was great to play alongside the people down south and not have to worry about really gunning for a kill-or-be-killed score. Healthy competition (naturally, I don't think anyone likes being the lower of the two scores...^^). Anyway, it's actually been awhile since I felt like... well, for lack of better term and description - St. Jazz and Ballet.

Now I know most people wouldn't understand *glares out the window Why the @#$% is it raining outside??? NO!!! But we have pratice tomorrow!!! Dagnabit!* what the former has to do with the latter - but let's just put it this way... back in ballet (Perry Sevidal), we worked together to improve and hone our individual abilities... but without the i-need-to-be-the-star-complex.

I've been with too many groups that think that way. I've hung around people who've got their mind set on being that... and unfortunately, soem people who don't know me very well think that I'm that way as well.

*coughcough* I mean, heck, I know I come off as a know-it-all and a smart alec sometimes, but can I really help it if I just happen to know these tidbits of information?

As Mama, told me once: can you help it if you make them feel stupid?

*shakes head* Standoffish, yes. And it may seem like I'm bragging (which is why I will drop this topic quickly enough)... but I'm not. And I wish that people didn't have to make me feel bad for knowing what I do. Whatever I bring up, whatever I say and think - it's mostly stock knowledge that I pick up here and there.

Hello: I love to read. I love checking out new things even if I'm usually more conservative in that *nudgenudge*. But seriously, if I wasn't so damn praning about certain things and if I didn't second-guess myself as much maybe I'd actually be doing a lot more out there.

But as it is, I'm still working on that. Because, unlike the handful of people I have had the misfortune (and twisted kind of fortune) to know, I'd rather not trample on anyone on the way to getting what I want.

Sucks. But it works wonders.

Dang. Now I've veered away from what I wanted to get to. Argh.

Returning to the topic of hockey this past weekend - it amazes me that I now know how to banter alongside people I don't know that well yet but enjoy getting to know.

I had a late lunch with Jacs, Tsiarls, Mela, Jeff and the Crossbows (DLSU grads) - Lloyd and Xtine and enjoyed the conversation, jokes and hockey/la salle-related topics that flew over chicken, fries, iced tea, lemonade, ketchup and burgers at Carl's.

Lloyd's funny - well, in my book anyway... a little on the corny side, but then most of the guy friends I've had the priviledge to brand as a friend and/or big brother have the tendency to be corny. Heck... I appreciate corny jokes, yung sobrang babaw, especially since I know next to nothing when telling jokes of my own. Rare are the times that I say them, even rarer are the times when they actually come off good. In other words: hindi ako mabenta. Can I help it if I laugh at the lousiest jokes because I can find something to laugh about in them?^^ And they say my smiles don't come cheap. Blah. Fat lot some people know.^^

And then there's Xtine - she's sassy. I like that. But then, most of the girls in hockey tend to be that - most, because there are some *smiles quietly at Mela* that are 'softer' than others. Heheheh... no offense dear, just a personal observation.^^ You do have your own moments.^^

It caught me a little off-guard when she SMSed me through Lloyd's phone. What cracked me up was when she told me that if I ever said Lloyd had a decent sense of humor, she's go ahead and hang herself. *blinks* I hope that wasn't literal though... ich. -_-;; oih...

As I said, I'm a sucker for the corniest jokes and lines. *twitch* S'lette, please, please, do not attribute that to me having a crush on Ty. It doesn't help. I know the man's corny as hell and borders remotely on being baduy every now and then... but I've always been into the lousiest jokes. So there. >.< Heheheh... ;p

Anyway, that's regarding the La Salle allumni. Now onto personal observations and comments about several other people at Gameworx:

Well, Mom's gonna have a field day laughing at this, and likely, so will Maia, considering that she loves torturing men whether or not she knows them well enough. *smiles towards Maia* Well, darling, it's true, right?^^

Anyway, the boy I'm talking about (well, he looks like one and we will refrain from mentioning the name because people DO know who he is...) is the guy hereby dubbed by me, my mom and Maia as Pretty Boy. We ended up playing on the same team yesterday (strange but true... he usually plays with his own teammates...) and well, I had to 'somewhat' act as mediator and peace-delegate considering that Xtine was annoyed that he didn't really posistion himself that well and didn't cooperate much in the beginning of the gameplay.

So I went over, tapped his arm and talked to him.

And he looked like I was about to shoot him between the eyes.

*mutters incoherently about men and their inability to equate her height with niceness* Blah. So i talked, mentioned stuff that could help us play and - thankfully - he got the message. He apologized. I was going back to Mela to check up on her since she was sitting on the floor again before I'd return to watching the first stringers play, and he called out to me (he doesn't know my name still... eheh. eheh... is that supposed to amuse me? >.<) and said "Sorry" in that sincere fashion that made me finally believe that he still realizes he's human. Well, human and normal and that just because his mug's plastered on tv don't mean I'll be fluttering like the other females who drop by the rink to watch him play.

All in all, I think I've re-evaluated him and have decided to believe that he's a nice guy. Weird, in the fact that he looked the way he did when I talked to him (no, I DO NOT believe that I sound and act like Tanya when I'm under that helmet... -_-;; oih...), but nice and human still.

Gyah. I'm too nice for my own good.


Okay, next is a guy who's got my absolute admiration skill-wise.

TJ. He's nice, soft-spoken in a way that reminds me slightly of this one. He's also a terrific goalie and player, and we get along.

He's particularly down-to-earth and few when it comes to words, but when he talks he has something to say, and even in the little ways that he moves, a small smile, a wave of the hand when I call out to him when he arrives - heck.^^ He's got thumbs up all in my area.

Mom and Dad admire him for his skill as a goalie as well. Ma actually said that, unfortunately for the rest of the goalies in the area, TJ's become the standard in which they evaulate the rest. Heck. He should be - he's GOOD!

*sighs* Unfortunately for me, he also happens to be the goalie for this Saturday's game. DANG! TJ! You gonna give us a hard time? (I wouldn't expect any less...^^) Can I help it if I enjoy playing with him as my fellow defenseman? Ich.

Hmmm... who else? Oh yeah - Pakko.

Cool guy. Brother of the current female goalie (Marika...Marica? I dunno the spelling of her name) who's being taken under the 'big guy's' wing to train for Hong Kong.

One thing that always cracks me up when I play against him (i have never played with him on my team yet...) is that when he takes a spill, he immediately covers his head. A prime example is when I kinda knocked him over a week before. And knowing me, I ended up saying the panicked "sorrysorrysorry...!" as I did my best to skate around him - something that is difficult when you've gained speed and have barely used it up.

I think it cracked him up as well. I nearly did it again yesterday... and then he tripped me by accident because his skate snagged on mine and I fell back on my butt *yeowch*.

[re-edited version of what I initially types because the stupid blogger erased it. Damn.]

But what managed to catch me off-guard was what happened after I got my feet back under me and was well on my way to get back in the game.

What happened? Well, the guy only landed his hand on my helmet in a kind-of joking way, humor in his eyes as he asked if I was fine. It was great. Heheheh... Mom actually commented that it was like he saw me the way he saw Marika. I won't go as far as thinking that he sees me as a little sister - dang it, we don't know each other that well, no proper introductions and I only talk to him in the game in-between stick checks and forechecks (is the spelling right?).

But it was great. Makes me wonder why my personal kuyas never treat me that way - yes, Flip, even you. I mean, look, the closest to actual banter is the rare occassion of Mac... Marc doesn't exactly initiate physical contact (much appreciated man), I haven't seen Doggie in ages, and that goes ditto for Kuya.

And well, the only explanation I can come up for the way he treats me such is because I do take time to chat idly with Marika every now and then - she's fuuun. And cool in her own way. And his girlfriend whose name I have, idiotically forgotten... *racks brain for name... doesn't come* Damn. But that's basically all I have to say about that particular person.

And then let's move onto Marco and JR - who are, by far, two of the most amazing players right alongside Roach. But y'know... I think I can actually stand in their presence more considering that Roach is as big as a tank, intimidating as a giant and roars like a lion when mad. I admire him, but the fear remains. Blah. I sound so x-file-ish.

They're good, they play great, skate great and it's a little hard to picture them younger and less experienced than how they are now. Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity to be as good as them. Wow... *laughs* idols! Gyah! Haven't had those is a logn time.^^;;

*twitch* Unfortunately, for the likes of me and the other newbies, Marco is leaving (to my knowledge) in August, which means he won't be on the team for Hong Kong. But good luck to him. I'm sure he'll be glad to be home in Canada.

Hm... funny how allofasudden there are so many names listed in an entry and so many people I've gotten to know, even if on some light level.


I'm gonna be great.


I'm fixing my sidebar because it's high time that I did. Changes will be applied when other things sort out.

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