Saturday, March 08, 2003

Maybe it's the computer. Maybe it's Blogger. Right now, I really don't know.


Took a quizzie...
I am I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)!
You are track #1, 'I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)'!
Things may not be looking great to you right
now, but you've got a good idea of where you
want to go, and more likely than not, you're
well on your way.

Which Song From the 'Treasure Planet' Soundtrack Are You?
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melina @ 12:00:00 AM )O(

Friday, March 07, 2003

I am going to either kill this computer (sorry Mom), or Blogger. Ich.

People! There's no limit to the number of lines in an entry - right? Because this --> *points to the sudden 'cut' in the AB episode 1* is SO NOT FUNNY. Gah! MAIA!!!!! Kick the stupid thing! Please oneesama! This is frustrating enough as it is... I cannot update - Grr - until i make sure that episode ONE is complete and whole again on the computer screen.

DAGNABIT! This totally ruins my mood - considering that the five - YES! FIVE, reviews on 'upped' my mood since last night.

Sure, fine, whatever. There's the first one that's pretty much anonymous - freaked me out a little with the one-liner that said: you should continue this - WAI!!! Who you?! *overactive imagination conjures up various images* PLEEEEEEAAAASE!!! People! I DO NOT want anonymous reviews... but it can't be helped. Dame! ~en quote from DK.

Mrf. Anyway - a ton of other events have transpired...but I will elucidate on that later on. *bares her fangs* I will go and check out if Blogger's got it's head screwed on right now...

melina @ 11:45:00 PM )O(

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Updating a few blogs - not mine, actually... more like upgrading blogs that I promised I'd upgrade.

Isis, love. I hope you like the new layout... am still looking for pictures to stamp on the top part...and will try to figure out how the heck to make it black...and THEN I'll go hunt down a gorgeous moon-graphic for you to set up there... in the meantime...I'm thinking I'll use the banner I made for you for your site. Heheh... love you darling. Take care.

As for these two, I have added Shoutouts...Heheheh...and have tweaked certain aspects of the blog considerably. Eden, I'm looking for a better template for yours. Mrf. You want the blue petals? I think I can dig that one up...

melina @ 6:23:00 PM )O(

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Updates my theme list on the side bar. New image song people! "I'm Still Here" by John Rzeznik - I'm not really sure if the spelling's right, but that's what I got off the internet. Heheh! TREASURE PLANET! Me wanna watch! Gr...but looks like time doesn't permit me to go out much these days - despite the fact that I no longer have classes on Saturdays.

Anyway - hell is breaking loose - well somewhat anyway.

I have a fitting this Friday (GOD! That's TOMORROW?!) and will hopefully be able to look remotely good in the dress Mom's having made for my debut. It's gonna be blue - but then what else is new, eh? ...I'm not sure if we'll be keeping the train since I do want to dance at the end of the evening. All in all, I will be short of meeting my doom. God. Can I state that I really hate my back?


Next topic.

Maia, *huggles* I'm so happy for you - and I hope things really work out for the better. Life's crazy, but you just gotta take what you can and live it the way you want to. All in all, I'm very proud of how you're handling things (no longer dense, I see) and heheh. You know the rest.

Ekai - Love, it will all be better in the end. Just trust in Love and the Goddess and the Wheel will turn to good fortune. Mrf. I sound like a frickin' fortune-teller here! But honestly, you're a good person, a wonderful friend, and my darling sister... ergo, you will eventually get all the blessings you so deserve. Just remember that I'm just 11 digits away cher. And that I will always be here for you. *hugs*

Isis. To quote my RELSONE teacher (he's said this quote one too many times for me not to memorize the bloody thing) There is no other love greater than this, to lay one's life for one's friends. He doesn't believe it, but I do. No matter how dumb some people think it to be. Cher, I get the feeling you've been brooding more than usual - and as always, I wanna kick myself for letting my schedule overwhelm me. I am here sis. Afterall - You. Me. We go back to the basics. I pray that you find what your looking for. And I pray that Love come into your life and put a smile on that face of yours.

Harle. Men, men, men. Pweh. They have two uses so far (excluding Maia's darling BOY and the others in the Wednesday group who I absolutely love) - to give us headaches and to grant us heartaches. I pray that the two of us get through whatever we are going through. You know what I'm talking about (read: ampi this morning). For you, I need not say anything more. Your destiny is in your hands. The Goddess favors her children and in the light of the New Moon comes New Beginnings, Fresh Starts. I wish you blessings in yours, and harmony in your life.

Doggie. *hugs* I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I just hope that this is the end of whatever pains it's caused you. For what it's worth, I can read for you again next Wednesday... funny. Creeps me out how accurate I've become since I found Mai, Kai, Harle and Krys. Scares me half to death, but then again - this is my specialty. Symbols and abstract figures. God. Don't give me Picasso. I love his work but I don't need it 24/7. Thank you - btw, for EVERYTHING you've done for me. You're a WONDERFUL niichan. And a terrific friend.

Eden and Alessa. *bursts into tears and huggles you both to suffocation* I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH! Thank the Goddess that's over.

>>Eden - you are gifted with the craft. Use it well. Use it wisely. Use it for the Higher Good.
>>Lessa - you have potential, the key to tapping into that is to know when to draw the line and how to distinguish desires that benefit only one and those that benefit us all. Precious are the things that bring joy into the eyes of others without removing the joy in your own. Blessed Be little sister. The wheel is turning for the New Year.

I have so many others that I'd like to shout a few words out to, but my time is limited and I'm hell-bent on uploading AB onto Wish me luck, guys. Here's hoping for the best. Muah!

melina @ 5:20:00 PM )O(

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Testing a quizzie from Athens' blog.

Btw, Athena, your piccies? Geocities won't let you direct link, so e-mail the stuff to me and I'll send you the URL asap.


You should really rethink about hanging around
Eiye! She is LoyalRose and loves to teach but
is also the most avaricious person you'd meet.
Your days will be spent salivating over Elijah
Wood, thinking of the places that you cannot
have sex in, and mostly thinking of how to make
more and more money
Which of the 3 Roses would you be good friends with?
brought to you by Quizilla

Me like! Heheheh...xp Oh and yeah - for the sake of being nuts:

PLUG!!! ~ Aice, Brooding Ube (aka EJ-chan), JC-chan.

That's all. Muah!

melina @ 10:57:00 PM )O(

I am at Netopia because La Salle decided they wanted to shut down all the computers within the campus for updates or whatever. So now, I have to pay way over here just to get my daily dose of bloggage.


Anyway, I had no weekend yet again, due to the fact that I have been considerably tied up since Friday evening. You see, my Tita Girlie (ed~ tita is 'aunt' in Filipino) arrived from the States roughly two to three weeks ago with my Lola Esther and since they were leaving Saturday morning, my Dad decided to call for a family dinner in favor of them both. This brought me to eating back down at Roxas Blvd. at the back alley of Seaside Mart - *mmmmmmm...* Tuna in sinigang soup, shrimps, oysters (I think), crabs and a whole lot of other things that fed the underlying craving I've had for seafood.

And so I got home roughly around 12 midnight, stumbled into the bathroom for a quick shower, changed into my night were a (consisting of the necessities and a big shirt) and fumbled into bed.

The next day I had to wake up early yet again (Damn Saturday classes!) and had the last of my NSTP-CWTS community service for the morning half. Thank the Goddess I don't have to go through that anymore. Heh. Just paperwork from here on ma chères.

And then...well, Saturday was mostly a blur... although I did manage to talk to Harle and with my imouto - Eden. Which eventually leads to this little piece of news: I have new imouto!!! *big grin* I'd like you guys to welcome Alessa Valentine (cuuuuuute name!) ~ you can find her here.

Gah! Tons and tons of plugs! Just check out my sidebar. There are tons of people there with wonderful blogs *glares at Flip and Mac* except for the few who seem to take there sweet time in delaying updates. Mrf.

Now. Here: People, there is another blog-series, I dunno if it's in chronological order though, but this one was far before I put up AB and introduced the concept of a blog series. It's entitled Disposable Teens, a sci-fi fic under the expert pen of ma chere, Athena. Hats off to you cher, I like how it's going! Whoo-hoo!

Then there's Windy Day, a self-insert into the life behind the cameras of the Lord of the Rings production. I'm in it *hugs Harle* as Melina Pilar (Yes, yes people. I realize that the name is a little overused.) and will be patched up with CP *blush* and is fairly interesting as it is.

*pointedly regards Harle* However...the author seems to be lagging as well in the updates department. Pweh.

And then DDS este Daydream Sequences. The fanfic series started by Maia's wonderful dream of being haunted by the wonderful Orli Bloom. Heheh... for those wanting to read about the madness - this is the place for you. Heheh.

Hm...what else?

Ah...well...I think that's enough for now... I'll give my little piece about watching the Jap Movie Festival in the next chance that I get. But I will say this: THANK YOU DOGGIE!!! I dunno what would have happened if it weren't for you - and yes. The mon is pissed for some farfetched reason. Have to go back to class now. Muah mi bellas!

REMY>> *coughcough* Cher. You forgot something.

I did? *blinks*

REMY>>You have NEWS my petite. *snicker*

News? *blinks* Ah... who? Me? *blush*

I'll...make this quick.

MF is on the frickin' ML

I'm gone.

melina @ 6:27:00 PM )O(

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