Friday, March 14, 2003

I am sooooo screwed.

Someone kick the life out of me and get it the damn hell over with.



REMY>> *blinks* ahhh....a little slower, cher?

*squeaks and hides* I...can't?

*bursts into a shameful hysterical fit*

REMY>> *flicks the mute switch and turns to you* As you can see, the lovely lasy has just given in to the insanity that has been brewing. *snicker* For all those who want to see the image of the man driving m'eudail up the bloody wall you can go here -> ^_^. *coughcough* heheh...Naturally, for those who agree with Mia that this particular member of the male population is yummy - I would suggest a little bit of caution as you click that button on your screen.

*gets her voice back and glares at Remy* Helpful little twit, aren't we, cher? *coughcough*

Anyway guys, there's actually a LOT to write, but then again, half the things that i have in my life are either: a. depressing as hell at this point, b. incredibly insane, or c. not in the least bit funny.

Let start with what happened a few nights back - Tuesday night to be precise.

As most of you know, I've had my fair share of trouble where it concerns a certain Lars (a.k.a. the ex-boyfriend). I do realize that there are some who would rather I not bring this one up any longer - but for the sake of those who do not know the whole story, I will relay it here.

The basic summary of facts is that Mel=dumpee, Lars=dumper. Next fact is that we do not talk, let alone get along at this point in time. Not that we argue or anything... I just want absolutely nothing to do with the man.


*snorts* I wonder - I won't list them - people who want to know, go ask my sisters. They'll draw up a pretty good list for you. Hm. By the way darlings, if you do want to list them - go right ahead to the shoutouts and I'll read. This should be interesting.

Anyway - a little incident happened via e-mail, and it...basically shocked the immediate hell out of me. It's supposedly from someone who knows me - though I have no clue as to who this person is... it was/looked like a personal e-mail to him. Who cares, right?

Well, evidently, I do, and yes, so do the people who care about me - particularly since the man posted the letter to the Block ML and more or less shared it with *everyone*. Gah. this naturally led to my Mom seeing the post, since, as few people know, she checks my addy sometimes. Anyway...when Mama printed it out and read it, she got pret-ty mad. Mad enough to demand an explanation from the sod. Anyway, so there. That's the shortened version of what's happened as of late.

Now to the more...*coughcough* interesting stuff.

Can I ask a question, people? For those who have seen Harle - *snickersnicker* guys, she just got a bloody haircut and it's as short as Haruka Ten'ou's. <--did i spell that right? *wince*

Anyway, for those who have...seemingly, Harle and I are...*cough* drawing some interesting looks from the idiot and several others. this is just an assumption though (I haven't actually gotten asked by anyone, and our basis lies in Harle's Runes), but she and i *think* that the moron thinks it's us.

*pauses and waits for reactions* If you don't get it, don't bother. Anime fans reading this though should get the basic gist of my statement. Heheheh.

Goddess, Athens, don't blanch on me, please. You're smart enough to know the answer to that unasked question.

Anyway, Harle went and sat-in (ed~ that's supposed to be 'sit-in' but then the tenses would be wrong...) my class yesterday and it's particularly...uh...humorous how Lars eyed us warily the whole time. Ich. Man, he is sick. As if! Geez! *pointed look* And which of us would be the seme and the uke? Hm? Gr...some men, have v. twisted mindframes. Not healthy. No, no. *tsktsktsk*

Anyway, heh. For the oddest of reasons, this one is enjoying freaking the poor man out. *snicker* Not that *I* don't enjoy finding out he's sucking up to the teacher for no logical reason except that he needs the plus Meef. No more of that. *shudder* Sends shivers up my spinal column.


*a-ahem* CP?

By the heavens. I don't know anymore. (ed~ *blinks* deja vu?) I just freaked out a couple of minutes ago and well...I'm starting to entertain the idea of kicking myself in the butt, considering that I have officially lost my mind.


Let's...scrap that. And get on with the things I really want to share.


I have finished One Step Forward (Two Steps Back). The only problem now is the fact that my voice is once again shot so I can't reach the notes. Ich. I hate my voice.

I've also listed down the songs I am likely to record into my 'album' considering that Brother Bear has decided to help out by putting in a good word for me. *blinks* still processing that bit of information.

In the meantime, I am thwapping Flip into learning the guitar since the newest song sitting on the tips of my fingers is not for the piano but for the guitar. *smiles*

melina @ 11:43:00 PM )O(

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Plugging session: I have a new linkie on my sidebar... she's worth the while people - she actually e-mails! *looks pointedly in DE's direction*

Her name's Kala, she's Pinay (*cheers*) and lives in the US at present. --> PLUG! PLUG! PLUG!

How'd I meet her? - AB.

Now I'm off to update. xp

melina @ 5:30:00 PM )O(

It is Wednesday.

And somehow... I feel as if that should be enough. But after what happened last night... I can only hope that somehow, things turn out for the better today instead of getting worse.

There will be no apologies Mama... I know that much already. Damn pride to everlasting hell. Damn the fact that due to what happened I am no longer seen as one of them. Nor will I think of wanting to be embraced in their friendship ever again... if they ever offered friendship in the firstplace.

I will not delude myself into believing that I matter to these people - save for the special few I continue to keep close to my heart.

Thank the Goddess this will be over soon.

melina @ 5:27:00 PM )O(

Monday, March 10, 2003

Mac was with him on the idea, professing that every guy I date has to go through five tons of THEM first. At this rate I'll never get married. Not even a fling. Nada, nil. My brothers want the perfect guy.

Read this off Ekai's blog...and for the oddest of offense, darling...but it seriously set me in a brand new 'down mood'.


It's hard... y'know? Hard that for the oddest of reasons... guys seem to... *pauses*, it's not the exact words - hell, it's the wrong word, but I dunno any other that will suffice for now.

Guys, flat-plain-and-simple 'aviod' me.

I mean, even my friends have the hardest time in getting 'closey' to me. *sighs* Doggie, admit it. You agree. *turns to Mac* And yes, you too. Even the varied other members - read: boys, on the hockey team find it hard to become 'close' with me. Watched Tanya fool around with Jen, Charles and Dustin earlier today and I couldn't help but feel that deep twinge of envy. Because, hey - let's face facts, even Flip and I don't hug that much. Geez.

*blinks* Look, it's not like I don't appreciate the love I get from all my female friends - Lord knows most of them 'baby' me on occassion... but hey... I guess, despite all that's happened, I still want my Knights. Can't I be strong and 'badass' - as Da puts it... and still inspire that protective male instinct in my guy friends?

*sighs again*

I dunno what's wrong with me. Maybe it was Harle's reading - or maybe the topic yesterday in INTROSO. Topic revolved around the idea of women in the army and how damaging it is for the army to send women off to war. Based on facts - with all the gender stereotypes and all, it's not exactly a pretty picture to see a woman, the epitome of the 'Nurture' concept, wielding a gun and killing. I fully support that though I see nothing wrong with a woman being in the force as well.

But then...Sir actually brought up the example of how damagins (word of the day: damaging) it would be for the men to walk on that bloody battlefield and see one of their 'women'...dead.

He then went on to giving the example that IF, the class were a platoon, and I was the only woman - kill my guy blockmate off (*name withheld for Mel's sanity), it would barely affect the rest of the men. But if I was killed off... the psychological state of these 'soldiers' would be very affected.



Sir - that's never happened to me.

The closest any guy's ever come (outwardly and openly to my face) was when Charlie-brown from Hockey asked if I wanted him to throttle Lars.

But... that's it.

Never, ever have I had anyone - anyone at ALL, go say the words Mac and Doggie have said to Kai... and honestly? -- I'm getting tired of being so strong. A person can only take so much - so far, and I'm only doing this to keep up appearances.

I want to be strong, dammit! I've had to for the past - oh, I dunno - as long as I can remember?! And of all the 'security blankets' I've ever hads - it's the strength and the ILLUSION of strenght that keeps me sane and stable. The Goddess knows how many times I've been burned. And damn it all to everlasting farden hell - I. AM. TIRED.

For once... goddamnitall... can it be me? For once, can I just be the baby? Can I step down from being the strong one - the pillar?

By Heaven... I don't know anymore.

melina @ 11:19:00 PM )O(

These seem to be the newest trend...

Have you ever...
{x} Fallen for your best friend? Hm... nope.
{x} Made out with JUST a friend? Nope.
{x} Been rejected? Yes. On various levels.
{x} Been in love? Yes. But I will not expound on the matter.
{x} Been in lust? Nope.
{x} Used someone? No. Being used has that effect on you.
{x} Been used? Quoting Ekai -> As a scapegoat, yes.
{x} Cheated on someone? 'True in Love, ever be...lest thy love be false to thee...' In other
{x} Been cheated on? No. Thankfully.
{x} Done something you regret? What is the use of regret?

Who was the last person...
{x} You touched? Harle. We were together for our usual Tuesday lunchdate.
{x} You talked to? Ward. Just now...
{x} You hugged? Harle. Before we parted at the gate.
{x} You instant messaged? Don't have IM... does MSN count? If so, Jackie.
{x} You kissed? Harle.
{x} You yelled at? Not really yelled at - lectured, is more the word: Eden.
{x} You laughed with? Genuinely? Harle.

Have you/are you/do you...
{x} Considered a life of crime? Not really... when BotB was the thing (MDTAS influence) and when Flip had the Knighthood on a roll I thought about it, but purely for character analysis.
{x} Considered being a hooker? *chokesputtercough*
{x} Considered being a pimp? *points to previous reaction*
{x} Are you psycho? When I'm with my darlings, yes, I tend to be.
{x} Split personalities? MPD anyone?
{x} Schizophrenic? Sorta.
{x} Obsessive? I...will not answer that.
{x} Obsessive compulsive? Depends
{x} Panic? Hysterical fits are due when they're due.
{x} Anxiety? Yupyup.
{x} Depressed? Sometimes. Comes from thinking too much.
{x} Suicidal? Been there. Done that. Don't want to go back anymore. Too much to live for.
{x} Obsessed with hate? Nope. Hate is such a strong word.
{x} Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? Yes. Symbolic for the end of my 3rd year barkada.
{x} Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? No.
{x} Understanding: I try to be.
{x} Open-minded: That even more..
{x} Arrogant: When I'm in bitch-mode.
{x} Insecure: Sometimes.
{x} Interesting: So some people say...
{x} Hungry: Nope. Just ate.
{x} Friendly: If I get a good vibe.
{x} Smart: Yes.
{x} Moody: Definitely
{x} Childish: Yes. I am a dreamer afterall.
{x} Independent: I'd like to think I'm getting there.
{x} Hard working: Yes.
{x} Organized: Depends where...if it's my
{x} Healthy: ...
{x} Emotionally Stable: Yeahsurewhatever. Talk to my social group.
{x} Shy: Depends with whom.
{x} Difficult: Yes.
{x} Attractive: No comment.
{x} Bored Easily: Not really...
{x} Thirsty: Nope.
{x} Responsible: Heh...
{x} Sad: Look at my eyes when I'm thoughtful and you tell me.
{x} Happy: When there's something to be happy about.
{x} Trusting: Yes.
{x} Talkative: Who am I talking to?
{x} Original: I try to be.
{x} Different: YES.
{x} Unique: Yes.
{x} Lonely: At nighttime, yes.
{x} Color your hair? Nope.
{x} Have tattoos? I want a henna fairy on my left shoulderblade.
{x} Piercings? Standard. Left and right lobes. One each.
{x} Have a boyfriend? Single and proud of it.
{x} Floss daily? Hmm...not really.
{x} Own a webcam? Nope.
{x} Ever get off the damn computer? Yes.
{x} Sprechen sie deutsche? *blinks* Trans pls?
{x} Habla espanol? Does Illongo count?

{x} Current Clothes: Flared jeans, my loafers, white socks with an anklet design of blue flowers and leaves. My green, 3/4ths zip-up knit blouse and naturally, underwear.
{x} Current Mood: Mellow.
{x} Current Taste: Hmm...varied.
{x} Current Hair: Long, slightly wavy hair. My usual.
{x} Current Annoyance: ...can't think.
{x} Current Smell: Turquioise(?) Seas by CALGON.
{x} Current thing you ought to be doing: ...I'm listening, okay?
{x} Current Desktop Picture: I'm on the school computer. 'Nuff said.
{x} Current Favorite Group: Matchbox 20, Lifehouse, The Calling, Evanescence... and more.
{x} Current Book: Nada.
{x} Current DVD In Player: None.
{x} Current Refreshment: Gatorade Frost - the blue one.
{x} Current Worry: ...I'll explain in the next entry.
{x} Current Crush: Let's not go there...please?
{x} Current Favorite Celebrity: CP. ->Don't. Say. A. Word. Harle.

{x} Food: Irish. Bennigans actually... and Baked Ziti from Sbarro. McDo value meal E.
{x} Drink: Irish Mocha Chip? - the one in House Blend.
{x} Color: Blue.
{x} Shoes: My leather boots.
{x} Candy: Maltesers and Turtles.
{x} TV Show: Ally McBeal. Xena (only because of Bellerophon), Charmed.
{x} Movie: LOTR (FOTR, TTT), The Craft, The Last Unicorn
{x} Dance: Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz, St. Jazz. I love dancing.
{x} Vegetable: Potatoes.
{x} Fruit: Orange.

On Dating...
{x} Long or short hair? Either/or. As long as it looks good on him.
{x} Dark or blond hair? Dark, though some blondes have cuaght my eye.
{x} Tall or short? TALL. I wanna be the baby.
{x} Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? Just right.
{x} Good boy or bad boy? A healthy dose of both.
{x} Dark or light eyes? Either. Though you get both when they're blue.
{x} Hat or no hat? I repeat: As long as it looks good on him.
{x} Pierced or no? If it looks good on him.
{x} Freckles or none? None please.
{x} Stubble or neatly shaved? Clean-shaven.
{x} Rugged outdoorsy type or sporty type? A little bit of both.

On preferences...
{x} Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? Either/or.
{x} McDonalds or Burger King? Both?
{x} Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? I want both. I'm sorry. That's the only way itll work.
{x} Sweet or sour? Depends on the occassion.
{x} Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? Nada. Don't drink soda.
{x} Sappy/action/comedy/horror? If it's appealing, whatever's okay.
{x} Cats or dogs? My rabbit. Easy on the clean-up.
{x} Ocean or Pool? Both are water - what's the diff?
{x} Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? comment.
{x} Mud or Jell-O wrestling? Not available for comment.
{x} With or without ice-cubes? Ice rocks.
{x} Shine or rain? Rain.
{x} Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? Autumn appeals right now.
{x} Vanilla or Chocolate? Choco.
{x} Gloves or mittens? Either/or.
{x} Eyes open or closed? Where? When kissing?
{x} Fly or breathe under water? Both.
{x} Bunk-bed or waterbed? My element. 'Nuff said.
{x} Chewing gum or hard candy? Chewing gum. My orthodontist might have a fit... my teeth cost a lot. Don't ask.
{x} Motor boat or sailboat? Either/or. Both belong to the sea.
{x} Lights on or off? Off.
{x} Chicken or fish? Chicken.

What's your favorite:.
{x} Number? 67.
{x} Holiday? Midsummer's Eve. Christmas.
{x} Radio station? 97.1 WLS FM.
{x} Place? Manila. Tagaytay. Bauan, Batangas. Boracay ()tho I've never been there), Bacolod, Buenos Aires (Negros Occ.)
{x} Flower? Lavenders and those little blue, five-petaled ones.
{x} Scent? CALGON - Turquioise Seas, CKone, Cool Waters for Men.

{x} If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Ireland. Or New Orleans. Maybe then everything would make sense.
{x} What would you be doing? Finding myself.
{x} What are you listening to? HTe noise the people are making here at the lab.
{x} Can you do anything freakish with your body? freaks some people out how I can bend the way a ballerina does because I don't look it.
{x} Do you have a favourite animal? My rabbit. Cats, and little dogs.


melina @ 11:18:00 PM )O(

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Just a bunch of quizzes that I decided to answer while load on this confounded computer.

Midnight - You are a deep thinker, always searching
for answers and never quite at home. You are
very contemplative, and enjoy being alone with
your thoughts.

When are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Next - this was stolen off of Maia-darling's blog:

* Wallet - Brown-black, VILLAGER, given by Mama today because I've been begging for a new wallet and she's got two new ones. This was the first.

* Hairbrush - A metallic pink one that's due to die sometime soon. I want to buy a Denman.

* Toothbrush - Transparent purple Oral-B (*huggles Ekai* ~ We've got the same one!)

* Jewelry worn daily - My Celtic pewter pentagram on a silver chain. A silver diamond ring (birthstone) and the friendship bracelet Ekai-cher gave to me.

* Pillow cover - Desert Blue. Plain.

* Blanket - Desert Blue. Plain. Comfy and made out of cotton - I think. Bought from Baguio.

* Coffee cup - *coughcough* Chocolate cup. White with one big smiley and a bunch of smaller smileys in the backgroup. Color scheme is teal, white and yellow.

* Sunglasses - Black and square-ish. Bought it at a stall in Glorietta. Ideal sunglasses: the ones my teammate Jacs wears. They're Oakley and kewl.

* Favorite shirt - Hmm...I have LOTS of shirts. Don't have a specific favorite.

* Cologne/Perfume - The CKone imitation my Tita Riza gave me a year ago and my standard Turquiose Seas by CALGON.

* CD in stereo right now - Twisted Angel by Leean Rimes. My personal OST.Ü

* Tattoos - I want one - but it better be henna. Fairy on my left shoulderblade but I haven't found the design yet.

* Piercings- Two. Left ear. Right ear. Standard.

* What you are wearing now - One of my flared denims, and a smoke-blue, short-sleeveed knit turtleneck.

* In my mouth - My tongue and my teeth. 'Nuff said.

* In my head - Evanescence's "My Immortal", Harle's unsettling news from yesterday, Maia's predicamentÜ, debut plans and the varied images I need to sort for 'Of the Four', 'the Greek fic' and 'Autumn's Bounty'.

* Wishing - For CP? *blinks* I did not just say that... *hides*

* After this - I'm heading to my INTROSO class.

* Fetishes - Shoulders. *bares teeth*

* If you could get away with it and murder anyone, and for what reason? - The little self-righteous twits who spout holier-than-thou bullshit to my face. Why? I don't like 'em. Especially when I haven't done anything to them.

* Person you wish you could see right now - My sisters. Doggie. Mac. Athena. Da. CP.

*blinks again* Disregard the last name.

* Is next to you - People/students I don't know. I'm in the computer lab on the third floor! What can you expect?!

* Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - My 18th Birthday. Summer and freedom. Spending time with my sisters. The impending arrival of a certain guy *pokepoke in Maia's direction*.

* The last thing you ate - Breakfast... which was basic - one spam and rice.

* Something that you are deathly afraid of - Cockroaches. Clowns with perpetual smiles on their faces. Ronald McDonald is excused.

* Do you like candles - Yep. Need to buy new ones.

* Do you like incense - Lavender (given as a Christmas pressie by Isis!) or Ocean.

* Do you like the taste of blood - Surprisingly, yeah.

* Do you believe in love - Yes. But I'm a self-admitted masochist anyway.

* Do you believe in soul mates - Yes.

*Do you believe in love at first sight - I believe it. But I haven't experienced it. Damn.

* Do you believe in Heaven - Depends on your definition. I believe we have a heaven - but I don't believe that's our final destination.

* Do you believe in God - Yes. But my idea is not limited. I believe in the Goddess, the Horned God, and the Christian God. I also respect those that others believe in. They're not mine, but they're there.

* What do you want done with your body when you die - A proper burial with my epitaph reading 'She loved the Sea and belonged to it's glory.' *words liable to change

* Who is your worst enemy - Those who choose to make an enemy of me.

* If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be - I have a pet. Quin, my Norwiegian Dwarf rabbit whose color scheme resembles a panda. Mrf. But if I could I'd like either a Shih Tzu(Spellcheck please?) or a really fluffy black cat with blue eyes.

* What is the latest you've ever stayed up - I didn't sleep at all.

* Can you eat with chopsticks - Nope. Too damn complicated.

* What's your favorite coin - Shiny five-pesos.

* What are some of your favorite candies- The blue one I use for my center. And the round little one with yellow stars that sits on my shelf. Scratch that. I read candles...ich. Favorites? Maltesers *gets all starry-eyed*, Hershey's Cookies and Cream and Turtles. Go figure.

* What's something that you wish people would understand - That I can't be 'classified' into what they think I am. That I'm a LOT more complicated than I look - and that different doesn't mean's just...different.

* What's something you wish you could understand better - Why I don't have opportunities for my work?

* Who is someone that you really wish was still around - Oddly enough, all the people I want around are here. If the question was 'Who do you wish was around' well then...we know the answer to that question, don't we?

+ + +

I'm working on another bloggie for my sanity's sake. Oceanna's pretty much up already - though content-wise there's nothing to read.

I have to fix up the Circle's B.O.S. Maia told me she'd draw the piccies from the readin I did last Wednesday,


I think I might be teetering off the edge of sanity now... for real. My dreams are coming back full-force - and they don't make an inch of sense to me. All I know is that I have back what was once stripped from me... which makes things easier now, considering that the Five have gathered. *turns to her sisters* I love you four... remember that. Always.

And when all things turn bad and all that's left behind is what we share - always back to the basics. *hugs each one*

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to tell me what you did, Harle. And yes, Athens, you're right... I am setting myself up for the mother of all falls.

'Kai? What was it you said before? That I can cry to you guys anytime? Anytime at all? *sighs* Well... let's just say that I do want to cry - sometmies I find myself doing that inside... but I won't. I won't. Not for something as pathetic as this. Heaven help me.

Isis? When did I cross that crucial line between what is possible and what isn't? Pull me back? I'm drowning in my own waves. And it's not a happy situation.

Maia... thank the Goddess for the basic comforts of life. I really hope things work out for you. Remember doll, I'm right here. *sighs* Now if a little magick would surface in my life. Goddess. This is nutz.

I completed One Step Forward (Two Steps Back) yesterday. Finished from top to bottom - music, words, melody, harmony, lyrics.

And I read it today to make sure that it sounded right. And then I rmembered the little article caption that I faced when I was down at Bruno's GreenHills having my nails done.

'One Step Backward. Two Steps Forward.'

Freaky. And it sent chills down my spine. An image comes to mind, chères. And it's anything but comforting.

Can't wait for Wednesday. Harle, I need to talk to you. Hope Tuesday's more merciful than today.

Damn. Mondays are uncalled for.

melina @ 6:21:00 PM )O(

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She is a Wiccan by choice with Roman Catholic roots thanks to her parents and believes everything has a reason, and that fate does not equal coincidence.

She is surrently studying at De La Salle University and will be taking up Behavioral Sciences come 1st term, 2003.

Her great loves include her music, dancing, writing, reading, hockey, Tolkien, Dragonlance, the Mighty Ducks (both animated and the non-animated), and art in general.

She is known in various names such as Mel, Lina, Mia D (Devlin?), Noelle/Noey, Noei, Nyre, Lynne, Lillie, Noele, Nibblet...all depending on what fandom/ mood/ life/ timeframe/ universe she's in. (MPD anyone?)

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One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)
Jump Into the Ocean
Resignation (instrumental)
Lost To Me (instrumental)
Martyr (NEW)
Pray With Me (NEW)

On Butterfly Wings
my earlier attempts at songwriting
Gotta Let Go
No Regrets
Were You Even There
Scents of Lavender
Fork in the Road

Book of Spells (II) - Marian Green
Between Blinks - Jim Paredes
The Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice
Irish Jewels - Nora Roberts
Three Sisters Island - Nora Roberts

Wishlist 2003 (Christmas ed.)

The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle
Titania's Book of Hours - Titania Hardie
Enchanted - Titania Hardie
In the Circle - Elen Hawke
>>Note to: Doggieniichan

Celtic Emotions


Songs of Sanctuary
Dances of Time
The Eternal Knot

Leean Rimes - Twisted Angel

Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk

Evanescence - Fallen

Santana - Shaman

~any album as long as it's theirs

i can't see tomorrow
(but with you it's okay)

the whole of the moon [celtic fayre]
one of these says [michelle branch]
breathe [michelle branch]
blame it on the weatherman [b*witched]
what can i do [the corrs]
a sorta fairytale [tori amos]
do what you have to do [sarah mclachlan]
unwell [matchbox20]
head over feet [alanis morissette]
colourblind [darius danesh]
why don't you & i [santana; alex band]
last goodbye [atomic kitten]

ielle's bracelet
swing swing [all american rejects]
teenaged dirtbag [wheatus]
going under [evanescence]
somewhere out there [our lady peace]
i think god can explain [splender]
tourniquet [evanescence]
system [qotd ost] bring me to life [evanescence]
imaginary [evanescence]
taking over me [evanescence]

dancing in the dark
baby boy [beyonce feat. sean paul]
shake yer tailfeather [nelly feat p. diddy/murphy lee]
thoia thiong [r. kelly]
ignition [r. kelly]
smooth [santana feat. rob thomas]

soundtrack collection
final fantasy: the spirits within
lotr: the fellowship of the ring
lotr: the two towers
treasure planet
queen of the damned
vision of escaflowne

dinner serenade (042103)
harana [parokya ni edgar]
stay [lisa loeb]
small two of pieces [xenogears ost]
runaway [the corrs]
hands clean [alanis morissette]
my immortal [evanescence]
wherever you will go [the calling]
for you [the calling]

of roses and rain

Me at the night of my debut.

butterfly kisses from dad
beautiful as you from kaka/tito toto
the prayer from neal
you've got a friend from flip
tender love from jomar
i wanna know from martin
all my life from ward
wonderful tonight from eivind
win from reiner/jen
eyes on me from dennis
truly,madly,deeply from ralph
perfect from how
always a woman from aids
when you say nothing at all from ej
wildflower from charlie
iris from alden
when you believe from mac
you gotta be from kuya



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