Saturday, June 07, 2003

Catching the Blues.

It's official. The 'blues' are going 'round and round... I'm only glad that things have looked up for her. I mean, heck, hell's basically broken loose amongst the people I know, and after all that Mai's been goin' through for the past few weeks, I really believe that she totally deserves a breather. Cher, if you need anything, I'm right here - eleven numbers away.


Now... Belated Happy Birthday to Harle, who is now a member of the 'shit-i-am-eighteen' population. I believe you celebrated your birthday with the rest of the world considering as how many 'Happy Birthday's were being played.^^

It started out with dinner at Italianni's - angelhair pasta all the way down to two bowls of fabulous tiramisu... unfortunately, I didn't seem to ave much of an appetite though. Which has become something of a habit lately when I'm not at home.

Tons of things went on - fun, fun, fun, especially that moment with the frog and all - but heck. That's a funny story for some other time because right now, I really don't feel all that... funny.

Am talking to Fia via msn messenger, and in my own way trying to figure out why the heck I'm so tired when I've barely done anything today. And considering that Ms. Annie mentioned that I've had a leap of progress - dramatic leap in some way, and that she told my Mom I was welcome to go to Hard Rock this Thursday night - family and all, free of charge if I wanted to, I should be jumping around, being my hyper self.

I guess I'm just... edgy. On a lot of things.

I've been having this daily tally (Harle, not one word on this. There's a nasty voice in the back of my head that's saying if you manage to mention the unmentionable with animosity again I will scream) that started mainly because it seems I can't escape some things...afterall. Not even if I move. The reminders just keep comin' in tenfold.

So, so far, here are the tally's/tallies for yesterday and the day before - today's not over yet, so I can skip that and post it whenever.

June 5 - IIIII-I (6)
June 6 - IIIII-IIII (9)

I'm not going to mention what the tally's for just yet. It's my little secret for now.


melina @ 2:13:00 AM )O(

Wednesday, June 04, 2003


I think I like today. *smiles* I had a good practice, and I've now got a new stick for hockey... and I'm finally doen with the monster that is Episode Two of Autumn's Bounty.

I'll make this not-so-long because my tummy's rarin' for something to eat and well... I want to take a little time to prep up for International Studies class and then kill time with Points of Five and Ep. 3 of AB.

I would also like to bring the majority's attention to my newest (and most fabulous) discovery located (I think) at my sidebar. If it's not there soemone is bound to die.

Mercy Peak's official fanlisting is now up and I have signed up as (hopefully) resident #7. I know I don't know much and that I practically live off the episode summaries - but that's what you gotta do when you've got few resources at your disposal.


And then prior to what seemed to be the case yesterday - I did not get to watch Meteor Garden - though I promised myself that would not be the case today.

And now I must take my leave - upload the complete episode two onto and go get myself some food.

Adieu, mes amis. I will see you soon.

Last Words:
I'd just like to announce an up-and-coming blog-series created by my brother, Flip, entitled the Knighthood. For those of you who love Angel, Weiss Kreuz, and Anne Rice - this is the place for you. Linkie will be plugged when we have it up. Hint: Series Themesong is Bring Me To Life by Evanescence.

And then for those of you who have seen my attempt at an Anne Rice fanfic/fan novel located at My Ramblings... I am going to take the time and continue that now that I've got time to kill. Am thinking up the plot even as I get ready to leave. Hope, I need character information if you want her in this. And for those who want to join in - I have, for the longest time been planning a webbie in tribute to our beloved vamps. Email me, if you've got any ideas.

melina @ 7:43:00 PM )O(

MG, The first Wednesday Meeting, and My Journal.

The world has turned upside-down.

My MOM, likes Meteor Garden.^^ Heheheh... she actually "semi-panicked" and asked me what time it was showing today. *snickersnickersnicker* Which is basically fine considering that by five p.m. we'll both be downstairs awaiting the appearance of F4, Shan Chai and the rest of the insanity.

>.< Yes, another one for the road. Me = Mel Dauphin, is now joining the hordes of those hooked on Meteor Garden.


*pauses* Mom is currently asking me who the heck the guy was that likes Shan San... Mama... Dao Ming Shi.

I got the spelling right, girls? ^^ Heheheh...


**Please hover.

I met up with the Gang today. Rollcall includes 3/5ths of the Pantheon (counting myself), my darling kid - Hope, one Dog, Voltz, Latish, and Cy.

It was great - DESPITE the fact that the population seems to have increased tenfold. En quote from what I told Hope and Harle when we arrived at the appointed meeting place (read: McDonald's Taft), "Can someone please explain to me the La Salle theory of multiplication?"

I'm SERIOUS!!! The Frosh are SWARMING! I don't remember last year (consequently my frosh year) being as BAD as it was this afternoon. I swear, the McDo staff must've needed therapy after the THRONG of new students lining up. Gyeh! And GEEZ! I know that Freshmen have the tendency to wander around in groups - but we (meaning me, and my former block) NEVER wandered around in PACKS!!! Five to six is bloody fine! Please! I know and completely understand the feeling - KUNG MAWAWALA KA, MABUTI NALANG NA MAWALA KANG MAY KASAMA (trans: If you get lost, better to get lost with someone along).

But please! By the Goddess! ^^ I think of a bloody Tsunami when I look at them. And I am not kidding! And for the life of me - they happen to be bigger and taller and *blahblahblah* NOISIER than I ever was in my first year at DLSU.

*coughcough* Mama is currently laughing due to my strangely amusing comments. Heh.

On other news though, Harle is celebrating her 18th birthday (WHOO! The big One-Eight!^^) this coming Friday with a dinner out to GB3 (*blinks*... side comment: that... without the 3 would mean another matter altogether according to block lingo...) to eat at Italliani's and have dessert at another place nearby. What we'll do afterwards, according to Harle, we'll decide when we get there so i am presently in my 'begging-phase' to actually buy time to stay until 12 m.n. - I have presently suggested that my parents go out for a date, such is the situation that they've done in the past... *sighs* although this time it seems as though that option is not available since my youngest (and seemingly heartthrob ~ oh pity the world...) baby brother cannot be left home alone. *makes a face* Shucks. There goes that idea. I guess I'll have to pray that 'Finding Nemo' (GYAH!!! I WANNA WATCH THAAAAAT!!!) is showing in theatres soon... pweh.


Now... to something that I have been working on since i lost my head to Crazy/Beautiful.

My Journal.

Nothing really, considering that most of my thoughts go here anyway, but I just thought that it'd be cute to mention it since I might (hopefully) scan the little collage thing I put there. The quote I merged with the collage itself was written by Isis sometime in the early months before fourth year highschool... or was that first year college? I forget.

I've been on a quote-trip lately - mostly my Mom and Jim Paredes' fault since I've taken up Stichomancy(?) especially since my cards have somewhat 'burned-out' in the sense that I'm thinking of moving up. Harle once suggested that I learn Tarot and buy Merlin cards - gorgeous by the way, but somehow... that's not it. I'm doing research on celtic divination and whatever ideas I might come up with.

Anyway, here are a few quotes that have caught my eye:

"In a much shorter time, with a much bigger rush of emotion."
~ Isis Eden

This was, in basic reference to the ever timeless topic of LOVE.

As Hope once mentioned the other day: everything went to hell simultaneously. Mai her troubles with the man she happens to love incredibly, Kai with Flip, Isis with Ube and the other person issue, Harle and her ever-constant angst-trip with THE BOY, and Me with the very confuzzling issues that are jumping back at me at every turn. You all know that story, and right now I think it's best that I lie low since a lot of people are probably (and very likely) sick of hearing about Capt. Bakal, my ex.

But then, most people who've heard the barrage of insane emotions that have been racking the Pantheon, the people around it and others who care usually spin out of completely control.

Kuya actually told me that he hopes I'm getting better... that I'll be happy soon. Afterall, he hates to see me suffer the way I do, and over one person, no doubt.

But I AM... plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers...

I've been doing that, and no doubt, in spite of the stinging feelings (Kai, Flip, I'm glad you're both better now - I am ALWAYS here for you... both of you, if you ever need anything just holler) that can't seem to be ignored either which way - everyone mentioned in the above phrase knows and can make their own happiness. As my Mama told me once (Goddess I sound like Victor from Ally M.!) "you make your own happiness". And frankly speaking - it's true.

I wouldn't be Mel D. though if I didn't have a little bit of tragedy in my life - I'm like an Irish legend, hopelessly romantic, cynical, tragic and happy at the same time - like a song or a hymn singing in the green rolling hills. ~ Yes! I now have a new OFFICIAL title for when I re-update Of The Four -> Points of Five. You'll get it when I edit.^^ ~

And so, there it is.

Was it Hope or was it Harle that told me at Starbucks this morning that "everything went wonky after your debut' - I guess that's perfectly true since a LOT of changes happened after my official coming-of-age. The following day (April 22) I'd properly initiated Isis, Maia and Harle, went bonding with my girls, and then had several weeks wthat can be classified under 'the world going nuts'.

And with that I now explain the application of Sis' lovely quote to my life - it's ALL coming back - not because I want it to, because it seems intent on resurfacing from my memory banks. And as Hope told me this morning: the brain sometimes releases memories so that it can remind you. I forget the rest. Thanks for being the voice of reason for that moment cher. I needed it, though it seems to have barely gotten wherever.

So here I am, feeling like a bloody idiot - moron, lovable (I hope,) but a moron nonetheless.

I need to look for the person who said: Love makes us all fools. Because he/she/it definitely got THAT right.


So I guess that's ONE quote for the day... I need to vamoose now, i am DEFINITELY late for MG and have to print a couple of things before I do my exit.

Today's THEME: Half-Life [Duncan Shiek]
Why? Because Flip's got a .wav and I wanna hear it.


melina @ 2:30:00 AM )O(

Monday, June 02, 2003

Updates on AB and the second week of school.

Well, there it is, the new lay-out for the much awaited return of AB. ^^ Thanks Mai, you did good.

Dropped by Cara-cher's class today. Last term's BIOLOGY section. Funny how it came as an absolute surprise to have them bantering me about leaving them for CLA with all the stereotypes that that particular college goes through. Made me almost (just almost) regret shifting into my present course.


Behavioral Science is... great. I'm still trying to get a hang of it since I'm technically behind compared to the rest of those in my course. I'm finally taking up two classes that weren't offered in CBE (College of Business and Economics) - ANTHROPOLOGY and ART APPRECIATION, not that I need much studying for the second one. I'm pretty good in the recitation area - what else is new, eh? And my professor likes me. Ms. Mary Ang is cool. She's got this wicked sense of humor particularly when it comes to the noisy people in class. Thankfully, I am not there. I just happen to recite a lot... which, I think shocks her now and then.

Funny as well how I seem to be a point of interest in the freshmen guys' eyes.

Oh hold onto your seats - I was actually drawn into a 'group' and I didn't have to do anything. These kids(?) seem to be asking tons of advice especially where shifting is concerned. My seatmate - Jen, she wants to try out CBE... all I could say? GOOD. LUCK. You're gonna need it.

I'm not trying to scare her away and all, but they've got all these flowery images of how easy shifting supposedly is. Which, in all entirety, it isn't.

But enough of that.


Yoi, Marc, man you've got to have the worst timing when it comes to calls.^^ Heheheheh... I was in the middle of RELSTWO (Religion 2) when my phone started vibrating like nutz. Gyeh. Maybe some other time. And oh, yeah, gimme a copy of Mai's radio debut.^^

Harle - You. Are. A. God(dess) send.^^ Luv you!

Isis, I love you, you take care. I'll try to call you up soon.

Kai, my phone rang and it was a landline - Cavite daw sabi ni Dad yung numero... that you? What up sweetie? I'm right here.

Mai - THANK YOU (again) for the lovely template... though it seems retty screwed up on my servers... the background don't show and the ShoutOuts went kaput... but it's okay. You did good. And it means a lot. I'll get on with teh updates when I can.^^

To my beautiful kids: I love you. Hope I get to see you all soon.

Doggie-niichan - Ei nii! ^^ My Book!!! ^^ Just kidding... but I wish you'd bring it already. i miss you na, hope you can come to Wednesday.^^

Mac. Wala paring update. >.< But it's okay. I miss you. Let's go out to eat one time at school. We miss your presence.^^

Flip - I love you bro... how was Bruce Almighty? Malamang I'll know it when you tell me at home.^^ heheheheh... I'll fix the ShoutOuts - I promise! Love you my darling twin!

For everyone else: Heheh... Mel is on hyper mode. Fear it.^^ Believe it.^^

melina @ 2:53:00 AM )O(

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