Friday, April 04, 2003

I am currently here at Mom's computer again after meeting up with the florist (Hope, cher, she knows you since her daughter's name is Raffy...or something like that. ^^) and discussing the various arrangements for my debut. ^^ heheheh...

Anyway - there'll be a couple of surprises when the event itself comes along. Now if only I could get things to go my way properly, then we'll be fine and peachy.

. . .

On other news, I'm plugging a little something for those of you who happen to like sci-fi stories with loads of angst and twisted viewpoints.

melina @ 8:04:00 PM )O(

Thursday, April 03, 2003

I have no idea how I can think coherently.

So the man was at the Oscars. Proves to show how much information can be...right, when you're on a mailing list.

Fux, Harle. FUX. I'm presently (literally) losing all oxygen in my brain.

Fux. I feel claustrophobic and only Goddess knows why.

One word: HERE.

'Nuff said.

melina @ 8:28:00 PM )O(

OMGOMGOMG... *promptly faints*

Plug! I'm joining!!!

REMY>> Was it ever a question hm, cher?

*thwaps Remy hard with her 3-inch thick Sociology book*

And Isis -> go here: You WON'T regret it.

melina @ 7:08:00 PM )O(

Coincidence and Song Titles.

I just dropped by the official Mercy Peak website.

Latest episode title freaked me out. Why? -> Fork in the Road.

Athens, Aice, Sis. Knock some bloody sense into me because I nearly dropped out of my seat.

For the rest of you who can't seem to understand, go check my sidebar because I listed the titles of my compositions there.

. . .

Life or Something Like It.

Ranted on my darkblog again... though I don't know if it can be called a rant. *sighs* Makes me wonder if Refuge - this idea I had to serve as a haven for... people, should even push through or not. Bloody depressing, is what this is. And no amount of comfort can help me for the next five minutes.

So... I will simply attempt to bring in some happy news.

I got an email from the Common Rotation Street Team last night. Practically jumped over the moon when they responded. And TRUST me - the way the message went said that they DID read my email.

Good news #2. No more projects after today. Finals on the move, but nonetheless, at least I won't have to sleep after 12 finishing papers and the like. Anyone out there who can miraculously plop a laptop on my lap - I will worship thee. ^_^ though who will give me a laptop for free I will seriously wonder if they've got a screw loose.

Good news #3. My Tita Winnie is finally arriving in roughly... two hours. And hopefully, they'll drop by the house (they, meaning my Tita Riza, my Tito rene, Tita Inday and Tita Wen) so that I can bug her. ^_^ She's got my LOTR: FOTR extended DVD and let's face it - I need my Haldir fix. ^_^;;

Hmmm... what else, oh yeah:

DE *huggles* thank you so much for updating again, heh... hopefully I will get a chance to email soon. I know Isaid I'd send one today... but I need to think and clear my head before I start blubbering like an idiot over several things. All I can say for now is that YES - I need your advice, and I will warn you that fthere are several... things that I'll need your more rational side working.

Be gentle, though, please. I have Athens to drop the heavy bombs and I need a little more in the emotional support department. *laughs*


Hm... yupyup! One more to add! ^_^;; Mai, I hope Leander got you the lyrics - here's the explanation why. Bagay sa inyo. Rather... it's seems like an appropriate song for hi to 'sing'/ dedicate to you. Heheheh... happens sometimes when I'm in the car on the way home and I hear a particularly romantic song that puts the two of you to mind. ^_^;;

I LOVE chatting at TC - everyone's so nice and fun to be around. Makes me miss the Mighty Ducks: TAS mIRC chat. Particularly since TC sounded a LOT like it. You know - things flying in all directions, various people commenting at the same time, innuendos and other funny tidbits. (word for the day: tidbits)

Makes me smile to remember just HOW MUCH the internet and connections over it have changed the original course of my life. Makes me feel... whole in the sense that I'm connected to all these wonderful people who I wouldn't have met if it weren't for computers, Internet Explorer and modems. Cheers to the creators of computers.

So, 'i love you's' to all those out there - I won't list you all because you KNOW who you are... and well... I guess I'm 'back' so to speak. Happy and whole as ever and not so lost anymore. The little empty space right over my heart and the quiet tug of my 'strings' may hurt a little and leave me feeling down from minute to minute - but I know that what's important is here and now and in the people who I care about the most.

So, to the Goddess, I thank you so much for my Mom's recovery, even if the pain comes once in awhile.

I thank you and continue to pray for Elee-chan's speedy recovery as well. It's not everyday you survive cancer. It's a blessing and an achievement cher.

I thank the Lady for the sincere and wonderful love I see in Maia's eyes and the genuine affection I sense in Leander's woprds over mIRC. May the both of you get through this and last for as long as you both desire.

I thank the Lady for the gift of my darlings - Alessa, Eden, Hope, Nenloth (I WILL MISS YOU SWEETIE!!! Write me, okay?! I LOVE YOU. Good luck on your trip to the US). For the other little darlings - Eli, Elee, Kala, Bernadette, Marty, Les, Meemee, Boo, Refe, JC-chan, Aice... I love you all, never doubt that.

For my brothers:
Flip ~ you are and always will be my twin.

Doggieniichan ~ whatever you wish for, and whatever you deserve will come in due time for you are wonderful and loving and the best of kuya's i've ever had.

To Mac ~ friendship is a funny thing. Because it always begins with strangers. I'm right here you... ^_^;; heheh... kelan tayo inom?! ^_^;; joke...

DE ~ you are a god(dess)send and I love you and thank you so much for being...there. You can move mountains. You can part oceans. All this is possible because of your beautiful heart.

I thank the Lady for the MDTAS people... who, though I don't exactly talk to 24/7, I keep in my thoughts always. And for the other friends I've made c/o blogger.

I thank the Lady for the prescence of people like How and Mela and the rest of the hockey team - for teaching me again the marvels fo teamwork and friendship. This goes out to my highschool barkada and to the Three that make up the rest of KANS. In the end, we remain - forever. That much is true.

And lastly - I thank the Goddess for Athena and her patience and trust. For her uniqueness and her forgiving soul. For Ekai, who stands as light and emotion and the purest of all beings. For Maia, who has been nothing but the most wonderful of friends. For Harle - my daily dose of sunshine and that one dreamer who keeps fairytales alive for me. And for my sister, Isis. We've come this far.

This song... goes out to all of you.

The Extra Mile
Written by: Pam Sheyne, Tina Arena, & Andrew Frampton
Performed by: Laura Pausini
Album: Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack

Countless eyes are watching
In this, our finest hour
It's time to realize the dream
And who we really are
I'm gonna freeze this place in time
Rise to meet the call
Seize the moment, make it mine
And, through it all...

Sraight as the arrow flies
I will run toward the finish line
With all the strength I've found
My feet won't touch the ground
I will scale the heights if I believe
Your wings of faith will carry me
I'll go the distance just to reach
The arms I'm running to
I'll go the extra mile
For you

I know it won't be easy
To make you understand
I want to take the glory
And put it in your hands
'Cause you're the light that makes me shine
You're the hero in my eyes
Win or lose, do or die
I have made it high


(Go the extra mile)
In the end
(Go the extra mile)
I want to be able to say
I gave all of me for the world to see
And I would do it all again
I'll go the extra mile


Knowin' it would be worthwhile
I will go the extra mile
For you

Blessed Be.

melina @ 6:13:00 PM )O(

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Am back in Netopia with Isis on the 44th console right across me, Caeli behind her and Harle behind me. Maia just left since she has to catch Cyril's graduation.

Happy Grad Cy!!!

Heheheh. Seems to be I've put several smiles on people's faces with me sending Mr. Bug to their e-mail addys. Heheheh... yes, Sis, I do realize that I am creeping you out by calling Mr. Bug as my current boyfriend.

I mean - look at him!!! - He's undoubtedly adorable - he SINGS (for PJ's sake!) and he's incredibly thoughtful by simply calling to say he loves me.

Blah. I have sooooooooo lost it. ^_^ Blame it on the fact that in the process of my brain's current rejuvenation (I actually misspelled that...), it seems to be taking several pit-stops down loony-road.

The life of a student on the verge of insanity. I can only pray that it'll all be over soon.

. . .

Anyway, before I move onto anything else:
Heheh... you're sixteen today (DON'T call yourself old - if you're old, then what am I? Ancient?! ^_^;;)

Next... DE, this is addressed to you - it's on your bloggie but since you blog-hop more than you post - this is what i have to say:

yes, DE, i still happen to need a big brother... and yes, i have missed you. mrf. hope athens bopped you over the head hard enough since you've updated.

i may be strong... considering now... but i do get tired. goddess knows i've been tired this past week... and will continue to be for some time.

and lately... i'm a little on the scared side... let's just say that i have cried a certain number of times in the past three days. mail me and i'll tell you what about.

heaven help me... just... be there.

as athens said, i look like the type to take offense when knights in shining-blinding-white armor come running along... but then again, i don't need the clean-and-polished knight. i'd prefer those with dents and burns and any sign of bloody combat here and there.

mean's they're real.

and i won't take offense from them because theyprolly understand that no matter how strong you are, no matter how brave you seem - it can only go so far.

seems to be an epidemic lately. isis, and me, and mai and harle and kai.

talk about irony among ironies.

the goddesses... need people.

but then again: don't we all?

i love you D. take care, okay? *hugs and kisses*

melina @ 10:00:00 PM )O(

Monday, March 31, 2003

Just a linkie that I need to remember for my biology class. Ich.

On another note, I'm fuming at this new lab in the Gokongwei Building (a.k.a. Planet Goks) over and above Agno... simply because the computers refuse to let me read the ShoutOuts and Yaccs. Damn! What the heck?!


But at least some things are cleared up already...

Heheheh... To Anonymous (spelled backwards): no prob. It was an easy mistake now that I remember that Me and Harle use the same names in each of the stories. But then again, Charlotte Legan and Melina Pilar are pret-ty much the names we're comfortable using these days. Ich. If I get the chance I just might have Melina added to my name.

Heheh... v. funny. Ich.

Next is the fact that Yay!!! *dances around in ermine-form* They started the new Charmed Season!!! Wai! ^_^ and it was pwet-ty too! They has this really pretty mermaid there and thought they ripped off the storyline of The Little Mermaid and dumped in the-Charmed-Ones-plus-one-white-lighter into it, I liked it.

xp Gah. Had Flip laughing his confounded head off though when the 'guy' that the mermaid was inlove with turned out to be this particular name: Craig.

Fux. I almost strangled my brother for the maniacal laughter that flowed from his ever-so-wide mouth. And it does not help that the man still refuses to touch his blog. Becoming technophobic, Flip'm'boy? ^_^ Heaven forbid. He's prolly just too stuck on someone. Uuuuuuy....

Heheheh... so there.

melina @ 5:40:00 PM )O(

Sunday, March 30, 2003

A site worth visiting in my book.

Toby's Wiccan Refuge. Really great site recommended by my HS kabarkada, Ice. I'm browsing through it right now and I'm... not that lost. Anymore, I think. Or not as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago.

I'm not questioning things anymore... and I'm working on a a place where I can bring stuff like this up.

And she pulls me like the tides, and breathes into me life /
And I am her daughter, here and forevermore.

New song. Working on it.

Blessed Be.

melina @ 7:37:00 PM )O(

Open mouth, insert foot.

Stressing over projects that come at the same time is DEFINITELY NOT GOOD for my mental, physical and emotional health.


I took a compliment and turned it into an insult over at her bloggie.

So, here goes:

To Suomynona:

I just hopped over to Harle's blog and saw your comment. *winces* I. Am. So. Sorry.

Like I said on the comment's box: Was that a compliment?

Ich. Me and my temper... and the fact that the usual Stress Count (yes people, there is such a thing. Thanks to Miss Zambrano from my Psych class who showed me the chart...) of 1364. And trust me, that's really high. Especiall when the 'normal' stress count is supposed to be 345 tops.

So there.

I NEVER want to hear the word Translation EVER AGAIN - simply because I had to translate several stories off of Chicken Soup for the Soul II and format the whole goddamned project for my group for our FILIPI2 class.

Ich. The life that I lead.


So there... I just yelled at someone who actually payed my work a compliment.

*pauses and re-reads the comment*

Although - I will take offense on Harle's behalf if only for the fact that the wording sounded... wrong.

"Windy Day" came looooooooong before the concept of Autumn's Bounty (updates due when I get off from school), and IS NOT like AB. It's not even close.

Windy Day is fanfiction meant for those with their minds floating in the air (a.k.a. Me and Harle) because we've avid LOTR fans. It was her brilliant idea to write a FIC about the Behind-the-Scenes of the shooting of the movie.

And hehe... how is it like AB? She's using (and albeit manipulating) RL people - este Peter Jackson, Mark Ferguson, Craig Parker, Viggo Mortensen, Orli Bloom, Miranda Otto, Liv Tyler etc. etc. etc... for the purpose of fiction.

It's an original in it's own sense, since it's something that, although using true-to-life people, is a brand of fiction all on it's own.

So Suomynona, whoever you are - thanks for the compliment --> "AB" is an original masterpiece. I'm not insulting your work. "WD" is like "AB". Don't you get it? <-- But I'd rather that you didn't 'insult' Harle by implying that she paralleled Windy after my work.

So there.

melina @ 7:23:00 PM )O(

Poetry Trip.

This happens to be one of my most favorite poems. Mama gave it to me one time. And so did Isis, in her first letter to me.

Had to scrounge around on Google just to find it.


After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul,
And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning and company doesn't mean security,
And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises,
And you begin to accept you defeats with your head up and your eyes open,
With the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child,
And you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans,
And you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much,
So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of wanting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure... that you really are strong,
And you really do have worth.

This is for all my darlings. May you be here, or far away.

Remember that I will always be here - through thick and thin.

No matter what you do, who you become, and where you go.

Right here.

I'm right here.

melina @ 7:09:00 PM )O(

My arm hurts. My shoulder hurts. My feet hurt.

Why? -- Because, oh dear ones, I have walked back and forth, back and forth from the Ampitheatre, to Miguel Building, to the STRC, to the Mailing Office, and back to the STRC before I walked up two floors to get to this godforsaken computer lab.


The things I do.

It wouldn't be half-bad... if only I wasn't lugging The Pantheon's very much empty BoS (^_^) my bad chères, my 500+ page Sociology textbook, and my bag. The bag's uncharacteristically heavy today... or maybe it's just me feeling the physical compensation for my very much depleted brain.

I. Have. Been. Very. Hectic. this past weekend.

REMY>> Yathink??

*glares at her muse* Go write on your blog. You haven't updated.

REMY>> You don't give me time to update.

*shoves Remy away*

Anyway... hey guys. I'm back... for the moment - melting in this blasted inferno. The heatwave that's on it's way just busted the AC up here... so there's only one, and for the room as big as this (not really big... but you get the idea), it's not good to lose one of the airconditioners.

melina @ 7:01:00 PM )O(

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She is surrently studying at De La Salle University and will be taking up Behavioral Sciences come 1st term, 2003.

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