Thursday, February 20, 2003

Woman in dress surrounded by butterflies and nature
You are The Nature Goddess. You love Earth and its
many beauties - the trees, flowers. And Your
very in touch with your natural side, probably
own a garden as well.

What Goddess Of Beauty Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*blinks* Err... I think I'll take this again.

*goes off to retake the quiz*

melina @ 10:31:00 PM )O(

I am in netopia...considerably updating though I told myself that I would refrain from doing so...I intend on working a bit on AB since I've left several people hanging and since I've got the basic idea layed-out already.

melina @ 10:16:00 PM )O(

*sighs* Tired. That is all.

Hell is breaking loose again and it's wreaking havoc on my system. Need to talk tom my sisters. God. Talk about finding something aimed straight between your eyes.

Why am I always at odds with this girl, hm? Puts me in a foul mood to know that one of my friends from long ago (yes, it so feels like that) is now borderline enemy. And here I thought that maybe things would go back to normal.

Geez, blame the lioness for guarding her cubs. I really hate it when I'm called a liar. Athens, reprimand me all you want -- you've always made sense somehow. Is this one of the reasons why you don't email anymore? God. Fine. I'll send you a letter. Promise me you'll write back ASAP.

Lars said so. Bernice said so. Mikee said so. And now this.

People I used to trust and care for always end up calling me that *cringes* four-letter word. Fat lot they know... but seriously... I think I'm going to go to INTROSO class for the first time and end up really... *sighs* quiet.

Shit. Someone kick me please and get it the farden hell over with.

Mama -- I know you're reading this. Day just got bad.

melina @ 7:24:00 PM )O(

Took this quiz off of Athens' blog.

Aya's eyes
You're Aya's eyes. Ranging from a steely blue in
the anime to a deep violet in the manga, you
often present yourself as cold and fierce. This
only makes you all the more beautiful when you
are truly showing your emotions.

Which Weiss Guy's Eyes are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am at the computer lab...I went and ate my lunch with Mac and Harle at McDo. Chicken yet again -- but hey! What else is new? Heheheh... Am blog-hopping now, sicne I've been offline for the past few days. Thank God the hectic period is coming to a considerable close. All I have to worry about is the possibility of my rubbershoes dying on the upland trek tomorrow afternoon at the excursion I'm taking up for ENVIROB.

*shakles head* Mrf.

Anyway...*frowns at blogger* something's definitely wrong... I can't seem to get to the other pages under blogger... *glares at the computer* don't be stupid you machine... link! Link!

*growls in exasperation* is definitely on the fritz. And I am short of kicking someone if that's the case. The blogs don't show up on the screen -- I keep getting this cannot connect message and it's driving me nutz! Argh! ...-_-...and so, I am simply going to blog and check out DDS via the blog editor.

melina @ 6:36:00 PM )O(

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Now something to lighten the mood...

*blinks* I am...what?!

You are Pained Elrond!
You are Pained Elrond!
You are surrounded by impulsive Dwarves, Weak Men,
rather silly-looking Elves, a couple of
(hidden) Hobbits and a wizard who finds it
necessary to communicate in the Black Speech.
You'll be happy when this whole Council-thing is
all over and the whole bunch leaves to torture
other people (preferably the in-laws).

Which Elrond Are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

...*blinks and looks... confused* ooooo-kay. Nevermind. *goes off to try it again*

melina @ 5:41:00 PM )O(

I'm putting AB on hold for awhile...why? #1) things just went to hell. #2) my schedule's on the fritz again.

Mon Dieu! I cannot believe that this is happening. Chere... it will be okay, darling. Everything will be just fine. I'm here for you -- we're all here for you. Don't fret mi petit. What you're going through is nothing that cannot be solved. And with the Wednesday group, EVERYTHING is possible.

My God...*sighs* I swear, I will go and whap that man for you, cher, should I get the chance. Adn you -- will get one from me today considering that you are denser(?) than the Red Sea. By the Goddess, Mai, the guy's dropping hints and I stand behind what I think of the situation completely.

He. Likes. You.

Duh. Mon Dieu! You are going to drive the rest of us insane... *small smile* Doll, Sweetie, Chere, we love you... and we want you happy, and if you need me to hop on the next plane to Europe I WILL do that, time, God/Goddess and money permitting.

I mean that. The man is good for you. And I have no doubt that you will be good for him. 'Love ALWAYS find a way.' Chere. That's something that I have witnessed and the end product is always the same.

Believe and it shall be. There is no simpler advice than that.


By Luna, you are just as bad as this one when it ceoms to the matters of love... *wince* not that I'm saying that I'm an expert in it, particularly since I have had two failed relationships myself -- but I think I'm a pretty good judge of matchmaking and whatever when it's anyone but me. So -- to the both of you -- CHILL.

I love you girls. And for now, when it comes to these things, just dub me as your surrogate 'Mommy'. Lord knows I've been that several times before though people rarely came to me for advice.

That also goes for you, you, and the whole lot of you.

Hello people! Ermine-psych services are free and you may avail of them at any time that you wish (please consider though, that I cannot guarantee immediate connection to the internet as my Dad, and my two brothers enjoy taking it from me...-_- *sweatdrop*)

Geez! Here I am looking like a moron, I might as well say it -- YES! I am taking in immoutos at any given (Sunday?) time and place. Mrew. Can't help it, cheres... I want to take care of people... it kinda sucks when you want to help and people turn it away. Mrf! I miss being a 'Mommy' -- especially since all my 'babies' are either going to the states, do not update, or are stuck in the yellow-painted asylum located just two streets away from my own school. Yes, Love, I am talking about your school. I miss the tambayan there btw...

*sighs* You, my love, I will have to speak with...and hug...and *cuddle* for a time because I so believe that you need it right now.

melina @ 5:12:00 PM )O(

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