Saturday, January 18, 2003

i am now at home...waiting for the reflexologist to arrive...but i don't need to rush this time...mama's going on first so i get to slave over the net for awhile before i go ahead and kill myself. ich.

anyway...i have yet to take the 'inner elf' test since the server seems to be down...and am still slaving over the renovation of this particular blog (and that is not mentioning the ideas i've got for maia-darling, who has so wondrously aided me in my efforts now officially deserves to recieve all the blessings the goddess should deem to grant her.

(yes, that includes excluding orli bloom from her dreams tonight and henceforth until she deems otherwise.)

anyway...these people, i assume, will be bound to clobber/slaughter/murder/commit homicide...este put me the farden, frickin', bloody hell out of my misery since...*sighs* yes...maia. when you see the e-mail i sent you--i *know* i'm overdoing it. gr.

BUT HE'S SO IMPOSSIBLY GORGEOUS! waaah! *goes to bury her face in a mound of pillows.*

REMY>> *raises one brow* she's muttering something chères... *edges closer to hear*

*mumbles in-between pillows* mama-tells-me-im-outta-my-frickin'-mind-and-im-likely-to-agree.

erg. yes. i know--i *know*...*whimpers* i have completely lost all sense. gr. i got pushed over the edge the moment i set foot in this house. xp i was irritated at first (as i usually am when woken up rudely from sleep), when mom asked me to go to her room since dad was gonna watch tv in mine (it's a standard thing in this house as my room has the best tv--heheh...the newest among the two working ones--and the dvd player). naturally...i had to get up (back, feet, head screeching bloody hell) and move over to her room. xp

and *then* after noting that i am bordering on pissed-as-farden-hell she nonchalantly comments that daddy bought a dvd.

so what? i think.

and THEN i hear the introductory notes to LOTR: TTT playing from MY room!!!Ü waaaaaaaaah!!! a ghra! a amhain! -->i think it's high time you people found out what that phrase means and why i chose it for my blog, eh?Ü

as you can see from the .:BIO:. i put up just recently...i'm learning (slowly, but surely) Gaelic.Ü and *this* particular phrase was cropped out of Nora Robert's Face the Fire.Ü i just *love* that book.

a ghra...means 'my love'. that's here on my site. check the sidebar. xp and a amhain...means 'my only'.

which, by all rights cannot be the case since i have *several* men in my heart.xp then again...perception is relative. and for now...the one person who has got my heart is a certain elf by the name of haldir.Ü

REMY>> *groans* charlie...maia...ekai...kill hr now, please?

*glowers* shaddup.

melina @ 3:59:00 AM )O(

maia...Ü thanks so much for the work on the fic blog...ah...the only prob that there is seems to be in font size... it's a bit...eheh...small? mew. we'll talk.Ü

heheh...ei, there's this piccie that i'll be sending along with the rest-->xp it's the haldir fangroup tag that i plucked off when i joined. it won't show up right. if you can spare a little more room, i'd appreciate it being stored there for the meantime.Ü muah!

-->charlie-cher...i'll get to you later. xpÜ

melina @ 12:49:00 AM )O(

i just read through my shout outs and maia... *whimpers* nevermind... i just wanna forget about the whole thing. ich.

i'm at the lab again...yes...i know it's a bloody saturday afternoon--can i help it? i had my outreach exposure trip today and i can proudly say that i enjoyed it. was fuuuuun. made polvoron and ate some and packed them before buying one whole pack of the yummy stuff for myself. now i'm just waiting for mama and dad to pick me up.

xp boo. i'd also have to tell you guys that i don't have a landline anymore...ich. so if ever...mrew. it's okay tho...mama told me we might get a new one...but i'll just have to wait and see. so for the moment, i am cut off from the rest of humanity via the landline and strung by the tiny thread of my lab-time here at dlsu and by what credit there is on my cellphone. =p

+ + +

i took a quiz c/o maia-cher's site:

What Orlando Bloom are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

...hmmm? really?Ü love the piccie there a craig p. quiz 'somewhere out there' (waaaah! our lady peace rox!)???Ü eheheh...

+ + +

(after a few seconds)

i wonder...i took the quiz again and just changed one measley answer and i got this instead:

What Orlando Bloom are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

makes you think eh? *laughs*

melina @ 12:13:00 AM )O(

Friday, January 17, 2003

am home. (thank God) and my cold is slightly better now though i still can't breathe right and my throat still itches. xp but at least...i can rest up for tomorrow (and sunday...*sighs*). gr. this is ridiculous. xp

am tweaking, tweaking, tweaking...xp which is a helluva lot more relaxing than the other things that seem to be plaguing my mind. xp

+ + +

anyway...i've just printed haldir's piccie thanks very muchly to my mama's computer. eheheh...and am finally done with 'the prophesy' with regards to my version of LOTR. heheh... charlie, ma chère, has her 'the summoners'...and maia has her version of that...'heralds of the dawn' methinks... and so i'll have this. *small sweatdrop* although /this/ has no title yet. xp

suggestions are welcome, mes amis. since i am i dire need of them. heh.

melina @ 12:29:00 AM )O(

Thursday, January 16, 2003

okay. *blanches* i think i'm gonna be sick... *rushes towards the nearest trashbin*

REMY>> *blinks* eh? cher, what the problem?

it's a farden HALDIR-LEGOLAS SLASH!!!! *swears vividly in all the languages she knows* BLOODY, EVERLASTING HELL!!! *crumples in a heap on the floor* N0o0o0o0o0o0o0o!!! *winces and closes that particular computer window* monstrous! monstrous! GOD!

somebody please grab a gun/arrow/whateveryouwish right now and shoot to kill? i apologize if i'm such a goddamned prude but i just...can't (i can't! damnit!) accept a slash with regards to the two most beautiful men this side of Midddle Earth.

erg. *goes back to her normal self*

+ + +

well, now that that's over... *sneezes* me need tissue.

damnit all! i am s.i.c.k. and in the worst kind of way. feels as though there's a hairball stuck in my throat and i feel nothing like a cat today. *sighs* i was supposed to go have my voice tested today (yes, the same one that i've been ranting and raving schedule just sucks ice, ne?) but since i came down with this stupid'll have to be moved--YET AGAIN!--to a much later date.



...anyway...i just finished the reaction paper i had to write for my biology class...and will be exiting this area soon since i have to have it printed at U-mall rather than here in the lab. gr. all the technicalities are driving me insane.

at least...i'll be seeing charlie-cher and maia later on today. gonna have to go to mcdo and see them. ich. and spill my current woes. *glares in the former direction of the slash fic*

ich. honestly. y'all will have to forgive me. i am an extremely territorial (and incredibly jealous at times...) kind of female. xp when i get the man, that b.o.d.y. (0ooo!) unless i really really like you (whoever you may be) is m.i.n.e. xp

heheh...yes, ma chères, this is the slightly psychotic female who you'll have to put up with.Ü never fear though...Ü i love the lot of you too much to inflict any bodily harm.

besides! i worship both of you like the goddesses you deserve to be.Ü

+ + +

well...i gotta go scram. i have to pick up something at the registrar's office while i'm at it. ich.

ciao bella!
~+ m'lina

melina @ 5:52:00 PM )O(

am in the lab...yet again. class let out early today...and dispite the fact that i need to sleep. erg. yes. i am ready to drop...but the day hasn't ended yet...mama's picking me up with dad and we're going straight to my dressmaker's because i need to fit my --lavender-- dress for ma-mao's debut.

my GOD (and by the goddess)...the training's tougher than i thought--but i have e.v.e.r.y. intention of sticking to it til the bitter end. gr. we didn't really do much today--but i was particularly early--6.04--and though that shouldn't surprise does since the sun was barely even out at the time.

me slept. on the bench, my hood drawn over my head and curled up like a kitten. yes, niichan--i know i shouldn't stay up so late sighing my lungs out to haldir's snobbish superiority.Ü sue me~!Ü the man is simply gorgeous--i have no qualms of flirting with him (making bara is more like it.)

but...first thing's first.

charlie-cher and i went to house blend for our lunch date today...andÜ and take a guess at [who] we ran into!Ü my KUYA!!!Ü (yes...i know i have *dozens* but this one's especially special!) ma chère had just finished ordering and had gone to sit down at our table when somebody playfully punched me on the arm. Ü voila! the man has come back from the dead *mutters softly about him leaving her since he's a recent graduate* and chatted awhile with me and doll-face

maia-cher, puh-lease bang this girl of the head *playfully, of coure* because she's gone all starry (starry night) eyed over the boi.xp Ü

melina @ 12:17:00 AM )O(

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

--the day after the madness--

good morning people. am at the lab again...(the net connection is so bloody slow...) whiling (id the spelling right?) my time away.

FINALLY! it's wednesday! yaay!Ü


anyway...i'm *somewhere* with the 'windy day' fic...although the stuff's still in my notebook (i can write in-between classes now...) since i don't have the luxury of owning a laptop. yet. xp hah. i wish. i really do.

but anyway...i've managed to introduce the beginnings of a beautiful, meaningful and incredibly funny friendship between billy boyd and myself...and am now working on the scene wherein i manage to strand me and viggo mortensen (in his car-->dammit! he. made. me. drive! --never let me drive if you wanna live!Ü') in a ditch on the side of the road. read: it-is-raining-buckets people!Ü least here, (by isolating the two varioables -- *gags*) i can get viggo to meet my (rather infamous) character on even ground so he can decide for himself whether the label 'tactless bitch' is right or wrong.

Ü if you're wondering which it is--i guess you'll just have to read, eh?Ü don't can comment me to death.Ü as long as it's constructive and not the ravings of a madwoman telling me that i have no right to protray the people as such.

*sticks out tongue* well, excuuuuuse me, sunshine. there are disclaimers on the top.Ü heheh...

melina @ 5:31:00 PM )O(

took a test! BWAHAHAHA!!!Ü

got this:

Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?

brought to you by Quizilla

and oh--CHARLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!! take a lookie at this!!!ÜÜÜ

--waaaaaaah!--Ü somebody! shoot me! pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!Ü ich! i just fell-over-the-frickin'-cliff-inlove with that face!

melina @ 3:50:00 AM )O(

am -long last-. am fiddling with isis' blog...Ü picked out a pretty template for her to tweaking it now to the right i just gotta figure out where the archive links went and i'll be fine...

xp am in desperate need of this chère's assistance with a couple of things as well. ich... me go first...gotta tweak.

melina @ 3:13:00 AM )O(

Monday, January 13, 2003

okay...i have now decided that i am NOT changing the template ekai gave me for this blog. the blue petals design stays...though i will tweak it to my specifications.Ü

ealier on i was jumping like an absolute --loon--. i don't blame you if you saw me half-crazed.Ü i went ahead this one put it--got me a fooble. a chatterbox.Ü so...for the rest of you...feel free to leave a message for moi.Ü dark blog is up.

Beauty be Damned. but...maia-cher still has to fiddle with the whole thing to change the colors.Ü but at least it's up and on the move...and so are several other blogs that i've helped to...'bring into the world'. so to speak.

+ + +

now...for the REAL news that's got me practically jumping out of my seat:


Yes! YES! YES!!!--i just got the call from my teammate (consequently our best goalie) that coach picked my sorry little butt to join in the torture tomorrow morning. ich. problem's gonna be that i'll have to leave early since i have the dreaded p.e. (table tennis) to look forward to. ich. but AT LEAST! I know i made it this far!Ü

*mrew....* now it's just hit me as well...that i'll have to sleep early from now on...since i gotta be there REAL early. as in 6.00 in the blasted morning. gr.

wish me luck mes amis. melina's on a roll.Ü

melina @ 5:51:00 AM )O(

am messing with my template...

melina @ 1:39:00 AM )O(

Sunday, January 12, 2003

it showed up! it showed!Ü i'm happy.Ü

melina @ 6:02:00 PM )O(

i'm at the lab--yet again! and i just met up with an old friend from gradeschool.Ü xp she's actually sitting beside me even as i write this, but that the hell.

here's her blog.Ü visit if you dare.Ü kidding. she's a pretty cool person. taking up marketing (she used to take up internaitonal studies...but it looks like that didn't work out that well.)


this girl is not responding to her texts...and i think her phone is down since i can't seem to get a fix on her. god. hopefully we can still sign up by this afternoon for leap. gr.

+ + +

i took a test yet again...

What Self-Mutilation Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

i swear to god, these things are driving me insane.

oh yeah! i got this little thingy at the side of my'll show up.

melina @ 5:34:00 PM )O(

took a quiz. i dunno if it really applies...but in my opinion...this cutie's not for me. xp

Which LOTR Actor Is Your Ideal Husband?

brought to you by Quizilla

Your ideal husband is Billy Boyd! I hereby label you a lover of boyish Scots and one of those girls who swoons in front of smiley musicians

ich. people, billy's my supposed bestbud in the 'windy day' fic... i honestly don't see any romance between the two of us in the future...xp yes, i know he's bloody irish...but ich. char, i just don't see me kissing him. and that's one of the finer points.Ü


*snickers after taking the test*

yes!yes! i know i've taken this farden test before!Ü can i help it if my needs right now can only be satisfied by this particular elf.Ü i got him twice...the first...ich. well the first was him being prissy and i honestly don't like that. xp

What Lord of the Rings Male and Mood Do You Desire?

brought to you by Quizilla

*giggles uncontrollably* maia, cher...toss this boy my way anytime you want.Ü heheheh...

anyway...PEOPLE! i just wanna announce a li'l sumthin'...Ü i just remembered that there's this friend of mine in my alma mater that looks like the long-lost baby sis of our darling elf.Ü i mean it. the only diff is that she's more feminine looking ang and has really nice black hair.Ü gotta let you meet her sometime.Ü me gotta go and edit some other stuff to send out. gr. kari-cher i miss having you around. the world is driving moi insane.

ciao bella!
~+ m'lina

melina @ 2:28:00 AM )O(

am back...ich. just went and watched Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and--


the movie was beyond words. i mean it. you have to go and see it and judge ofr yourselves the fabulous workmanship (time, effort, patience-->blood, sweat and frickin' tears) that Peter Jackson (all hail the master creator) has.

gawd...there's so much more that i could tell you...but i think i'll take a breather for awhile and get started on the countless scenes that i have in mind for "windy day".Ü heheh...the continuation begins.Ü

melina @ 2:15:00 AM )O(

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