Saturday, February 08, 2003

You are Jedar Stormwing.

A general all-round nice-guy, you have a charmingly spontaneous personality and love to have fun, but you also know when to get serious. You're courteous, even to total strangers, and always make the time to help anyone who asks it from you. Not much into philosophy, your personal motto is simply: Live, and live the best you can.

Which Brotherhood of the Blade character are you?

I found this on an old MDTAS friend's LJ. am gonna link her as soon as she recognizes me.Ü

melina @ 5:08:00 PM )O(

Okay...I am up and it is one minute before eight in the morning.

As Maia would say: GAH!

As I would say: Ich.

*breathes in and prepares*

WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD PAIR UP LEGOLAS AND CELEBRIAN?!?! By the Goddess! That is as Mai, my darling told me last night-->sacrilege!<--

Geez...I am I think I'll just copy and past what I got over at my LJ and paste it here for good mesure. It all that I want to say anyway...

:: ::: ::

Just a little something before my parents drag me off... Holiday Inn.

(Yes, people. I didn't get to go yesterday. My aunt from the States arrived and we had a family dinner *sighs...criiiispy pataaa...*)

As my darling Mai so graciously commented last night via SMS (yes, chere petit, I have now begun to use that term more often.Ü): SACRILEGE!!!

By the Goddess People! Personally, it infuriates me to think that *some* writers think that they can just go ahead and mess around with the natural order of things... *makes a face* ich. Honestly, that's why I stopped writing fanfiction waaay back when. I wanted to think over my own writing first--making sure that I wasn't committing the 'S'-word--before hopping back in, which are basically all thanks to Maia, Harle and Ekai. Otherwise, I would have steered clear of and such.

*wince* I'm actually even thinking of stopping all production in the LOTR-self insert fic I had planned.

And when I say: stop production. It means that I will discontinue writing it, dispite my heart's desire to do so.


Basic reason: Tolkien would be rolling around in his grave knowing just how much I mess around with the sequence of events.

Heck. Look, it can't be helped especially since I got the freakish idea of having my four main characters know the book, dump them in the world that follows the movie. Add in the supposed son of Radagast (a ploy to get the 'Prophesy of the Four' to our darling Elrond), introduce the concept of Reincarnation to the Elves therefore bringing Gil-Galad to present existence...


Add in my usual ideas of romance, an acceptable amount of Sap, Wiccan concepts (people, not kick me for this. I'm going to be as true as possible to Our Craft.), and me (este my character) saving Theodred from death--by mistake...

You basically get the point.

Truth be told, I want to do the fic. But since I very well know how people will probably flame me on occassion for doing such a thing--I am seriously having second thoughts about it.

Mon chere amis...I am in need of your immediate help. Do you think I should keep the fic (afterall, you guys tend to be my references...since it *is* us I'm dumping over in Tolkien's most-treasured universe.)

*sighs* With all the uproar going over fics that should be slayed...I'd like to think that *I* considered the possibility of *my* fic ending up on Slayer Network.

*shakes head* Sorry dolls, this is me going on a mood-trip again. *shrug* Had a seriously disturbing dream last night that felt awfully real when I bumped elbows with *the unmentionable*.

By heaven and earth. *winces* I think Athens was right in our little msn conversation the other night.

Captain Cardboard hasn't completely checked out of my heart.

F*ck this.

I'm gone.

melina @ 3:51:00 PM )O(

Friday, February 07, 2003

New entry for the day.

Ich... and by the way, can I please state that my internet has gone completely whack?!

*moments later*

There. Better. Am actually supposed to be tweaking and having fun with my LJ...*sighs and goes off to bother her template*

melina @ 8:29:00 PM )O(

I am going supremely insane over this blog...i've been tweaking here and sue me! heheh....

I went on msn earlier...and had a really long chat with 'thena mon chère. Doll, we miss you, we love you. And though I can't speak for the rest...I AM HERE.

*shrug* It's not much...but it'll have to do for now. *huggles* Love you, cher. You take care. Good luck tomorrow. Shove the stick up his ass for me.Ü

And now, I bid you all goodnight. *yawns* It's 1 a.m. and I'm off to bed.

ciao mi bellas!

melina @ 8:48:00 AM )O(

Forget that last post. I finally added several people to the KINDRED blog...although the thing is not yet officially up. Mrf. I still have to tweak the template and the links here and there but I just wanna say THANK YOU to the three of you for helping me set this thing up.

We are gonna paint the town RED darlings.Ü (Or Blue, or Silver, or whatever else.Ü)

melina @ 2:06:00 AM )O(

Thursday, February 06, 2003

*blinks* ...uh...i think i'm messing up the log-in thingys...

melina @ 7:24:00 PM )O(

i took a quiz off Doggie's blog/website. and i tweaked here and there...

You are the fox.

Saint Exupery's 'The Little Prince' Quiz.
brought to you by Quizilla's...mortimer?Ü *snickersnicker* darlings, you know who i mean.Ü

melina @ 7:16:00 PM )O(

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

hmmm... interesting...

You're a Non-box.

What box do you get put in?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hey Sis, we got the same one!Ü

Anyway... I'm supposed to be the whole thing is driving me insane. Considerably.

*after inconveniently switching locations*

mrf. I'm at Netopia yet again...erg. This ting is going to definitely burn a hole thru my pocket by the time it's all over. Ich. At least Mama gave me money again. Which is good. I don't have to starve.Ü

Anyway... best friend is over at some other console while I'm here at #5. He's stuck on Counterstrike of whatnot yet again. Psh. Boys and their toys.

ANyway...I plan on ranting. Go! Scoot! I'm hopping over here.

melina @ 8:36:00 PM )O(

I am once again editing this darned blog...ich.

Anyway...this afternoon was, in it's own little way, a success. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I really do!Ü

By the Goddess. This is getting insane. Mai, thanks so much for hearing my...rather...uhm, more 'low' side. It comes out once in awhile...but it won't now. ~Ü I'm hopping over to livejournal to see what i can do about that one!

Yes! People! I finally have an LJ! Thankies very muchly to Maia-neesan!

melina @ 2:37:00 AM )O(

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
-Sensitive- You're Sensitive, and you'd like to
stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much
Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally
charged. You definitely love the person you're
with, and always want to know how they're
feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am a WHAT?!

-Sensitive- You're Sensitive, and you'd like to stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally charged. You definitely love the person you're with, and always want to know how they're feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

mrf...i'm at Netopia...Ü blogging and surfing and editing at the bloody same time. Isis is to my left, Doggie to my right...and then Maia's to Doggie's right...and then Charlie-cher and then Mac.xp

anyway...took another quiz...i dunno the song that well though...since i just started liking Tori recently (ed~ A Sorta Fairytale)

Silent All These Years
-Silent All These years- You're "Silent All
These Years" from the "Little
Earthquakes" album. You like to talk about
mermaids and bluejeans and you only want to go
to the heaven where the screams have gone.
You're moderately depressing because you stay
quiet about everything, and when you finally
speak, it's a bit of a suprise.

Which Tori Amos Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

-Silent All These years- You're "Silent All These Years" from the "Little Earthquakes" album. You like to talk about mermaids and bluejeans and you only want to go to the heaven where the screams have gone. You're moderately depressing because you stay quiet about everything, and when you finally speak, it's a bit of a suprise.

melina @ 8:56:00 PM )O(

I am once again in the lab at the 2nd floor of the LS Bldg. Typing my life away...

Class jsut ended a few minutes ago...and it's highly doubtful that Dad'll arrive at four-thirty. Since it's the agreed-upon time that he picks me up after that.

This hell.Ü In it's own charming little way. --It's enlistment week and you have no idea what kind of chaos this place is going through. I have yet to enlist though... have to consult with my Guidance Counselor...and submit my papers before I can officially do that. Add to that the fact that I have to type a few things at home. Ich. Kick me please?

On other news... it's WEDNESDAY TOMORROW and everybody knows what that means!Ü hahaha...

melina @ 12:27:00 AM )O(

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Or not...*sighs* stupid archive links don't show Maia...a little help please? *sad puppydog eyes*


Isis just posted on her blog...*grins* funny how we both ended up online at the same time. Ngark. According to her she'll be posting on the group blog *claps hands happily* so at LAST I'll be able to see stuff!Ü Heheh...don't worry about the quizzes, ma chère...I understand perfectly what you're going through...*ich* I mean, heck! look at me! I got ELROND for cryin' out loud!

*crosses arms* Geez...I know Mama wanted to name me Elrond Nathan had I been born a guy...but EH?!Ü

+ + +

I am tweaking the whole darned thing...for the sake of my sanity...adding here and there to the whole thing dispite the fact that the frmaes seem to be doing a pretty interesting dance of their own...*wince* i'm actually thinking of losing the matter how much i love it...*sniffles*

...*growls at the internet* stupid thing won't load...*smacks forehead* Mercy Peak...(ed~ baliw na nga...)

melina @ 10:24:00 PM )O(

tweaking is in order....Ü

i think i just found my archives...Ü

+ + +

kindly check out my darling Maia's smut (yes, the one I wrote for her) the template needs changing, but that can wait.Ü anyone out there with adorablepictures of my favorite Disney Pain-in-the-ass The Cheshire Cat send to me please and I will write you a ficcie!

ciao mi bella!
~+ m'lina

melina @ 6:24:00 PM )O(

you are "occult". just don't give a fuck.

What type of manga are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

shouldn't this go here? heheheh...anyway...i am trying to...put up with the fact that this keyboard is particularly insane. kindly note that if the words come out stuck together it is the supreme fault of the stupid keyboard.Ü anyway...i the lab (what else isnew except that it's on the third floor instead of the second), typing away my life...god...ang drama ko (trans~ how melodramatic can i get).

*blinks a few mintues later aftertaking a quiz*

Doomed to be Elrond!

Wise and noble elf lord, many complain you're too much like Agent Smith
from the Matrix, all you need are a pair of sun glasses and a cell phone.
Distinctly more whiny and grumbly in the film then in the book, you've
become more concerned with what you'll pack for the trip to Valinor
then the fate of Middle Earth.

other character of FOTR are you doomed to be?

to you by

okaaaay...somehow...although i adore Daddy Hugo...i don't *want* to *be* him?

*clicks back on quiz*


Doomed to be Galadriel!

Still radiant and mysterious you reign supreme in the film version
of Lothlorien as you did in the book. However, it must be noted that
the scene where you turn all green and spooky frightens not only
Hobbits and children but the rest of humanity. Green is not really
your color, may we suggest a nice purple?

other character of FOTR are you doomed to be?

to you by

N-nani?! Ich. Mrf...alright...FINE. nextquizplease???

+ + +

Which Craig Parker Character Are You?

*smirks* hah! so there!

REMY>> but you originallygot--

*promptly shoves a sock in Remy's mouth* you'll keep that mouth of yours shut if you know what's good for you *small smile*.

i was hoping to find a pic of Craig from Mercy Peak tho...*grins evilly* methinks i'll cheat...Ü

Which Craig Parker Character Are You?

*grins* now that wasn't so hard...was it?Ü heheheh...i am such a moron. (ed~ lovable moron)

i'm going completely insane...heheheh...yes,i am now going to request to be pumelled by Skuld's gigantic mallet because i am soooo beyond psychiatric help now. heheh...yes, bop me one. by all means.

ANYWAY...i've fixedsome of the links...will be adding a few more soon...and hopefully i'll have my fooble back up and working. ich. the problems of leaving the file at home on my PC. *sighs* but other than that...the lay-out'smore or less fantastic. (THANK YOU MAIIIII!!!! I LOOOVE YOUUUUU!!! *coughsputter* riiight. comfort.)

melina @ 5:25:00 PM )O(

Melina Noelle Dauphin is 18 years of age born on the 18th of April 1985 at 9:25 am, on the cusp of Aries and Taurus.

She is a Wiccan by choice with Roman Catholic roots thanks to her parents and believes everything has a reason, and that fate does not equal coincidence.

She is surrently studying at De La Salle University and will be taking up Behavioral Sciences come 1st term, 2003.

Her great loves include her music, dancing, writing, reading, hockey, Tolkien, Dragonlance, the Mighty Ducks (both animated and the non-animated), and art in general.

She is known in various names such as Mel, Lina, Mia D (Devlin?), Noelle/Noey, Noei, Nyre, Lynne, Lillie, Noele, Nibblet...all depending on what fandom/ mood/ life/ timeframe/ universe she's in. (MPD anyone?)

She wishes she were part Irish, is desperately learning how to speak Gaelic (and Cajun) and dreams of setting foot in New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras, or on the shores of Ireland for Midsummer's Eve.

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