Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Finally. Another Update.

Back online, checking emails, scrounging the team website, and the many blogs (will not name) that I've told myself I'd drop in on.
And I've remembered that I owe several people LOT of bloggage, so here we go:



A BIGBIGBIG - THANK YOU! - to my precious little imouto, Hope for draggin my sorry little tush all the way down to Forbes - actually, down to the nearby church... este -> Santuario de San Antonio.

I had the most wonderful time singing alongside the wonderful voices (Goddess! Honestly speaking I got completely insecure! They sing like angels!) of Ate Bambie, Karen, Willow, Mikee (is the spelling right?), and a whole lot of others who were there. Matthew is a genius on the violin (Mai you should hear him!^^), and Yes, Hope's beloved Nicki (yes, based on Lestat's violinist from VC) is wonderful on the piano.

The church itself is beautifully decorated, but not in the oh-so-flashy-way that some churches can't pull off. The lighting and the overhead chandeliers (I think there were chandeliers) were ornate and breathtaking - in my opinion at least.

But let's move on to the part I loved the most. Singing. With the most wonderful group of people I have had the immense pleasure and luck to meet.

The girls -> Bambie, Karen, Mikee, Willow (I LOVE her guitar! She can play Stay!) and Hope, made me feel right at home - so it wasn't too hard to get the hang of the songs that they were singing. It was also incredibly relaxing to be (for once) comfortable in a new group and enjoy the knowledge that they will help make you feel right at home. I look forward to Saturday. Flip will probably come along if I drag him in that direction. And hopefully, my parents will be able to come along for the ride. It's been roughly two years since we all went to an actual mass, and I know nothing would make my Mom happier than to see me there, singing.

**Hope ~ I dunno what else to say!^^;; Will blog more about this Saturday's escapades!

[Hitting the Ice... este... plastic.]

Due to Pres. GMA's idea of moving Independence Day to the 13th instead of retaining the 12th, I was able to finally convince my parents to take me to Gameworx in Festival Mall, Filinvest, to play alongside my teammates. (Thank you, ma'am.)

It was great - and initially disconcerting to experience the shock of seeing the people who regularly play either on ice (Mega/Southmall) or at Gameworx.

I saw Jacs again (consequently, Ate Bambie's friend in High School! Wow! Small world!) after the loooooong and painful period of her graduation. Heh. She dropped by during summer for a time or two, but was pretty much it.

And so, I got reacquiainted with hockey - Gameworx style. Heheh. The few who I have told about the latter end of that day would likely snicker. Sorry. ^^ Inside joke.

As for news though, there are quite a lot to mention:

1. 'Coach', otherwise known as Reiner talked to me last Friday and asked if, with my parents permission, taking into consideration that they'd be the ones driving me to and from Alabang - I would want to join the "proposed all-La Salle team" for the up and coming Rinx Cup.

Would I want to? OF COURSE!

For those who've known me since before second year - it is a well-known fact that I am half-way, if not thoroughly obsessed with (well, maybe not obsessed, but I really, really love the sport) hockey.

Blame it all on Disney, because that basically gave me fuel - twice when they came up with the Mighty Ducks trilogy (Champions este D1, then D2 and D3), and the slightly famous MDTAS - Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series.

I am an immense fan of both, and have the tapes to prove it... except that the latter part didn't get much airtime on the Disney Channel, and then now that Home Cable's been bought out - there is No.Disney.Channel.

Suck, big time.

But either way - after 2nd year (Isis and Athena can attest to this), I went completely on the internet trip, did what I could to reasearch on MDTAS and became a full-fledged duck-fanatic. You may refer here for information on Nyrene "Nyre" Leviste, otherwise known as ~Me~. Heh.

I'm actually redoing my website for that... but that's information for another day. ^^

So, here I am, a member of what is technically the only In-line Hockey (UP has ice hockey) College Team, and since the very beginning, I have pushed, and I have done what i can to improve on my skills to become (hopefully) a player worthy of being asked to join the Crossbows - the definite elite or what could have been the varsity for DLSU. So far, I think (yes, I think) I am the only female gunning for a spot in the Crossbows. And damn hell. I will do what I can - possibly everything humanly possible, to earn that privilege.

**Lets move on.

2. The club had it's first official General Assembly for the schoolyear (and as much as I'd like to reiterate the sudden rush of unexpected events that happened on the side of that - read: Lars-related - I will not mention it today) and a couple of things were brought up.

..........A proposed pre-Roach Cup tourney called the Mini Cup [why does that sound like a brand of cupcakes???] might be held sometime soon. Details are currently being worked out by our wonderful officers. Will post these soon.
..........Recruitment week is next week and as much as possible, members are requested to dump themselves infront of the tambayan and make themselves available if any interested souls gather the guts to pass by.

And then there came my personal suggestion/contribution to the club. One that is currently driving me completely up the wall [no, I'm just kidding...]

I wanted to bring back the Club Newsletter. And I wanted to make it a once-a-month issue. And I am hoping to make it available not only to people within the club - but to inform those outside of the club - and within the school as well.

As they say, nothing is better and more credible than that written on paper and approved by those involved in it.

Let's just say, I want this to be my gift to the club. A little something that will put my writing skills to use, and will also allow me to help (even in the tiniest way) to get the word out.

Initial and pilot issue will be a hundred copies - completely free. Or so my Mom says. The newsletter will be the size of a short bond paper when folded -> 11x17 inches when spread out wide. Just four (4) pages. I have no intention of recreating the FFM (something back in 3rd Grade, don't ask..._-_-;; oih...) and losing time on this.

I want it short (well, it's short compared tothe rest of the publications that go around DLSU), informative and straight to the point. Like a slapshot.

Now if only I could finally get all the articles (I am copying last year's info and adding my own for the sake of information) and the pictures and maybe I'll be okay. Heh.

*blinks* Oih... but then again, as long as I can type I'll be fine.


*checks watch* So that's it for today, I guess, considering that that's enough information on me.

** please hover
Maia ~ Harle ~ Ekai ~ 'Sis ~ Marc ~ Hope ~ Alessa ~ Eden ~ Nenloth ~ Flip ~ Doggie

And Last But DEFINITELY Not Least:

Check my sidebar - a new Blog Series has just been put up -> though the present link is currently empty, I can assure you that the story will be up soon and worth your while. If you love Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles - this was inspired by that, Weiss Kreuz, and the countless other dark stories out there that have caught the eye of, my brother, the author.

melina @ 5:22:00 PM )O(

Monday, June 16, 2003

I'm being cranky. That's not good.

*sighs* I don't know what's gotten over me. I'm surprisingly more broody lately... considering that I have nothing really to ngaw on... I'm looking for a piccie for Isis' ficblog, but I can't seem to find one that suits it. Lately I've been obsessing over people pictures instead of artwork and I think I may be going slightly down the bend.

I need to rant. But I don't know how to... I want to bitch, I want to punch something.

In short: I want to find something to make me feel good. No. Not the masochistic kind, though there is that. But i just want to curl up against something (someone? GYEH! No thanks. Not right now.) and close my eyes and feel at peace.


I can't seem to write a song lately. Not on the piano. And Flip and I haven't exactly sat down to collaborate on anything.

Not that I don't want to. It's just that I've hit yet another block and can't seem to get it out of the way.

I've finished the first chapter to Points of Five... but I can't seem to get a clear picture of chapter two in my head.

I'm going slightly neurotic. Gyah. Yep. I need a new layout. I am done with my Titania phase for now... for now...

Maybe go nutz over my Storybook Confessions? Nah... and what pictures would anyone suggest? For the strangest reason, Kristen Kreuk keeps on showing up on Google. >.< that girl is so pretty it's almost a sin...

Speaking of Smallville, I'm particularly interested in tonight's episode... and Flip wants to bash in Tom Welling... este... Clark Kent's head for making Lana cry.

*sighs and rolls her eyes* The few good men left in the world, eh bro? Heheheh...

melina @ 11:47:00 PM )O(

When the Monsoons Return.

I realize that there are so many people hate the rainy season. I realize that it's absolute hell to have half your leg's jeans wet with water - the kind you don't really appreciate. I also realized that the winds going very strong can be a very life-threatening thing, particularly when strange debris start flying around in different directions.

Then why do I like the first two months of school, considering that they make my going to school, living my life, and hockey training hell in more ways than one?

Because it's mine.

There have been stranger things said about the monsoon season... and I guess I might just be a little hung- up on the recent Nescafe commercial [yes, kids, the one set in the boy's dormitory].

I dunno... I haven't blogged lately - I think I'm getting too attached to the mini-journal I've managed to drum up for myself... and I've been wandering in fairytales a bit too often. Literally. Even as i speak I'm searching the net for some gorgeous picture that's gonna take my breath away and THEN I'll design a layout and beg Mai'nee to make it for me.



Completely going insane. Duh.

melina @ 11:22:00 PM )O(

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