Saturday, January 25, 2003

it is now officially...8.06 in the morning...

ich. and i'm still sick. erg.

but well...i'm in a particularly good mood this morning...considering that i slept waaay past 1 am. mrf. dierdre's debut.Ü heheheh...

*sighs* i never knew how liberating it could be ot be around familiar faces again. Ü yes--i was *that* noisy and hyper throughout the evening. heheheh...and dierdre never looked more beautiful than how she did in her blue ballgown.Ü she does you proud.Ü

*sniffles* i almost cried after my little speech during the 18 candles...and yet again during the 18 symbolic gifts. mrf....makes me worry enough about my own debut arrangements going haywire. ich! waaah! it's this april! somebody strangle me now please!

*sighs* i dunno...i guess being at affairs where dancing music plays just gets me choked up enough. i guess i'm missing the idea of being someone's *somebody* more than i care to admit sometimes...*laugsh softly* i was going insane actually merging my fanfic character's mind with my own real-time one.'s pretty much based on the scene i was thinking up last night for the renga maia started. mrf...the one where we all go to europe (ma chères, i suggest that it be named daydream sequence #1. ya think?)

anyway...the idea goes something like this:


Craig softly tapped his foot to one or some other rhythm as he waited for someone to answer the door. The hall he was standing in was familiar to him, as he'd walked one of the upper or lowers ones before. The Paris Ritz certainly had a way of being as classy as it could get...even if just a hallway. (ed.~ gawd...i'm still writing is appalling.)

"GODDAMNIT!" a long string of foreign curses had him raising his brow and he cleared his throat preparing for the door to open for him.

Sure enough, it did...and he blinked to see a very disheveled looking Noelle.

She smiled weakly as she tried to straighten herself up and shake off the obvious sleepiness from her lovely black pearl eyes. "Ahhh...morning?" She attempted to sound in control, and Craig just wanted to whisk the poor girl off her feet and set her back to sleep.

Sleep? Or something else? A voice much like his own snickered at the back of his head. You have to admit...the little chit does look rather tempting with that just-out-of-bed look about her.

gr...ideas do not agree with me this morning...but's supposed to be that he buys me breakfast...the day before he told me he'd take me to this place where you could 'just weep and thank the Lord for making bread' and i agree to let him (laughing all the way).

so he picks me up...but i'm...ah...rather...disheveled. and this is one of those little hints that he's the definite candidate for my lovelife. xp heheh...and so he waits as i get ready and we go out. at this point...he asks what i'll be doing the whole day (it's his habit to make a nuisance of himself in my life.Ü) and i tell him that isis a.k.a. krystle in this particular fic has a show she wants me to attend.

show? -->the darling is the latest designer/model (and youngest too!) to hit the fashion world by storm. i'll have her explain just how that came to be...but we're there...and he asks if i *want* to go, since he knows that there could be several people i don't exactly want to see there.Ü why does he say that?--honestly, i dunno. he's being a pain. but then i tell him that since Ms. Darcie's friend--and a member of the show committee--requested that one of Seanachais Inc.'s (my record label) little pixies come to sing something for the program...i am expected to show up.Ü

then there's the catch.

i need a farden date.

he elects himself as that. and well...happy little girl as i am, i hold onto that idea up until charlie, and maia and ekai come back to the hotel to change with me.

then here's the bad part: Craig can't come. He asked Mark to hand a note to Sam to give to me.

xp He doesn't say why, just that he completely forgot that he had a set appointment on that same night. and that i could forgive him for the mix up and that he'd make it up to me time willing.

so what happens?Ü i'll leave that hanging first.Ü heheheh...

+ + +

anyway...back to the thing that led me to that...*sighs and looks out the window for a moment*
makes me wonder how things'll be come my debut. that say i need an escort...but i don't think long as my roses (18 really good male friends) make up for the whole loss.

+ + +

now to you

yes, you, mon chère petít. i plastered this on your >>yaccs<<...but i want you to read it again:

What was the point of trying to get something unbalanced under control?
It hurts when you crash.

At least when you crash you get up and try it again. Darling, it's kinda like how it was for me in hockey. I fell. HARD and painful...i have the sweatpants torn at the knees to prove it. And I still do, on occassion. But, cher, the fact is...i do my best to get up.

As coach and several other teammates told me-->it's all about you losing the fear of falling. I mean, when you get comfortable with the idea of knowing what to expect when you fall...crazy as it sounds...the moment you surrender yourself to the idea of stop falling and you keep your balance.

That's what i was told by my dad when i started to learn to ride a bike...or to get through anything...for that matter. All it takes is the thought that this--task/road/whatever--is your little labor of love...for yourself.

Get on the bike because you want to...not because somebody tells you that you should.

Self-reliance. Yep. We women need to be just that especially when certain *people*, not just men...*people* decide they want to throw us down and rub their filthy heels in our faces.

No, ma chère...get up and push them off. You have us by your side. And we will never leave.

TRY. Darling. And though it might hurt when you don't make it the first time...push it so that when you get there you'll think:

'MAN! this is easy? Bakit kaya dati akala ko mahirap?'

Nothing in this world is impossible, sweetie...improbable for the moment...but never impossible.

I love you so much, ma petít chère! Remember...i'm right here...Ü

ciao mi bella!
~+ m'lina

melina @ 3:58:00 PM )O(

Friday, January 24, 2003 that i'm back to a semblance of normal...considering what just transpired earlier on.


my head's throbbing--lord knows why, but it is-- and mama's sitting to my right and drinking coffee as i write this. xp she insists that my taste in men has gone awry and wonders at what i presently see in craig. *hmph* heh. what do i say to that?

-->mama...i presently prefer *my* men to have a considerable amount of hair.

*pauses and bursts out into streams of laughter* oh that was soooooo mean.Ü heheh...sister dearest, i do you proud.Ü heheh...

*winces considerably when her mom teases her about haldir looking female* well. i never! hmph! he's a goddamned BISHIE (read: pretty boy)! xp and is an incredibly sweet man.Ü

Remy>> it would do you good to remember that last word, ma chère. M-A-N. he's thirty-three Mel! for-cryin'-out-loud! *stops as he sees Melina's cattish/dreamy smile* oh what's the use! *flings his hands up in the air* you're half-way over the moon inlove with the man anyway! there's no convincing you otherwise when you've dug your heels in! MON DIEU!

*laughs softly at remy's expense* heheh...darling's only natural for a girl as wonderful and beautiful -->hot air balloon alert!<-- to fall for someone like him--especially when my darling charlie-girl is writing absolutely heart-wrenching scenes for the next ficcie-->the one where the four of us end up in Europe.Ü heheh...we've ven founf considerable time to dump isis inside the whole thing.Ü

*scene snippet*

NOTE: the four girls (me, charlie, ekai, maia) are sitting at one of the outdoor tables in Paris, France talking with *our men* over coffee and pastries.Ü

Suddenly a tall, willowy figure dressed in the latest of fashions huffs across the street, her blazer slung over her shoulder, needle-thin heels clicking on the grey pavement.

NOEY>> *blinks as her gaze follows the girl* ah...guys? isn't that krys?

the other three turn their heads just in time to see Viggo Mortensen following the girl, a pained expression on his face. "Julienne! Julienne! I'm sorry! I'm so SORRY!"

Just then, the aforementioned girl whirled around, her long tresses blowing in the wind. "Sorry?" she hissed through clenched teeth. "SORRY?!" Her eyes blazed and the four girls at the cafe winced. "GET-DOWN-ON-YOUR-KNEES... MORTAL!"

*cut scene*

*bursts out laughing as Remy just stares*

melina @ 4:08:00 PM )O(


(yes, you will be hearing that every single time i find something not to my advantage. *sighs*)

Niichan i should have you shot. Hmph! So THAT's why you can't go speak with 'thena-sama anymore! YOU'VE BLOODY FARDEN MOVED OVER TO NEW ZEALAND WITHOUT TELLING ME?!?!

Remy>> ma chère...the man, i believe told you over email...

*explodes* AFTER he bloody moves!!! and all because he needs my expertise to fix his blog!!!


*whimpers* gr.

okay--FinE! hmph. *pouts* you can go ahead and move--*breaks out into a smile* HUNT CRAIG AND MARK DOWN FOR ME AND CHARLIE-cher PLEASE!!!

Remy>> *winces and smacks his head* the girl is MAD I tell you! MAD!!!Ü *waves to D.E* hiya Dom! you take care! heheh...

melina @ 3:29:00 PM )O(

I just woke up...rather Quin (my lovely little baby bunnyÜ) just woke me up...ich. my voice is still in no way coming back dispite my best efforts to help it come back. *mrew* that's what i get for shouting my heart out at a hockey game. heheheh...

anyway...i am is 7.12 am and *blinks and waits for her eyes to pop out of their sockets*

JC-CHAN!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU SO MUUUUUUUUUUCH!!! *quickly uploads the new piccie.*

people are soooooooo nice to me these days...heheheh.

*skitters aobut in ermine form* i-chi!!! argh!!!
my darlings! he is too...*loses vocab and faints against the seat cushion*

melina @ 3:03:00 PM )O(

Thursday, January 23, 2003

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)

brought to you by Quizilla

heheheh... Earwen that's what mi cher amis Haldir calls my chara...heheheh


anyway...i am at the lab and i am feeling my rebellious side banging at the back of my head to let it out.Ü which...*gaps* i am actually going to listen to this time around. pbth.

i just wrote my first attempt at a smut as these particular darlings call it. heh. well...don't worry mes amis it'll be up on my fic blog soon enough.-->which is when i manage to grab the notebook back from charlie-love *winces as she prays that it returns intact*

i'll be meeting with isis in a bit...for food. and for talking.Ü as she said in her blog...dierdre's debut is tomorrow night...and i am happy to report that my dress--lavender!!!--is as fabulous as it gets. xp (well it's only right considering that mama paid around P2,100 for the whoe thing. bag, skirt and blouse.)

i'm actually thinking already of what i can do with the picture mama takes ofme in that dress in relation to the basic skeletal framework that i've a mind to put into effect for this blog.Ü heheh...i mean, hey--dad's getting me Photoshop 7...might as well make use of it, ne?


on other news...i've gone to great lengths to design flip's, 'thena-sama's and my darling D.E's blogs. D.E-->dominic elijah st. john. my wonderful niichan. xp go bug him!Ü he's too british for his own farden good.

i've also begun to work on that group blog i was conceptualizing. xp and i will be slaving over the basic designs of my baby nenloth's blog. as well as countless other projects.

yes, i know...this computer has become my life. gr. take a good look at the morons i have for blockmateas and you'll understand why. xp but THAT particular topic will have to wait, since i'm hell-bent on adding to

for now, i must bid you all adieu as we, the lowly students are being kicked out of the lab.

ciao mi bellas!
~+ m'lina__

melina @ 6:16:00 PM )O(

then again...maybe not.ich. even 'thena-sama's blog is going hay wire

MAIA!!!!! help onee-chan!

melina @ 6:10:00 PM )O(

i finally got my archives fixed! people! it's under the--> .:whispers of the sea:. thingy on the sidebar...*sighs*

melina @ 7:05:00 AM )O(

took a quizzie about cats!Ü

What color of kitten would you be?

brought to you by Quizilla

*mrew* considering that it's silver and silver's slightly close enough to the color of the ermine i have now officially become. psh. it's good enough.

anyway...grr...i hate some of the skins that i manage to snag off of blogskins. gr. the ads make them look stupid since some of the text is stuffed up at the top. ich. and so i'm slaving over the blogskins netweok yet again looking for something remotely right for my brother's personality as well as multi-tasking with charlie's smut while looking through the RingCon article with Craig m'love's pix. xp

YES maia. I have lost it. you may shoot me the farden hell ALL the way to oblivion now. gr.

this is iNsAnE. hmph!'s the last test i took on for the night...

You are blue. You are somewhat innocent, in the fact that your genius only extends to the physical world. You have a false sense of contentness. You are usually the quiet one, the genius. Everyone can count on you to help when they have problems, but you only fall short of being able to solve your own.

What inner color are you?

mrf...inasmuch as the result should cheer me up i'm still...*growl* dying over this stupid thing. ich. merp. *mutters incoherently about the stupidity of the archive links*

melina @ 6:24:00 AM )O(

Wednesday, January 22, 2003



i am currently hyperventilating because i have just seen the extend of mi amhain's drool-worthyness!

LOOK! -->and I do not mean simply skim! by the GODDESS! i have never--EVER--in my entire life! gone completely *obsessed* over a man such as this!

charlie's shaking her head at me now--laughing, to boot--at the insanity of it all.Ü

HAH! darling! as if you don't see your B.E.L.O.V.E.D. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK! on the screen.Ü heheheh...i wuv you darling.Ü

(though i definitely love HIM more for the moment. *wink*)

heheh...anyway...more tweaking to come hopefully soon...xp for now me and ma chère are going off to eat.Ü heheheh...

ciao mi bella!
~+ m'lina

melina @ 7:58:00 PM )O(

i am Netopia with my darling chère since we've got LEAP together this afternoon at 2 pm.

i've cooled down considerably since yesterday morning...and am thoroughly veering towards insanity yet again since...heheh...Ü craiiiiiiiig...or rather--haldir.Ü heheheh.

by the way...jc-chan made me an avatar!Ü and it moves too!

melina @ 6:31:00 PM )O(

I HAVE AN AVATAR! I FOUND AN AVATAR!!! *beams* today is a good day (and yes, that is disregarding the horrible morning that led to the usage of my >>b.b.d<<)

melina @ 1:40:00 AM )O(

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

i am ranting...more on my dark blog so if you want to see an example of my wrath you can go and read it.

anyway...on the sidelines...i took a quiz:

What's your Inner European?

brought to you by Quizilla

yes! i am IRISH to the bone!

and this-->c/o jc-chan's blog:

your relationship with Orlando Bloom is........

brought to you by Quizilla

anyone got one on craig?Ü

melina @ 5:54:00 PM )O(

blogger is once again going insane.


anyway...i've got a place to stash my piccies now...but it seems as though it won't do me any good tonight...*sighs* can't edit my template because the template doesn't show up on the screen. gr.

*after a few moments*

it showed! it showed!Ü am now editing...tweak tweakity, tweak!


i *swear* this has got to be the best day of my ...heheh....

i added new links to my sidebar...and hopefully the full layout will be up soon.Ü

i'd like to introduce my darling nenloth...she's my baby from bck in my ssc-days.xp she' a sophomore this year and well...*sniffsniff* :( she'll be leaving for the US come march. (noooooooooooooo!!!) sad yet true.

anyway. ..i'm designing her blog--> i am just waiting for her to send me her pix...(which i will edit...cut-and-paste-the-ears...whoops!Ü) so that i can finally finish the banner.Ü

well...that's it for now.Ü am going insane...yes, that's precisely what i am now.Ü

*softly sings 'Tears in Heaven'*

~+ m'lina

melina @ 5:00:00 AM )O(

Monday, January 20, 2003

am at the computer lab--yet again! heh. when am i not.xp and i'm editing both my blog and isis' am coming upp particularly satisfactory results.Ü heheh...

the darling is actually taking her computer midterms...but i seem to be seeing posts popping out every now and then. hah. never change.xp

anyway...Ü today went particularly well (despite the fact that i was practically *dying* of exhaustion after the grueling training.)...and yes i fell so many times, ma chères...xp but at last! i have improved considerably on my sharp turns.Ü

thenm there was the wonderful fact of me and charlie discussing (and supremely enjoying) our new fic ideas.Ü theodred does not live i vain-->eh? you say...Ü you can all pummel me with a mallet when i finish my By the Twisted Will of Fate (title liable to change). my LOTR self-insert fic.Ü

oh MAIA!!!!! i see legolas coming to fall *ka-splat* at your feet, cher.Ü both in the Boracay fic and this one.Ü anybody know why??? *wiggles eyebrows* doll...don't mind my insanity. xp this is all this one's fault. *sticks out tongue*

melina @ 11:32:00 PM )O(

Sunday, January 19, 2003

am in a cybercafe with isis *big smile* heheh...i'm waiting for our highschool kabarkada (tagalog slang ~ "group of friends") to come to meet us at st. scho (which happens to be just right across the street. heheh...) to give us the invitations for her debut (18th birthday!!!? this saturday.?heheh.

heheh. i got wonderful feedback for her blog.?mweheheheh... here...going insane over the many sites that cater to my haldir-needs. xp there aren't enough. heheh...oh yeah! beforei forget! jc-chan is not linked on my sidebar.Ü i've also linked the fabulous site--> "white arrows of lorien"Ü and i am now a member for the Guardian of Lorien fanlisting... the way is down for about a week! WHY???!!?!?

only the goddess knows.xp ich.

melina @ 10:42:00 PM )O(

am here (again, and again, and again...Ü) at the computer lab...Ü and wheee! the internet's fast these days.Ü good for me.

the exposure trip (both saturday and sunday) wore me out...but the experience itself was great considering that i got to interact with my host family enough to have an idea for the planning stages of our project proposal. now...all i need to worry about is the scedule and whatnot that's gonna drive me and my groupmates to the extreme case of insanity.xp gr. h.e.l.p.

+ + +

for now anyway...i took a test picked out from maia's site.Ü and i am more than pleased at the result it gave me:

So which LOTR woman are you? Hmm??

made by Michelle at EmptySpace.

now that that's over...Ü *big smile* i took another one under the villain's category and lookie:

So which LOTR Villain are you? Hmm??

made by Michelle at EmptySpace.

according to this *i* am the farden ring. *slow maniacal smile* i'm very much desired?Ü in.te.res.ting. mwahahahah...

anyway...on another topic i am just about ready wage war with whomever crosses my path.

darling tell me who i have to kill/drive to the point of insanity...i swear they will suffer in more torments that death will be a grateful escape.

what is the big deal with bloody Kismet these days that he seems to farden well enjoy bringing misery??? honestly...i think i'll just go and march up to the sod and throttle him. gr.

ma chère, tell us where it know that we love you and that you mean so much to us...we'd do anything to be able to help you now...

+ + +

darlings! lookie!

melina @ 5:21:00 PM )O(

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