Saturday, March 01, 2003


Yes people! I added a little bit more to AB, I hope, despite the fact that it's moving at a bloody snails'a pace that y'all will still read it, enjoy it and wait for new eps to come up. School is killing me, but thankfully, I have my weekends free - tho I seriously doubt that with the damned projects for Computer coming up I'll be able to update as much as I'd like to.


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Friday, February 28, 2003

*sighs* Finally through with the whole CWTS fiasco. NO MORE WORK ON SATURDAYS!!! *pumps fist in the air* Yesssss!

*blinks at her computer* and now...I will go and make my imouto's requests.

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Thursday, February 27, 2003

*takes a good looooooooong look at her blog*

I take it back. I love this blog. I love the lay-out...but the piccie ontop could usesometweaking... besides, me want piccies of Haldir/Alistair Kingsley - CP in total gracing the top! WAI!

So I guess... 'improve' is more the word for fixing my blog. Ich.

ME WANT BELLEROPHON PICCIE FOR BBD! Argh! Okay - for the sake of being concieted, I am putting up this challenge to those who canmake me a nicelay-out appropriate for

The prize?

I will write you any - and I do mean any - fic at request.

By the Goddess...I am so desperate it's insane.

*sighs* Preferably, color scheme to be black and white (add in a little blue for good measure), but I'd appreciate black as the major color. Mrf. Then take a look-see at this as the piccie I want up.

Humor me. I'm just short of getting sent to the loony-bin. Gah!

The pic's a little - or a lot - fuzzy, but for those talented (and incredibly beautiful) people who will take up this little challenge - I swear on my life that I will make it worth your while. *sighs* I will go and dump my head in a bucket of ice water now thank you.

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*weeps* God! I swear! I wanna upgrademylay-out to something...better. *sniffles* I've beenblog-hoppingand I can'thelp but feel...inadequate in the template division. Heck! I mean look! Mai's got her new template up - looks fab by the way - and I went looking at Refe's, Meemee's and Boo's blogs and I felt... *sighs*

Damn! Me wanna upgrade! *grabs Harle's sleeve* And you! Wai! ADD TO WINDY DAY! I am seriously DYING over here. heheh...

Mrf. That's it for gonna go and hide somewhere in the meantime.

melina @ 6:04:00 PM )O(

Mylove, Remy/ the real Einion is currently obsessingover a new layout for his blog. And is in deep search for a piccie of Angel Sanctuary's Uriel. *blinks considerably* Why do I sense a pattern? Ich! I was Alexiel and...*blinks* I swear...someone do me the favor of kicking Rem?

Anyway... PLUG! PLUG! This is Hope's blog, and heheh... she's finally got a new layout. Hmmmm... as for the shoutouts, cher, I dunno... I had Maia-neesan install mine. Try checkingout or soemthinglike that for comment boxes...or search some. I'm trying to figure out a comment box for Remy as there.

Eden, I sent your bestfriend an email...tell her I said hello... and oh, I fixed that other blog you were working on. You need anything else just contact me. *huggles* Thanks btw for your text!Ü WAI! You're coming to my debut!!!

Hmmm...Maia love, do you think I could grab Cy as someone to add to my symbolic gifties? I've got five slots to fill out... and I know I don'tknow him that well yet - but! *Mrew*

Took a quiz off of Isis's blog and got this!


The Extremely Silly Which Stereotypical Member of the Fellowship Are You Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

*sticks out tongue* Man! Why don't they ever make quizzes with CP in them, eh?

*blinks* Oh God. I am going to hit myself now. *giggles*

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

*blinks at Mac's blog*

Cher, I swear...don't get too caught up in the testtesttest...*blinks* it's perfectly fine from where I'm looking... *dry laugh* like the template by the way - who gave it to you? Hmmm...? I'm trying to make you one that looks like that poster of 'the Ring'. The one with the ring of light? Heh.

Anyway... updates...updates. As I have mentioned in the latest post - I have finally finished episode one of AB and am starting work on the second installment. Will not post it until finished and am writing as fast as I possibly can in a notebook. Gah!


Anyway...what else can I say at this point except that debut-planning is v. stressful.

Went back to Holiday Inn yesterday with my parents to finalize the contract for the April 21 event. *sighs and runs hands through her hair* I didn't get the cake that I planned to have - the hotel representative said that we'd have to add another P2000 if I wanted that upgrade. Ich. At least I've got the consolation that I can go tweak all the other things.

And then there was the dress - which... is also driving me insane considering that I have to get my skin in tiptop shape - tone-up and whatever else I'll need to look good.

*groans* Then there's the fact that I have to tweak the bloody guestlist since several of those invited (five in the Symbolic gifts and two of my Roses) decided to back out. BEar can't come because he's leaving the country, Charlie-Brown might end up in Baguio for the summer, Jem, Kats and several others have family plans they can't get out of or summer classes here at DLSU, and... all in all I am stressed over this. XP

Hm...what else?

Oh yeah...

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Monday, February 24, 2003

YES! Yes! You may kick me for that last piece. Gah! I swear, I'm totally losing it...but I'll be leaving the net in awhile and I will go devote myself to writing the rest of the darned ep1 and start on episode 2.

melina @ 2:19:00 AM )O(

my latest theme...

"My Immortal"

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating life
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase


I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along



for the oddest of reasons i will forego my vow not to write anything set in the further episodes of AB and slip this one in.

SEASON 2 (i do not know which ep yet, but the unmentionable is in already)


He watched as she sat quietly on the ledge, overlooking the crash of the waves and the spray of seawater that simewhat resembled tears and rain.

"Mel?" Calen stepped forward, his hands stuffed into his pockets as the girl's head lifted and turned those sad, beautiful eyes to his. "Mel...what are you doing out here in the dead of night, love? It's freezing and you're sitting there enjoying the view?"

She turned away, her head returning to it's original position. Her gaze watchful and filled with emotions swirling in their opaline depths. "Go away Calen." She whispered, wrapping her arms around herself to keep out the bitter chill. "Go home."

The brit swallowed the ugly taste that filled his mouth and carefully walked to her side, settling down to her left on the ledge, his azure gaze looking over the childlike features of the girl...the woman he'd come to love over the past few months.

"This is because of the other night, isn't it, sweetling?" He murmured, reaching out to cover her tiny hand with his larger one.

The tears that threatened at the corners of her eyes glistened in the pale moonlight and Calen felt a weight lift off of his chest as her fingers tightened around his. "Does the bruise on your cheek still hurt?"

"Just a little."

"But it's enough to remind you not to start a drunken brawl with Lars, right?" The quick movement of her turning to him, her dark eyes filled with an eerie light, her hair flying in the ocean breeze made his heart skip a beat.

"It's enough to convince you to stay away from me as long as he's here...right?" She swallowed, pulling her hand away, her lower lip quivering. "Right, Calen?"

melina @ 2:18:00 AM )O(

Pulled back by the waves...

Strange as it may sound - my mood has altered yet again.

*sighs* I guess it's because I finally found the lyrics of Evanescence's "My Immortal" - a song which I've been seriously obsessing over for some time now.

Not to mention the fact that I'm looking at screencaps of Alistair Kingsley (if I am wrong in this YES, by all means correct me. Gah...) and am seriously remembering the fic idea Harle shot my way last night when I managd to finally settle in after the loooooong bus ride from Batangas.


I miss the sea.

I never realized just how attached I was to it until the excursion supplied me with the opportunity to snorkel and admire the lovely corals we have here.


I'm getting all weepy. That's not right.

GOD! SOMEBODY KICK ME and get it the farden hell over with.

I swear Mai, AB - though I swear I love it to pieces, is somehow steering me towards the more... depressed - no, that's not the word - lonely. Melancholic state of mind.

Geez, talk about sympathizing with Einion while at the same time feeling Melina's basic frustration at the world seeping through me.

This calls for major discomfort around Calen.


It's funny (and albeit a little dangerous) how I felt so lonely out there in the midst of all my groupmates and fellow 'campers'. I mean, hey, I had fun and all... but looking up at the really clear night sky and seeing all those beautiful stars twinkling back down at me... all felt so cold.

And I felt like an idiot wishing that I really were Mel, that the ledge I sat on was somewhere in Autumn's Bounty, and that Calen (aka CP) would suddenly just walk up behind me and ask what was going on in my head.

Freaky. I sound more than simply obsessed. And that, ma chères is definitely not healthy for a girl of my age.

As my dad would say: 'People - keep your feet on the ground - PLEASE!'

Makes me wonder why I even bother dreaming sometimes - when it's pretty obvious that certain dreams only leave me in this... mellow mood.

*nervous laugh* My mom actually finds it funny that for some unknown reason the cast of Shades of Boracay seem to be completing itself slowly...but surely.

I mean, hey - *waves a hand to the Pantheon* darlings! VIG is SIN-GLE and available and Isis has simply lost it over Caramel Sundae and French Fries.

Then there's the MF issue that's yet to sink in (yes, I still kind of find it hard to believe. Harle, you have the damnedest luck!), and well, we all know that Lij and Orli are evidently available and up for grabs.

*pauses* Wait. Scratch that. Orli is taken but it's some model anyway and no real biggie.

Mai - I still find you prettier. Miss you, cher. Can't wait for Wednesday.


No classes tomorrow. And though I'm supposed to be ecstatic, I'm not. Seriously, I'm not.

My mind keeps going back to that place - yes, guys, it's THAT beautiful there. And I wish I could go back or...or do something. Geez - Mel the water baby. I give the sea FULL respect. Practically short of worshipping it already. Mrf.

*pauses to text someone*

Looks like the possiblity of a fight via the blogs is over now - thank the Goddess - so, now, without further ado please welcome this one into the online community. She hasn't asked - and I seriously doubt she will - but I want to take her under my wing. So HALT! sisters. *smiles at the Pantheon* And thank you.

For standing by me and for in some small way putting me first in your thoughts.

Speaking of that particular thought...

As my coach in hockey (and several other people I know and love) would say: I am thinking too much again.

Stuff's going on in my family - stuff I can't tell because that's just the way it is... but I really want to vent, so I'll just relay my side of the whole thing that's been bothering me.

I've always wondered why the hell do I seem starved for attention - and now I know why.

Unlike you, Mai...or you, Harle - I don't have meddling families who do it simply because they want to be involved in my life.

Contrary to popular belief - I am nothing compared to my 'talented' cousins, who compete on an international level, have had all the opportunities served to them on a silver platter and have enjoyed most of the 'gifts' this world has had to offer them.


When it comes to me, they humor the dreamer. Afterall, dreams are free and should be humored once in awhile.

But my music? My dreams? Never really taken as seriously as the rest of their achievements have. Sure. They say that I've got this incredible gift - but sometimes, it seems as none of them have the time nor patience to stop, sit down and listen to me play.

No matter how heartwrenching the tune.

And now...soemhow I can't help but feel sorely disappointed in one of my cousins - who I thought knew better than to...*sighs* life is hell.

And I can't say anymore.


I wish for a lot of things these days.

To think, this is all because of that trek up the mountain in which I was standing behind Lois and Dinky (two of my classmates in ENVIROB, and the current class couple), watching Dink make sure that his little angel didn't slip and fall and hurt herself or something.


Makes me remember the time I semi-slipped down the steps wet of Miguel one rainy afternoon and sort-of hurt my ankle a bit.

Lars was mad for the next half-hour and when I mustered up enough courage to ask him why...he told me: 'I'm not mad at you...I'm mad at myself. You slipped and I didn't catch you in time. With my mom and my sister I never forget to stand behind them or infront of them when walking down steps... with you... I forgot.'

Add in the later on kiss on the forehead and a string of apologies before he finally snapped back to his regular self.


Reminiscing on Lars' good points is not a good thing for me. Get more pissed into wondering why in hell is the guy I'm seeing in class for like the rest of the bloody term an absolute jerk.

I mean, hey - where'd that sweet guy I called my boyfriend (he is my EX now...) go?

Somewhere over the bloody rainbow I guess. *sighs* No good. Better stick to reminding myself that that part of my life is over, which leaves me... single, dropping-dead over CP and involving myself a lot more with my friends.

*small smile*

Now...I am going to go speak with Jackie and laugh over her predicament. *giggles* Geez doll, chill. You're beautiful. Be happy.

melina @ 2:17:00 AM )O(

Why is everything going to absolute hell???

I of these days I just might end up killing someone.

I have almost (but not quite) lost whatever respect I have for some men. Gah! By the Goddess! Don't even get me started... I have to address the entry here.

Kai - J's a fuckin' moron and I will gladly go chop off all the necessary parts before flushing him down the farden toilet.

Shit. I feel so bad for not being there - but by the time you texted me I'd arrived at my house and had just finished changing. At least we have Wednesday, ma chère, and I promise you, you can go ahead and scream about the asshole until you turn totally blue in the face. Tara!I mean it! Patayin na natin ang gago! And doll, do me a favor and hand me the number of the girlfriend - she has no fuxing right to blame you for J's shitty decisions especially when you. did. NOTHING.

It totally sets me off to know that some women easily throw insults and whatever else to those who shouldn't be blamed.

I mean, look, has she ever blamed J? I seriously doubt it.

So now, I say we go and kill the bastard. *glances to Maia* Mon ami, grab your whip - the man needs a serious thrashing to get it into his pea-of-a-brain to keep away from Kai.


Anyway...onto the next topic.

*shakes head* Man, I just really need to get this out:


*coughcough* Now that that's done - *brushes off the dust on her pants* - I will now go ahead and explain why I had to go ahead and mention the *unmentionable* again. (GAH! - Mac, you're right... it's starting to sound like we're talking about HP's Lord Voldemort. Heaven forbid.)

Is it utterly possible that a man - supposedly matured enough as he is a year older than myself - to act like an utter juvenile in the middle of class - having absolutely NO RESPECT for the person reciting something more sensible than all the bloody noise he's making.


Isis, go beat the man senseless and ease my misery. I have other things to see to. And they're all FAR MORE IMPORTANT than having to deal with an ex who definitely seems the stalker-type, has the maturity of an amoeba and shoudn't even be mentioned in this entry.


Kick me and get it over with. I'm angsty again - despite the piccie of CP that I am viewing in the next window.

melina @ 2:15:00 AM )O(

Sunday, February 23, 2003

woman emerging from the water
You are The Water Goddess. You have a firm grip on
the sea and oceans, and your in touch with your
inner mermaid. Its wonders and mysteries
enchant you, and you would die if you ahd to
live away from its open waters.

What Goddess Of Beauty Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am once again the lab...whiling my life away on this computer since I was deprived of any technology (does a flashlight count?) all the way on an island in Batangas.

Yes, people, Melina D., the girl who never got to go on the fieldtrips back in gradeschool joined her ENVIROB (Environmental Biology) class all the way in Bauan, Batangas to trek up a mountain in her slippers, a pair of cycling shorts (God~I need to work out a bit more), her bathing suit, a darkblue bandanna and a white shirt.

All I can say ~> Ouch. Feet are still screaming though they relish the familiar feel of my boots.

*coughcough* I also am currently short of looking like a zebra as the Sun (damnit Helios couldn't you have spared me?!), wonderful as it is to give me the necessary vitamins for the day -- tanned me considerably. So...there.

+ + +

Anyway...before I continue to anything else. I'd just like to address the little (ed~ little? You had your sisters on guard!)

*bops her editor* Anyway, the -- *ahem* issue that broke out here. It's over, people so Harle, Mai, you can rest easy now...I am trying to contact her --

-- Btw Kid (I'll call you that first since I dunno your online alias), it's okay, hope you got my text, please address me Mel/Melina/Mia online *nervous cough* I'm kinda running from stalkers... and I pray that we can keep in touch more and try to work something out. And also, Chit, if used right is actually an endearment that I use. Harle's been called such, so has Kai, Isis (you know her -- model-looking bestfriend of mine?) and even the other ones around the blog community.

-- Anyway, I'm trying to fix stuff here... and no, will not bind you, that was done in blind panic since Eden is my imouto-chan.

Eden -- I got your text the other night...and I've just read your blog... did you get the message I sent you? Talk to me, petit, your oneesan's going insane wondering what's up with you --

*blinks* wait.

NOTICE: PEOPLE! My phoneline is back on track -- you know the number -- but please, please! Only call me at night... tha't the only time I'll be able to speak with any of you. Yes, Harle, you may call already...mrf.


To my Baby Nen(loth), things are working out, please don't be depressed, everything just got totally out of hand and I'm going to try to do something to fix it.

God. I DO NOT need an online war... especially when my imoutos will be caught in the crossfire. And most ESPECIALLY when Athens is going to block all contact out for the next few days.

Athens -- I sent you email. Hope you read it. Things are looking up. I know you're still mad, I don't blame you, I really can be a bitch sometimes pero ngayon pinaninindigan ko na. Mai, is the spelling right? Ich.

Back to this:

Nenloth, I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here in the Phils before you go jet-hopping to the US -- you *will* update more often, right? *sniffles* It's so bloody unfair that you won't be at my debut... *sighs* guess I'll have to go fix the damned list again.

REMY>> *coughcough* Attention -- anyone else who wants to get the title 'imouto' just email Mel -- she's short of desperate -- her Mommy-complex is going insane.


REMY>> But you love me!

NOT TODAY I don't! Geez! *throws hands up in the air* I get back from an excursion and the world's in an absolute uproar! *looks pointedly at this one

Anyway...prior to popular belief, I think I can edit AB by tomorrow...and since Maia-neesan has so wondorously offered to update for me -- I think I will go ahead and try to find time to write the newer episodes down in a notebook (ed~ mental note: buy a notebook solely for AB ficcage) and give it to her to type on fridays. I love you Neesan! *huggles*

*takes in a breath*


Mac's blog just got UPDATED!!! *passes around the beer* FINALLY m'boy! Welcome to the blogworld. I will edit your links soon. Mrf. Gah! You need a new template and one that'll support that *shudders at Sadako piccie* ...picture.

Geez man! Is she your girlfriend or something? Weird. Mrf. But hey, whatever rings you bell.


Well, that's it for's hoping for further developments in the Life department.

Ciao mes amis!
~+ Melina

melina @ 6:35:00 PM )O(

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She is a Wiccan by choice with Roman Catholic roots thanks to her parents and believes everything has a reason, and that fate does not equal coincidence.

She is surrently studying at De La Salle University and will be taking up Behavioral Sciences come 1st term, 2003.

Her great loves include her music, dancing, writing, reading, hockey, Tolkien, Dragonlance, the Mighty Ducks (both animated and the non-animated), and art in general.

She is known in various names such as Mel, Lina, Mia D (Devlin?), Noelle/Noey, Noei, Nyre, Lynne, Lillie, Noele, Nibblet...all depending on what fandom/ mood/ life/ timeframe/ universe she's in. (MPD anyone?)

She wishes she were part Irish, is desperately learning how to speak Gaelic (and Cajun) and dreams of setting foot in New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras, or on the shores of Ireland for Midsummer's Eve.

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