Saturday, December 21, 2002

no chance of [mac] coming back online, i see...been waiting for some time now and i guess the technicalitites of his computer in dubai are worse than i assumed.

i fixed a blog up for [isis]. it's pretty cool looking, but i'm gonna ask [iris] to check it out a bit more. i'm itching as well to make [mac] one...but i think i'll go pass the suggestion in [charlotte]'s direction first. i mean, since /he's/ bound to link up to the rest of us.

~+ m'lina

melina @ 10:41:00 PM )O(

hmmm... [mac] just signed off from msn messenger...but he said he'd try to come back asap.

i, on the other hand am staying online waiting for my titas and cousins from the states to come online themselves so that we can talk. it's funny...ich. it never even occurred to me that i might run into [mac] online.Ü perfect timing if you ask me.

christmas vacation...finally. i can rest. although i don't think i'm getting much of that. felt considerably tired last night dispite my lack of activity. maybe it's the fact that the two nights after we watched [the ring] i couldn't exactly fall asleep alone in my room.

ich. me, the natural fraidy-cat. wat else is new, eh?


anyway, i'm listening to [stole] on the computer now. it's the remixed version...but nice all the same. and it's nice to know that my voice is coming back in full-force. hopefully i can keep it that way so that if ever i have to sing i can.

i just added [charl] to my msn list...hopefully she can download the software by the time [mac] comes back on. it's gonna help to keep us in the 'same area' while he's stuck in dubai. [isis] laughed at me when i texted and said that i missed the kid already. xp but then again...whose idea was it to text me at seven in the morning to say goodbye?

his, naturally.../sniffles/ meepmeep. not exactly dignified of me to sound like this eh? erg.

+ + + the way, i've actually got gifts under the tree!Ü heheheh...and here i thought i'd already got my fill with all the clothes i managed to wangle from [mommy]...Ü speaking of [mom], she's holed up in hers and dad's room wrapping my gifts.Ü got me curious allofasudden at what exactly i'm gonna get come christmas eve...

anyway, those /kind/ people to give me gifts were [anya], [mich] from the block, [pauline]--chocolates!chocolates!chocolates!, [francesca]--tiny thing by the way...but i don't know what it is yet... and [lars].


yep. he gave me a gift. this black mug with my name scrawled in white.. slickpaint is my closest guess. simple. and also the same as the rest of the class. honestly, i don't see why it should matter to him to give me a gift. but i sent a text messge thanking him anyway.

~+ m'lina

melina @ 9:22:00 PM )O(

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

good morning.

i managed to wangle the computer from my brother for awhile considering that he wanted to get started on 'our project' right away.

/laughs/ i never knew that writing a whole SERIES of books could be this fun when you had collaborators. usually, i get slow, torturous headaches where collaborators are concerned since you can't agree, nobody wants to budge and pride sometimes becomes an issue.

with [flip] that was the case on several occassions. no wonder we had to put LOTS on the shelf to collect dust for the meantime. but then again, i also have to consider the fact that the world of khaenna was far beyond our control. i mean, here i was, able to complete and work on the history, the myths, the main storyline and everything else for the elves and the avalonians...but the dragons? the katafel?


no dice.

but after yesterday i have more than simple high hopes of getting the story on the way.

we managed to tackle the creation theories, the myths of old, the incorporation of [charlotte]'s idea for the dragons, the war council and so much more!Ü makes me believe that this will turn out to be one heck of a story! heheh...

~+ m'lina

melina @ 5:21:00 PM )O(

i have no idea what the hell's going on with that last entry. well...only one thing to do. /makes a face/ need to call up [iris] to help me fix things up.

today went considerably well. but then it's late and i have no intention of getting left behind here while [flip] decides to sleep so i'll write about it next time. xp

~+ m'lina

melina @ 8:28:00 AM )O(

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

i've done some tweaking with the design...i haven't checked it out yet since my computer or the internet's a bit on the slow side...but in the meantime, i might as well put in an entry.

slept well...considering that was well past one. woke up at quarter to nine, thank you very much...and am now waiting for my turn in the shower.

i'm also currently editing [isis]' new entry at melina @ 5:47:00 PM )O(

took a quiz while sending the last of my e-mails.
well...time for me to turn in.

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

~+ m'lina

melina @ 9:29:00 AM )O(

my feet hurt. slightly.
but then again, that’s what you get for walking around the tiangge in search for the right gifts.

i bought [flip] and [niall]’s gifts today. nothing particularly fancy…just the things i know they’d love.

i know [mom] and [dad] wouldn’t have bought him his ‘skater clothes’ so I volunteered instead. He’s been going insane afterall…and the fact that the brand [Dickies] the long-sleeved baby blue shirt proclaims in bright orange is a bonus.

why? –avril’s endorsing Dickies. what else could be new?

and then naturally…it /had/ to be [zoids] for [niall]. I got him two of the smaller ones. Wrapped them up earlier with [mom] wrapping the /others/ she and dad added to the four big ones they'd already bought.

i'm meeting up with [charlotte] and [mac] tomorrow at the mall. lunch date. naturally, [flip] is my escort, since dad won't very well let me go alone. then [isis] promised to show up, with [kale] in tow. she's a little apprehensive about the whole bring-kale-to-the-group thing...but i don't see why she should. he's a friend. and friends are welcome...especially with the likes of [mac] and [charl] who no doubt make it a point to make /anyone/ feel comfortable. besides, [kale] and i aren't strangers.


you wanna know something? there was this significant realization that hit me squarely on the face as i was browsing for gifts and worrying over how the hell i'm supposed to finish twenty-five others by friday.

i am happy. and christmas doesn't have to be painful or lonely just because i don't have an *a-ahem* [significant other] to cuddle and coo over this yuletide season.

i don't.

my GOD. it feels so...refreshing.

i mean. here i was, feeling gloomy because for the oddest of reasons, i let the 'hallmark' part of the holidays get to me. GEEZ! i have my [family]--mama, dad, flip and niall. not to mention baby_q, my bunny, dog and the other 'critters' littered about my house who deserve more than attention that i've failed to give them lately.

then of course there's [charl], and [mac], although he /is/ leaving this saturday... [sis], and [iris] who has been nothing but a darling--the [team], and all my other friends who continue to stick by me.

so many wonderful things--people to be thankful for.

my [barkada] from highschool who i will happen to meet this coming saturday at gerry's grill.

god. i've missed them so. and it's only sunk in that they probably--i'm not concieted enough to think that they undoubtedly do--miss me as much.

[severn]'s texted me numerous times lately...i don't know why it still unnerves me to see his name appear on my cellphone even though things are considerably better now compared to...oh, i many months back. /small smile/ just proves how people /can/ try to work things out once they realize that certain measures need to be taken.

but of course, [severn] and myself were a unique pair. in more ways than one.

i doubt that i could say the same for me and...that other person though.


i'm playing the piano again...i mean, i never really /stopped/ playing...but it's the first times in oh, i dunno--months? that i've actually set my eyes on an actual /piece/. much less attempted to learn one. this coming from the girl who doesn't exactly enjoy reading notes and would much rather prefer learning the whole piece by ear and making her own interpretation.

i played [vera's theme]. and i remembered that that's the song that got me started seriously in piano by the age of six, though i'd been playing since i was what? three?

then i caught sight of [beauty and madness] and that pretty much threw me off.
care to take a guess why?
ich. i won't even put you through that.

i've had that book for MOST of my life. hell--[mom] bought it i was still /tiny/ and i've leafed through that for a million times! why didn't i notice that /THAT/ song happened to be there.

/wrinkles nose in disgust/

i wish i knew why all these things were popping up just as christmas was drawing near.
sometimes i even freak myself out thinking that /just maybe/ [lars] is 'reaching' out on an...let's say, e.s.p.-type level. i mean--hey! why not? i can do it. [isis] can do it. [charlotte]'s felt one or the other from time to time. why doubt? every one else i've come into really close, almost intimate relationship/friendship with has potential for that or has already tapped into it.

damn this. i sound like a lunatic. well, better that than absolutely ignorant and cold.

hmmm...focus, focus on better things.
tomorrow. and the grand time we're about to have...not to mention that i'm enjoying toying with the possibility of bringing back my postponed 'book' back to the land of the living literature.


that's it for now.
~+ m'lina

melina @ 8:04:00 AM )O(

Sunday, December 15, 2002

i am positively going insane. /soft sigh/

i've revived an old story i left to collect dust, and i just might put it up on [charlotte] seems to think it's a good idea and i really--/really/ want reviews for it. hopefully, it's going to give me enough drive to rekindle whatever's left of the others in my keeping.

in the meantime...

[mac]'s leaving for dubai this saturday.../pouts/ and here he told me and [charl] that he wouldn't. ich. his parents called tonight and told him they wanted him 'home for christmas'. and to think--he won't even be around for new year's! argh! [he's coming back on the 4th of january] and just when [mama] decided that we might be able to have people over for a little celebrating of our own.

drat. dumb luck. that's all it is. sheer dumb luck.
/sniffles/ i'm gonna miss that guy...especially since he won't be within texting distance...and the fact that he doubts that the internet will be available for him when he gets there.

hopefully this wednesday we can meet up. [charl], [flip] and i are making the arrangements. eat luch at the mall and then go enjoy watching [the ring]...but, we'll have to see, won't we? i'm just praying that our schedules really mesh.

here's hoping.
~+ m'lina

melina @ 8:22:00 AM )O(

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